The Falling Down The Stairs Game

Here you will find a download of Porrasturvat, a game in which you have to push the legendary superhero Spector down the stairs.


My best score in the last half hour has been 124483.

Oh, it’s a 2 Mb download, and I don’t know what the dfifference between the Zip download or Win Installer is - I just downloaded the Zip version, unzipped into a folder and ran the main executable from there. Worked fine.

Now you push him.

I really wish you could texture the head and add your own choice of faces. That would make my day…and the limbs really need to bend properly–way too floppy…

I like this. It reminds me of the evil space robots. Unfortunately I haven’t broken 50K yet.

I managed to get one really high score, I think it was upwards of 100K, but usually I can get no better than 60K or so.

I like trying to get him to fall off the side of the stairs. It can be done, but it’s not really worth it point-wise.