The Flash S03E22: Infantino Street

For the comics naive: Carmine Infantino was the DC Comics artist who, along with writer Robert Kanigher, created the Silver Age Flash in 1956. He created the red and yellow uniform that our TV-Flash still wears. He also drew the classic “Flash of Two Worlds” comic that introduced the concept of Earth-2 and the multiverse, and reintegrated Jay Garrick and the Golden Age Flash.

This seems to be the point, unseen on Legends of Tomorrow, that Captain Cold truly began his hero’s arc. Snart always gets the best lines, like saying the cold room reminded him of Jaws, where they didn’t show the shark because they couldn’t afford to make it look good. :smiley: I wish they’d come up with a way to bring him back and form the Rogues Gallery.

After teasing us almost the entire season with Iris’ death, they went ahead and showed Iris’ death. I have a theory about what happened, but I’ll wait to see anyone else independently comes up with the same one.

Well, they spent the episode elaborately showing us that Barry lugs around that piece of disguise-some-guy-as-a-particular-woman tech (which, since he wound up kayoing his way in, turned out not to be plot-relevant) and having the Big Bad go on and on about how he got created as some kind of disposable out-of-time duplicate.

So it’s as if – with too much time and not enough episode – they wanted to pad it out by emphasizing how they have two different Someone-Who-Looks-Just-Like-Iris options right there at their fingertips (which is just weird); and then, while they didn’t mention the Iris lookalike of Earth-2, it’s hard to miss that Iris got snatched from Earth-2 (where the local Wells was acting nothing like the rueful alt-Wells).

And so it’s like they wanted to make all sorts of possibilities obvious.

They showed the disguise dingus in this ep to show that it could make a man appear as a woman. Then Douche-Harrison* gets all whiney about how he’s useless (he is).

IMO, Douche-Harrison used the dingus to take Iris’s shape and (somehow–I’m fuzzy on this bit) swapped places with her.

*The idiot who keeps talking about how he “inspires” people but we never actually see him do it. Buying someone a cup of coffee isn’t “inspiration”

Authors tweet all the time about how coffee is vital to their creative process. :slight_smile:

The Speed Bazooka failed repeatedly, and then the Flash just dropped it. I yelled, “Haven’t you ever seen Superman? It’s ‘shoot, shoot, then throw the gun at the guy’!” (I’m referring to the 50’s TV show, of course.)

After seeing next week’s trailer, with a sad Barry, my husband shouted, “GLUM, BARRY, GLUM!”

Ah, so I’m not the only one that thought this. I presume that HR swapped places with Iris while Savitar was dodging the Speedforce gun. At one point they were facing in completely the opposite direction from Iris.

I hope, even in the putative absence of HR, that Tracy sticks around. Someone needs to help Cisco build the gadgets.

My wife not only thought that was telegraphed during the episode, but added that having him pull that switcheroo and die in her place would give Tom Cavanagh the excuse to again come up with an all-new all-different Wells to play next season.

If that theory holds (and it could), that leaves the issue of how they deal with Savitar.

Unless of course it really is a closed loop and they don’t deal with Savitar until a few years from now as the known Future History says they do.

So, does Savitar think he’s a god now? For that matter, does Killer Frost consider herself a goddess? If so, what are they planning to do with their godhood? Look for worshipers?

It seems unlikely they’ll just leave town. In any case, even if the one they killed was H.R. and not Iris, the team’s still going to feel awful and want to avenge him. (Earth 2 Wells might want to help too, given that he’d feel bad about suggesting they get a “new Wells” in the first place.)

And I wonder if the guy who used to do the genius stuff for H.R. in his world will ever show up.

Savitar doesn’t make any sense.
Also - the actor who plays Flash isn’t good at “bad guy.” He does ok with earnest guy, and sad guy, and on one of the alternate worlds with “bumbling guy,” but Savitar is way out of his wheelhouse and so it’s really hard to overlook that the whole plot doesn’t work because you can’t just sit back and enjoy the acting.
Also, Iris, that’s not how weddings work.

IMHO, he actually seems to be doing a really bad impression of Tom Cruise.

The show has kind of changed how Time Remnants work (or possibly I just didn’t understand what they were).

When they were first explained my understanding that a TR was an incarnation of a Speester from earlier in their timeline (or later I suppose) but was displaced in time so they could be a duplicate of an existing person or exist even when the person no longer did anymore (like Thawne) .

For example Thawne travels back to, say, 1994 does some stuff then jumps forward to 2001 lives there until 2015 where he ceases to exist. In his “present” he’s gone but if you go back to 1994 he’s there because he was there before and is thus a Time Remnant.

Now they just seem to be echos that get created as a consequence of traveling through time which doesn’t seem quite the same thing.

I think your original theory is right - but since Barry had done so much time travel, things get confusing, and a time-remnant that a different version of Barry (say, the emo-Barry we meet in the future who never learned who Savitar was) created can still be around even though “our” Barry never creates him.

The problem is that we’ve learned that Time Remnants have a natural predator - that super-fast “Death of Flash” that killed Thawne - sounds like Barry should call on him somehow.

The problem I have with the origin of Savitar is that it’s hard to believe that Team Flash would be hostile to another version of Barry, since they’ve been welcoming to three different versions of Wells even though the first version they met was evil, and the second two were lying to them.

Wait … if Savitar has a macguffin that makes him immune to the speedforce bazooka, why did he try to dodge the beam at all?

< fanwank >
Because…um…he was only sorta-immune to it and could only take so many shots from it, so he was trying to limit how many hit him? Maybe?
< /fanwank >

Maybe it tickles?

Also, it allowed him to sidle up next to Iris so he could do the murdering.

Maybe he wanted to give Team Flash hope, so as to make them feel even worse when it didn’t work. Feels like that would be in character. :mad:

Why does his team chastise Barry for time traveling, yet again? I get he promised not to time travel ever since he created Flashpoint, but all he’s been doing since he returned is time traveling around like some timey-wimey, time traveling nut job all hopped up on time juice.

Barry has a problem.

Anyhow, I haven’t enjoyed this season nearly as much as I had the first two. I’m hoping they have some better plans for season 4’s story arc.

So, Argus has a secure facility in which metahuman powers don’t work.

Why not just put Iris there?
Glad they finally thought of the “put Iris in another Earth” plan, although they then went ahead and implemented it in the worst way possible. Assuming Savitar has Barry’s basic power set, there’s no reason to think that he could just automatically find Iris somewhere on Earth 2. So show up there, hand her to Harry, and say “go hide her somewhere on this planet, don’t tell us where”. What’s Savitar going to do then?

He could go to Earth 3, capture his daughter, and threaten her. OTOH, maybe Harry could hide too…

Or better yet, take her to Supergirl’s Earth and say the same thing.