The Federal Government is closed tomorrow due to the impending storm

How will my fellow Mid-Atlantic dopers spend their time off? I plan to watch the Weather Channel, eat crap and nap on and off. Anyone else who’s affected by this storm feel free to jump in and add your comments.

Well, here in the mid to lower Midwest our apocalyptic winter storm has barreled through.

Out of the 8-12 inches initially called for, we got (at best) two.

But a useless warning is better than none, I guess.

Actually those federal workers with telework agreements in place are expected to be working from home. If they choose not to work, they are supposed to be taking annual leave. If a federal worker does not have a telework agreement in place they receive administrative leave.

My plan is to finish the book review assignment i have due tomorrow. Also, nap.

I plan on spending the day driving through Virginia and Washington DC.

Wish me luck.

Ditto, working, local tv news.

On the plus side I run a 1999 4wd Suburban, so getting around isn’t a problem, just the un-fun of doing snow coverage again.

Sleep later than usual.
Cancel my Doctor appointment.
Play on the computer.
Watch recorded movies.
Play on the computer.
Read a book.
Take a nap.
The excitement is almost overpowering.

Counting down until Fox News blames Obama for keeping some vets from visiting some memorial.

As on all our recent snow days, I’m doing what work I can via my laptop from home and watching Columbo on DVD.

This is the week I switched from full-time to part-time, so I wasn’t going to work today anyway. I no longer work for the Feds, but I work for a contractor on a Fed contract, so peripherally, the question kinda applies to me.

In any event, my exciting day will include doing laundry, knitting in front of Netflix, and perhaps attempting to shovel the driveway before it gets too thick out there. With a half-inch coating of ice under the snow that’s just starting, any kind of shoveling will be a challenge. Anyone have a flame-thrower I can borrow?

I just returned from a cruise on Saturday and brought a cold home with me, so I’m grateful for the extra day off to rest before heading back to work. I’ll spend the day with tea and naps in between catching up on news and message board happenings.

Thanks for taking the hit for us here in NJ / NYC. They were predicting up to eight inches of snow today. We got only a handful of flakes. It was one of the greatest weathermen misses I’ve seen in recent years.

Better that than the other way around. For the Valentine’s Day storm in suburban DC they were saying 6-8" and we got 15.

Today they said 5-9 and we got about 6.

Having now driven through Titan, I’m underwhelmed. The conditions weren’t great but I’ve driven though worse dozens of times.

I thought Fox was too busy complaining that Obama should have invaded Russia by now.

Easy day. No overtime. Two stories.