The Flash S03E16: Into the Speed Force

In this episode: Barry Allen sees dead people. Or, at least, the Speedforce manifesting itself as dead people. And the Speedforce is pissed. Kind of odd, though, that the Speedforce didn’t show itself as the two most important dead people in Barry’s life, his parents. I guess they didn’t fit with the theme.

Jesse has gone off to Earth-3 to be their Flash for a while. Doesn’t Earth-2 need a Flash? Or maybe because they have a fully functioning S.T.A.R. Labs and an actually-intelligent Harry Wells, they don’t really need a Flash.

When did Iris become so stupid? Even if the show needed the fake drama of her doubting Barry, why didn’t she leave the ring on? It’s an obvious change to the future. For that matter, Wally Cisco and Barry all know what she was wearing that day. Why not burn that outfit? Every possible change can only help.

If characters on any CW show acted wisely, each season would be only 3 episodes. Most other networks might get 5 or 6.

The whole Iris thing just flat-out irritates me. “I love you and you love me, and you’re doing everything you can to save my life… so therefore we shouldn’t get married.”

I like to think the reason Barry broke it off with her was just because she’s being such an idiot.

Definitely starting to lose interest in the show because of all the stupid. And this from someone who watches The Walking Dead. :smiley:

All the Wests are lousy characters. Aside from their lame family drama, they exist only to say things like “Whoa, you mind saying that again in English?”

Dump them all and leave the nerds.

Well - that may actually be the smartest thing Barry does -

a) well, its Iris.

b) she and Barry are no longer a ‘thing’ - therefore Salvitar’s reason for murdering her in front of Barry is lessoned - its actually a better ‘time change’ then marrying her would be (since that would make her MORE of a target). Of course Barry will still be angsty over her death, but if he can manage to find a different love interest while they are on a break, maybe Salvitar spares Isis or goes after the other girl instead.

Maybe she hasn’t bought it yet? I don’t pay enough attention to what the characters wear to know whether she’s worn that outfit before or not.

That’s a little harsh on the other girl! (Unless Supergirl pretends to be his new girlfriend, and when Savitar tries to kill her, he gets a big surprise. But I don’t think they’ll have Supergirl there every time they have a problem. Besides, she’s going to be in next week’s episode, which I’m really looking forward to.)

Bring back Patty Spivot, who has also become speedster due to Flashpoint. That, at least, is closer to the comic book Flashpoint. Also, we’ll get to see her in a skintight outfit.

I liked the silly little argument wrt the differences between H.R.'s Earth and Barry’s Earth.

“It’s like Shroeder’s cat. You know, alive and not alive at the same time”
“What? No, you mean Shrodinger’s cat.”
“No, I distinctly said Shroeder’s cat.”
“No, Shroeder’s in Peanuts. He plays the piano.”
“Hmm. On my Earth, Charlie Brown plays the piano.”

When did Jessie become so stupid? She used to have a super genius level IQ. This episode, she stood around while everyone else did the “science”-y, “think”-y things. Then she was unable to think during her fight with Savitar.
Maybe having a speedster for a boyfriend makes you dumb.

But yes, the Iris and Barry relationship is beyond dumb on everyone’s side.