The Evolution of Dance (by a robot)

I love this video. Parts of it start to slack off but just when I think he’s used up all the cool moves, I’m surprised again. If they had spent a little more time and worked harder on the programming it would have been outstanding.

Evolution of Dance by a Robot


Very cool.

I want to get about two dozen of those robots and make a shot-for-shot remake of this.

That would be awesome. There were a few spots in the video where the music changed and the robot kinda just stood there and brushed it’s arms. I also think it wasn’t able to execute moves quickly and that ruled out a lot of possibilities. The Cotton Eye Joe portion looked like a little more vigor would have improved it.

I think when it was brushing it’s arms the more dance-like moves were lost because the robot has no way to shake the booty. It would be very hard to mimic modern dance when your hips can’t move seperatly from your chest.

That’s not true. I’ve seen LOTS of men mimic modern dance.

The robot is copying this performance,
in the original, Judson Laipply stops and does the brushing movement; the robot is copying it. If you watch the original performance and then the robot, it makes more sense.

Very cute! I like his little face.

I wonder how long it took to program him to do this stuff. I wonder what else he does.

Thanks for posting that! So cute!