The Expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948

this is a very interesting page for those who are interested in historical facts about the Middle-east and teh palestinian-israely conflikts. Very informal.

after reading this I thought:
-why have Israel gotten away with this for so long ?
-did the palestinians have the jews as their mentors when it comes to terrorism?
-did Israel steal a whole country?

the whole text, with sources, is here

All three answers can be summed up in this short explanation. Palestinians, rather than using the non violent option, or even the opition of not targeting civilians decided to ignore this for maximum short term propaganda value. What it has resulted in the long term however is the decreasing chance that they will ever be allowed to have a state of their own. Besides, even if they did have a state expect it to be as divided and destructive than ever before.

Israel hasn’t gotten away with anything, the fact that two major Islamic terrorist groups have decided that nothing short of destroying Israel is the only option, the only option Israel has to defend itself against this. It’ll be tit for tat for years to come.

Here’s a very interesting documentary, The Silent Exodus , that document the expulsion of Jews from the Middle East which started in 1948. It’s made by some French guy, Pierre Rehov, and free to download until Sept. 12 2004. Very good.

Ps. The title of this thread is somewhat misleading. I believe it was not until the late sixties that the term Palestinians started to be used – until then the residences were called and referred to themselves as Arabs. Thus I think a more appropriate title would have been “The Expulsion of the Arabs in 1948”

I would recommend 2 books by Benny Morris that addres this issue. The author is a professor at Ben Gurion University, and came under considerable criticism for this.

[li]The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited- An update to his original book. this book addresses how the refugee problem began[/li][li]Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-2001 - This book puts the situation into historical context while trying to remove what he feels is partisan commentary on both sides.[/li][/ul]

Why should Israelis respect a terrorist leader of the PLO who was trained by Nazis in Poland in terrorism (Arafat)

Arabs have some hypocrisy in this, how about when they ruled the Gaza Strip? And imposed a Nazi like regime on the local Palestinians. I think the real problem here is not Israeli injustice, but Arab intolerance. Both peoples deserve their own state, compromise is the issue here.

So, Arafat was training in Poland when he was 15? Sorry, wrong. Arafat grew up in Cairo his entire life and was not involved with the Nazis in any form.

What the F**K you talking about man!
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Ooops, not Arafat, some of his family.

Did you know that Palestinians in Lebanon are forbidden from working in over 70 professions?

did you know that Kuwait murdered more than 500 000 Palestinians after the gulf war, because of Saddam’s percieved support for Arafat? And that this is the reason Palestinians in Iraq are being forced out of their homes, they are percieved as a rich minority even though Saddam for all his crocodile tears discriminated against them as much as anyone else?

It is indeed true that the gaza strip was occupied by Egypt until 1967 and that the regime there was compared to a Nazi one by Saudi radio stations.

Egypt isn’t the only African country to mistreat Palestinian minorities either:

Sharon and top officers of Israeli Occupying Army were trained in urban warfare by American Nazis.
I’m closer to the truth, than you with your Polish Nazis story.



Is the term “Expulsion” even valid?

I don’t believe that the forced expulsion of Arab inhabitants was part of official policy when Israel proclaimed its statehood. If memory serves me, an appeal was made to the Arabs not to leave.

Of course, I am not unaware of the acts of many of the early Zionists to actively expel Arabs. However, this was not officially sanctioned, as the OP would seem to imply.

Of course, I coud be wrong.

Which family member was that? Please quote the passage from the cite.

Did what you are quoting provide a cite for this? Its pretty contrary to what I’ve always read about before…and they are making a pretty bald statement calling it a ‘myth’.

Well, the easy answer to this is that it was done by UN fiat of course. The more indepth answer, if memory servers, was that there were supposed to be two separate nations created out of what wasn’t a nation to begin with. There WAS no Palestininan nation at any time in the past. Again, if memory serves it was a province in the old Ottoman empire and then kind of just floated around until Israel was created. The jews had been migrating into the area for decades and creating farms and holdfasts out of what was essentially a barren desert (again, this is how I remember it anyway).

Yup, true enough…but only telling one side of the story. Again, from memory much of the jewish military (well, para-military forces at that time) were formed BECAUSE of Arab terrorism and attacks on their communities…prior to that the jews were mostly just farmers in Palestine. At some point they had enough and formed militia groups to get some pay back (Benny G and his boys and girls).

So, there are really two sides to that, and its kind of a chicken and egg thing…who attacked first and for what reason. But prior to the formation of Israel the Arabs gave as good as (or better than) they got from a terrorism perspective.

All in all the OP’s cite seems to be pretty one sided…and overly simplistic in what was a confused and conplicated situation. I’m unsure also what exactly the debate is here. What exactly are we debating? If the Palestinians fled FROM the jews or fled TOO the approaching combined Arab armies that were poised to wipe Israel from the map? If the jews ‘stole’ the country? If the jews were as much into terrorism as the Arabs were/are? Who was more vicious? Whether the Palestinians, having fled (for whatever reason) should have been allowed back in? What?


Well,for one Israeli Occupation Army is very methodicall,heartless and scruples in killing and humilliating Palestinians ,that reminds me very much of methodicall cold hearted Nazis in WW2,don’t you think so?
Now Israelis start to build walls around defensless Palestinian ,remember WW2 and Jewish ghettos in Warsaw ,Lodz, etc.
I guess we never learn from history.

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A quotation does not a debate make. I would prefer a broader critique of the times and events before making such one-sided inflamatory cracks.
If you want to trade quotes, here’s one from *The History of the Jews [\i] by Paul Johnson. You might want to read it:

Seems as if the OP is intentionally conflating the terrorist acts of the Stern gang and the Irgunwith the Israeli government (which didn’t exist at the time)

Nice try, NP, but I believe the OP was talking about 1948…

You’re right, we will never learn.

One last quote:

Bolding mine.
For the full text (although the above is pretty much all of it), go here.
Also, because many people don’t like to read things that run counter to what they would like to believe, (preferring instead to rely on self-published web sites as authoritities) I have underlined and bolded in LARGE OPTIC-ORANGE TEXT that portion of the declaration which calls for the expulsion of Arabs.

Sneaky Jews; pulling the ol’ “reverse psychology” gambit.

They expelled 450,000 but they didn’t kill 500,000.
And in 1948 the Israelis were willing to accept a two state solution. The Palestinians and Arabs were not.

Here are some pro-Israel accounts of the refugee problem and its roots. To give an alternate view.

I personally don’t care much about this situation. The world is filled with refugees and one culture overtaking and annexing another. I don’t see why this issue is major but what happens to the blacks in southern Sudan or the Kurds is not.

Is this a whoosh??? A joke? Or perhaps defensless doesn’t mean the same thing as defensEless??

All I can say if you are serious is to tell the myriad dead civilians at various malls, cafe’s and on bus’s exactly how defenseless Palestinians are. :frowning: