The Ethics of Killing Threads by Opening a Thread titled "The Ethics of..."

Just kidding.

Just for the benefit of people who might not get your “joke”:

From Confessions of a Thread Hijacker

Libertarian, posted 02-28-2000 01:24 PM

Gaudere, posted 02-28-2000 01:29 PM

(Italics hers.)

RTFirefly, posted 02-28-2000 03:53 PM

Lib, I’m pretty sure everybody got his joke.

Well, almost everybody…

Now, let’s hope that somebody doesn’t open a thread entitled “The Ethics of Killing Threads by Open a Thread titled ‘The Ethics of Killing Threads by Opening a Thread titled “The Ethics of…”’” :smiley:

(Please note that I got the nested quotation marks right! I’m proud of myself!) :slight_smile:

What happened here? I was looking for the Flate Earth thread? I must’ve taken a left at mpsims…

[keeping straight face]

In Libertarian philosophy, my thread is my property, and neither you nor “society” (whatever that is) has any right to hijack it.

[/ straight face] :wink:

As a lower case l-libertarian (I agree with the basic tenets but the Libs I know are far too much the freaks for me ever to identify myself as a cap-L), I think spoke- is guilty of distorting the concept of property rights to serve his own purposes. The SDMB states quite clearly that contributions become property of and copyright to the Chicago Reader, with the limited exception of authors being free to quote their own works elsewhere. Thus spoke- has no claim or property interest and no standing for a complaint of thread hijacking.

Um, Otto? It was a parody! (Have you read any of Libertarian’s posts? :wink:

–As useless as a one-legged man at an ass-kicking.

Lib, if you need any defending for opening a bunch of threads to discuss a particular issue from your particular libertarian perspective, you’ve got it. That’s what we asked, that’s what you’ve done, and I certainly appreciate it.

Sorry I wasn’t as fast to jump to your defense as I normally might’ve been; after debating gun control with some people who kept going straight through the weekend, I was kinda GD’ed out by Saturday afternoon. This morning, I poked my head into one thread we’re both on only because I’d posted there a few days ago, and figured I’d better see what response I got.

You’re having a bit of fun poked at you for your thread titles, but what can I say? Your formulaic use of language invites that. (I’m kind of amused at your more or less staking a claim to your philosophy being ‘ethical’; if I’d had it in mind to start a thread, I would have perhaps gone with something like ‘Protecting the Environment - an Unethical Approach’ as kind of a verbal noogie.)

Anyhow, it certainly doesn’t bother me that there are a fair number of parallel libertarian threads in GD. Whenever I get back into more of a GD mood, I’m sure I’ll appreciate it a great deal. So keep on doin’ what you’re doin’. And thanks. :slight_smile:

The mark of a truly great mind isn’t whether you’re right or wrong. It’s how well you can weasel out of a jam. - Unca Cecil

Thank you, and God bless you, RT.

Libertarianism, of course, is an ethic — the ethic of noncoercion.