the end of another regular football season

I laugh, the Silver and Black are back and they are gonna kick ass during the playoffs. Go Raiders!!!

P.S. If the Broncos and Cowboys ever play each other I cheer for the refs.

Ah, the Vikings, with a potentially Very Easy Playoff schedule ahead of them.

If the Rams lose, then the Vikings host the Saints, and will devour them alive.

If the Rams win and the Bucs win, then the Vikings host the Bucs, and they always win at home against the Bucs.

If the Rams win and the Eagles win, then the Vikings host the Eagles, and that’s promising, too.

And then if the Rams win, and then beat the Giants, then they’d have to play on the road against Minnesota, where they’ll win in a repeat of last year’s performance.

Ok, never mind, it’s not very easy. I just want to delude myself and hope that the Vikings can actually win a Super Bowl. Please? Pretty please?

Slim and none.

Q: Why doesn’t Dennis Green let his players eat cereal?
A: They choke when they get close to a Bowl. :smiley:


This totally sucks. Seriously. Lots and lots.

My beloved Niners are not in the playoffs and the evil, evil Raiders are? How did this happen? And Jerry’s leaving us? I hate this karma thing!

At least the Cowboys suck even more. That is the only redeeming part of this season.

How dare you mention my Bengals in the same line as the Chargers!

Dammit! Only the Bengals were supposed to be in bold!

I’m an idiot.

It gets worse. The rumors I’ve heard is that Jerry might end up in Oakland next year. I wonder if he’ll have the 49er tatoo removed from his arm? I wish he’d just retire a 49er. :frowning: