The force in me is strong today.

I could hardly believe my eyes. Burger King has just declared me, unofficially, a Jedi Knight. I got my game piece from my fries and examined it. Choose your destiny, it said, as Obi-wan and Darth Vader battled on the front. I turned it over to see Darth Vader’s face, apparently he was victorious. I saw the two spots. Reveal only one, it said. You’re a serious screw-up if you scratch both, it said. I looked at my cup, as the building anticipation made my mouth water. Win $1,000,000, it said. $1,000,000 dollars. I could use that, I thought. I decided to scratch the lower right spot. I reached in my pocket for a quarter or a dime, but found nothing. I decided to use my fingernail.

I could scarcely believe my eyes. I had won. The force in me had led me to the promised land. I now hold, well, have placed in my wallet in my back pocket, a grand prize. A FREE CHEESEBURGER or WHOPPER JR.!

Yes, the force within me is strong today. Do not mess with JimSox5. He will choke you from miles away if you think about touching his free Whopper Jr.

[sub]But I really could have used that million. . .[/sub]

Jealous I am! But hungry again, you will be tomorrow. Mmhmm.

Daithi, you really need to stop eyeing my Pepsi. Hey! Stop it! Put it down! What’s that? I don’t know what I can do about it, I already used all my force power on Burger King! Oh, please?

[sub]I hope I’m not the only one to see that commercial.[/sub]

The force in me is strong today.

Them double whoppers will do that to ya! :smiley:

Actually, I just had a thought. How many other people, after losing in a situation like this, will scratch off the other circle and see if they could have been a winner?

What would you do if the other circle revealed a substantial cash prize?

Yeah, it ain’t the burger they’re referring to when they say they’ll give you a “cheese whopper”.

Perhaps you need this! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, saw it & laughed at it last night. What’s he say, “Those fries, you do not want?”

From the article that ouryL linked to:

There are prescription deodorants? Can anyone really smell that badly? I mean, is it even possible to have such an odor problem that you need a substance so potent it has to be legally controlled?

waves hand
You don’t want that cheeseburger.

I laugh at you. Some Jedi Knight used his mind tricks to compell Wendy’s to give away a delicious Frosty to anyone in the USA who asks for one this weekend…using just the tip of his finger.

Indeed, the force in the Jedi who confronted Wendy’s is quite impressive. . .I might have to have a free lunch today. Whopper Jr. and Jr. Frosty. . .sounds good to me. Has the Wendy’s thing actually started yet?

Yes, but it’s just a little one. You might have to go around the drive through twice. :wink:

That’s okay, I’m used to dealing with a small one.
What? Is something funny? I don’t get it.

Just stay away from the midichlorian shakes.

JimSox5: These aren’t the fries you’re looking for.
Imperial Stormtrooper: These aren’t the fries we’re looking for, move along.
JimSox5: (out of charachter) I totally can’t believe he fell for that old trick.
Luke Skywalker: What trick is that?
JimSox5: (back in charachter) The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded.
Luke Skywalker: Are you calling me stupid?
JimSox5: (sigh) Nevermind.

eyes glazed
I don’t want that cheeseburger…

A guy I knew in Georgia got pulled over for driving erratically. This was before they really clamped down on drunk-driving; it’s the only way he got away with it.
So the cop comes up to his window, and this bloke peers drunkenly at him, and then waves his fingers mysteriously.
“These are not the droids you’re looking for!”
The cop burst out laughing; turns out he was a major Star Wars fan, and got a big kick out of it. Let the guy go with just a warning.

Gee, maybe those Jedi mind tricks do work!

Where, oh, where, can an interested young Padawan learn the wisdom of the Fries from a Jedi Master?


Oh, young padawan Kythereia, you must seek out the greatest master of them all, Ronald McDonald. Don’t look so surprised. What, you thought he actually ate McDonald’s? No, that’s just a ploy so that he can hog more Burger King for himself. Anyway, back to business. If you wish to become strong in the ways of the Fries, young padawan, you must seek out Master Ronald. Be aware, however, of the grave pitfalls that will lead to the path of darkness, that of the fish and their master, Long Darth John. Lo, that path will only lead to sorrow and destruction. . .and hushpuppies.