The Expendables 2 - anyone see it?

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I rather like the first one. Ask me to explain the plot and I would probably stutter a lot, but it is a well shot movie and everyone in it seemed earnest.

I’ve heard some good things about the sequel, especially about Van Damme’s performance, but am wondering what Dopers have to say.

Anyone see it over the weekend? Was it good? Did it suck?

I saw it and it was pure awesome. Even better than the first one.

The best part is the expanded roles for Bruce Willis and Arnold, they really make the movie. Also, when Chuck Norris shows up, he…

tells a groanworthy Chuck Norris joke. But he did it so straight-faced, and everyone else is so confused looking, that it’s hilarious.

Saw it yesterday. Fun!

I will watch Expendables movies for as long as they care to make them. I love stupid 80s action movies, and these are loving homages to the entire genre.

If they are so “expendable,” how can there possibly be a sequel? It just seems like a contradiction. Unless that’s part of the joke.

But that notwithstanding, I enjoyed the first one, and look forward to the second (and third, I hear).

Good point. Fan wank - Other people think they’re expendable. No reason they have to conform to what’s expected of them

that poor smart car! now that was expendable!

I thought the first was mediocre, and visually very murky. But I’ve read good reviews of the second one, and the director has done good work before. So I’ll probably see it.

They are expendable, but that doesn’t mean they have to die.

It was great. But I actually like the first one better.

I think the idea is that they are viewed as expendables.

OK, I’ve seen it and here is my review.

It’s a 90 minute movie. The first 60 minutes are good, not a amazing, but better than most movies released by studios these days.

The last 30 minutes? Pure awesome! The shot of Bruce, Sly, and Arnold coming through the smoke shooting their weapons was pure classic. Amazing, as were all main peoples’ big moments. I thought it was some of the best 30 minutes of action I’ve seen in a while. Very, very cool.

I’d see it just for those last 30 minutes, but the first hour is pretty good too.