the film "Fido", or a Boy and His Zombie

A…very unusual…film about domesticated zombies. An alternate reality in the late fifties just after the Zombie Wars.

Has anyone else seen this film?

I’ve got it lying around somewhere, but I’ve only watched the first couple of minutes yet. Seems interesting, though.

I saw a Worth1000 parody of the movie poster.

Seen it, loved it. I think it’s on Netflix streaming (and certainly in their DVD library), and I highly recommend it. It’s Lassie - with zombies! Also, Carrie-Ann Moss in fifties-wear is really, really easy on the eyes.

It is an awsome movie. I think I heard about it here first. Watched it on the Netflix VOD service.


Yep, really enjoyed it. Maybe it’s not “great” movie, but it was a lot of fun and had some good zingers at our culture.

It’s a very funny movie. The mother played Trinity in the Matrix. Oh and only a true zombie geek would…

…wonder just what the point of the head coffins was. People pay lots of money to avoid reanimating and being used as slaves. Yet instead of getting cremated or at least having the mortician put a drill through their skull they choose to be beheaded and become a disembodied zombie head trapped in a small box forever :dubious:. Yes, that’s what I had trouble suspending disbelief over. :wink:

Well, it depends on which particular strain of zombodoxy (zombie orthodoxy) you adhere to.

[SPOILER] I mean, the advice given in “Dawn of the Dead” is to “sever the head or destroy the brain.” Maybe zombies in the Fido-verse need functional heads connected to functional bodies in order to work. A decapitated head isn’t a functional zombie head, it’s a re-dead zombie head.

You had trouble suspending disbelief for a Zombie movie? :slight_smile:

I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. I think some part of the zombie purist in me was put off by having zombies treated in a way other than as scary monsters.

I thought it was a great idea unsuccessfully realized.

Would you agree that it was intended as satire?

“Is Timmy in trouble?” as they so often asked on Lassie.

I saw it on IFC.

Good movie. Not what I was expecting, but very well done.

As did I. Some interesting films over the holidays. Not your usual foreign films where people sit on the bed smoking and saying in French, “I have never really felt clean”.

It’s on my Netflix list. I look forward to seeing it.

Loved it. Own it, matter of fact. (Not that that means much - I love zombie movies and own a ton.) It’s a lot of fun; definitely worth watching. The guy from Mission Impossible, Kendrick (“Mail him his clothes”), is outstanding.

Not so much a traditional zombie movie, though, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you might not find it. There’s still a horde that goes around and kills people, but there’s not so much Savini-type gore and such. It’s definitely a satire, and brilliant, IMO.

More parody than satire, but ultimately it didn’t hang together for me. Although it was [sub]∞[/sub] times better than Black Sheep.

I thought it kind of fell apart in the last half-hour, but otherwise really enjoyable with a great cast. I loved the fetish relationship between the neighbor and his zombie… eventhough it was really really creepy.

Agreed completely. I couldn’t even get through Black Sheep, though in fairness the DVR was redlining and I had to do a Great Purge, deleting at least a dozen movies in the course of an hour. That usually involves watching the first couple minutes and then FFWD scanning halfway through to get a feel for what has potential and what doesn’t. Black Sheep did not survive that purge.

Streamed it on Netflix.

Loved it!

I loved Black Sheep, too.