The Force is a Tool of Satan! No, Really!

It says so, right on this website!

They wouldn’t lie would they? I’m gonna go out and spread the word. Stop worshipping Yoda! He’s a demon puppet!

Snort! I personally believe that anyone who’d create a drawing of Jesus looking like he’s on his way to star in a revival of Saturday Night Fever is more likely to be the anti-Christ than any puppet with Miss Piggy’s hand shoved up its ass. :smiley:

If it weren’t so offensive, this would be my new sig. :smiley:

Decent parody, gets the vernacular more or less right, but destroys the illusion with the photoshopped images. Although R2-D2 with a pitchfork and devil horns, labeled “beast” is sublimely funny.

“I’m a professional graphic designer and you might get more people interested in your cause if you did a little more than draw on horns on your photos. It looks kind of stupid and amatuerish.”


The people behind the website, Mortimer and Luke Fontaine, should try to get all evil, Yoda-worshipping heathens to see it. Maybe they’d all die laughing and the threat would be vanquished.

Actually it’s almost too pathetic to be funny.


You’re putting us on, right, YOn DAn? :smiley:

My favorite part:

What’s evil about that? Jesus!

Oh, bother! My evil secret, out it is! The evil one, I am. Worship me, you all will, and my syntax, reversed!

From the responses here, it looks like there are several Dopers who aren’t in on the secret.

Yeah, I went back through the URL and found the “secret” right after I read the original page. They were just kidding. But check out this for someone who’s not kidding about another popular fantasy, Harry Potter.

Not to hijack this thread, I’ll start a new one with the cite and see what response I get.

I think it was obvious to most of us that it was a joke - the drawings really tipped us off. :slight_smile:

Other places are less obvious and most Dopers figured them out (eg, or landover baptist :))

LOL…R2D2 with a devil tail…

But it brings back memories. Waaay back around 12, 13 years ago when I was in a major fundy/nondenominational/charismatic youth group, our youth leader insisted beyond a doubt that the whole Star Wars cast practiced witchcraft. Seriously. He said, and I quote “every person involved in that movie, even the cast, are Witches.”

Should have been a signal to me that he was full of shit. But it took me a good while to get unbrainwashed from those fruitbats.

You think that’s bad? My father didn’t just think that Star Wars was evil and satanic, he said the same about The Chronicles of Narnia. And no, he wasn’t joking. Fortunately for myself and my sister, my mom is much more sane.