A last week of September to remember for NFL fans!

I’m bubbling… bubbling out of sheer exhiliration, I tell you!!!
I promise I’ll go slow… okay…

Good fucking grief!

Ha! Dallas wins! Over the frikkin Rams??? Shit, I’d have won both a Bar-B-Que rib and a football bet had I known anybody to bet against in the St. Louis game. A late game sack takes the Rams back to where their field goal attempt hits both the crossbar and the upright at the same time? Unbelivable!

Our ensuing drive includes a stupid Carter pass down the fucking middle with 8 seconds left and we complete it and spike the next play in time?
Go fuck yourself!

We kick a 48 yard fieldgoal with no time left to win the motherfucking game. Ahhhhhh… You’re lying! No way! It only happens to other teams! I refuse to believe such fortune. Aarghhh! fingers crossed

Texans - 7, Eagles - 0.
Mkay, it didn’t last for long, but I was laughing my ass off while it did.

Oakland - gazillion, Titans - somewhat less. Fuck you Bud Adams, with a greased football whichever way you’re used to it going in. BTW, what the fuck was up with Houston CBS switching to Patriots/Chargers midway through the game? I take a fucking nap and Rod Sterling wakes my sleepy ass up? That’s so wrong! And then Jerry Rice setting records and instead of catching it live, I get intercepts? Fuck me with a waffel!

Patriots/Chargers - Who cares… Oakland won, right?

Now… the biggie…

I was raised sucking hind tit to Sir Landry. Say a cross word and you’ll pay for it… I double dog dare ya. Cowboys and Broncos have no love loss considering the Cowboys have historically kicked the pony’s sorry asses. Uhhhhhhh… period.

My in-laws, even though they don’t deserve it, are Broncos fans. Daddy-in-law and I get along great, as he understands my team love and I understand his.
Howfuckingever… Mommy-in-law just can’t get it through her thick fucking skull that team loyalty is some serious fucking shit. Geez you theatre haunting woman, give it a well-deserved rest!

Here’s me earlier on the phone with them tonite: C’mon Broncos, kick the Ravens ass!

Mommy-in-law: Those Cowboys had every excuse, Warner’s finger this, bullshit that, etc, etc, fucking etc, all the terrorists got their airplane training in Texas, Colorado was a nice place before Texans built all these ski resorts, etc, etc, ex-fucking rational thinking cetera.

Hmmmmm… I ain’t gonna :eek: because, ad nauseum, I’ve heard her backwash before. Jeez woman!!!

So I ask you… considering these rectal outbursts, would the gentility of your “familial” sentiments now change toward your in-law’s team? I fought it but mine sure fucking did. Just like they did every one of the past 3 or 4 fucking years that she’s pulled this shit.

pause to check the game
Heh, I was just about to come in and laugh about how the Ravens were kicking the Bronco’s fucking ass when the Ravens just ran a Broncos fucking missed field goal 108 yards back for both a touch and an NFL record.


KaHank! spit

Fuck you Denver!

It’s halfway through the 3rd quarter and 34-10 Ravens in Baltimore. You go, girls!

Heh, I’m gonna sleep like a frikkin’ baby leaving the Playboy mansion with a white moustache.

Final… 23-34.

I don’t think I understood a single thing you just said.

Did your favorite baseball team win or something?

And who’s Sir Landry? Is he the guy who owns Landry’s Seafood Restaurant in Addison?


Bears suck, I suck, you suck, the world sucks

And I hate your ass face.

Why did you have to say all of this?

I loved it Lieu…

stream-of conciousness ranting…

Oh this is a beauty.

Have y’all met my wife yet?

In a calmer mood this morning, I tried to delete all last night’s anger from here at work and post an apology. It wouldn’t let me submit, saying I just had. Huh? Now I see why.
Hi Honey.

yes, your apology posted. I replied to it too.

and the home of the fwee…:slight_smile:

I’m not sure how it’s an “excuse” when the Cowboys created the situation. It’s not like Warner broke his finger while shaving or something.

I give it a 9 overall.

Go Cowboys.

jarbabyj. you should really save your hate for something more serious, like the Bears losing to Houston 10-19 or something like that. See, now that’s some hate you can really sink your teeth into.

I loved it Lieu…

stream-of conciousness ranting…

Don’t you fucking tell me who to hate and when! I HATE FOOTBALL.

Don’t you fucking tell me who to hate and when! I HATE FOOTBALL.**

My bad. I understand your pain. I really hate chocolate cream pie, so it pisses me off when people tell I shouldn’t hate a pie. I mean, that fucking pie sucks! I fucking hate it!

I really hate fucking up quotes too. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY!

I guess you’ll be hating football even more next Monday night, when the Greatest Quarterback of all Time (with the possible exception of Bart Starr) leads the Greatest Team of All Time (the Packers!) to victory over the Bears and a two game lead in the Division Formerly Known as The NFC Central.

Wouldn’t you really rather be a Packer fan?

If ever there were a moment when I wish I could see people’s actual reactions on a message board, this would be it. Jerrybear, jarbabyj is going to kill you. Your little dog? Him too.

I fear for Jerrybear’s life.

Oh for God’s sake, Brett’s good and all that, but he isn’t qualified to carry Johnny U’s jockstrap.
Still, I’m sure the post will get JBJ’s goat, as was it’s intention.
BTW- Denver? You’re our BITCH!


Yeah, but I am not sure I could schedule the lobotomy in time for the game. Guess I will have to remain a Bears fan.


You know, jarbabyj, I used to feel exactly the same way as you…until this year.

Haj, Charger fan

What exactly are the qualifications necessary for carring Johnnys jockstrap?? :confused: :wink:

I don’t think I’m going to watch football ever again. Seriously. This was the worst fucking week ever, I hate them all.

It definitely makes me long for the good ol’ days before free agency and salary caps, when teams did what they were supposed to and you knew what to expect.