The final score in tonight's hockey game is.....

3 - 2. We just don’t know who the winner is. There a playoff hockey game going on right between Boston and Carolina. They are in overtime. This is the only situation in sports (that I can think of) in which we know the final score of the game without knowing who’s won.

Soccer shootouts and tennis tiebreakers aren’t quite the same thing.

I’m not sure I understand your post. What do you mean you don’t know who the winner is? Whoever scored 3 goals is the winner.

Do you mean you can’t tell who scored the three goals?

If you think that’s weird, in soccer, you can be in overtime, have someone score, and still continue the overtime.

When a playoff hockey game goes into overtime, we know that one additional goal will win the game. Thus, we know the final score. In the cast of yesterday’s game, the score was 2-2 when OT began. So we then knew that the final score would eventually be 3 - 2. We just didn’t know which team would score that 3rd goal (it ended up being Carolina).

I couldn’t think of any other situation in sports when the final score is known, without the winner being known (at any point in time during a game or match). I thought it was an interesting enough observation to post.

Ahhh, I’m following your thought process.

And you may well be right. The only candidates are “sudden death” overtime sports, which rules out baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, etc. And although American football is “sudden death,” the type of final score that wins can be worth differing point values, so you don’t know it, either.

Of course, you don’t really know the final score, if you use a European scoring format. In Europe, the final score is not reported with the winner first; the home team is reported first and the visiting team second, regardless of who wins. So last night’s final score was Boston 2 - 3 Carolina, which is different than Boston 3 - 2 Carolina.

Post that final score any way you want, as long as the Canes are going to the Eastern Conference Finals, and Boston is going to play golf.