The First Snow of the season

It’s falling as I type, and coming down pretty good judging from the cone of light from the street lamp.

Where I am that is.

Winter storm warning here. 30-50cm of snow expected over the weekend. Looks pretty, and I have nowhere I have to be before Monday.

What is “snow”?

Where is that? There’s no location information in your profile, and I don’t remember where you’re at.

Southwest area of Idaho

See also from 2-ish weeks ago:

Got about 3"s last night. It’s about our 4th snow so far this year. Been kinda dry.

We had snow in mid October. It was 70+ F yesterday


So is that late for the first snow? My parents are in the greater Seattle area and the weather seems to be a bit cantankerous.

It varies, Die. The severity or mildness of winter here are, I’m pretty certain, directly linked to El Niño. It cycles between rainy warm (40-50F) to very cold and snowy. Between those two, various levels of dryness and cold.

Seattle is a whole nother thing from where I am. That’s a 12ish hour drive from me.

Same here. It’s currently 81 F.

Upstate NY.

Chicago suburbs. I have the windows open today, and it’s 75f inside the house! Nov. 8 2020

Downtown Chicago here so pretty much the same but it did snow a week or so ago. Just flurries and nothing stuck but it was definitely snowing for a little bit.

Already had a few rounds of snow, totaling about 9” in October.
Today, just outside Minneapolis proper, it’s 71f, sunny and breezy.
It is the last hurrah, though. Tomorrow morning we’re supposed to start at 64f then sink. By Tuesday morning - flurries.

Everyone is outside winterizing, blowing leaves, putting away the mower, checking over the blower.

My last goal today is gutters and hang Xmas lights (not plugging them in yet). Then I will be done.

It has been in the mid 70s all week here in St Louis. MO is the crosscurrent as far as weather is concerned, even factoring in climate change, etc.

Mon, Tues, Wed it was mid-70’s. Cooled down Fri, Sat was windy and chilly.

Woke up to 4" this morning. Snow, that is.

In theory that storm will blow just a bit more east and we’re supposed to get 1-3" tomorrow for our 3rd snow fall of the year. We got 15" for Thanksgiving last year so this is just going to cool the ground a bit.

Welp, we’ve been hammered (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan). Guessing over 30cm (12"), but not sure exactly because it’s been blowing around a fair bit. There was close to double that on my back deck, but with the way the wind was swirling over the roof I don’t think that’s representative. Saskatoon doesn’t normally get this much snow at once. We’re cold, but relatively arid. Snow that falls in November typically stays till April, so lots of snow on the ground is common, but normally it falls 10cm or less at a time. The whole city is at a standstill, and it’s going to take a while to dig out. Oh, and it’s municipal election day.

Won’t be making it in to work today.

That makes sense @Gorsnak, that you’d normally have dry winters. Was this storm something that came in off the bay? Or does your weather normally come from the west?

Weather comes from the west. Hudson’s Bay is a long, long way away and has no appreciable impact on our weather that I know of. Alberta is to blame for this storm. :slight_smile: