The fox cartoon-psychiatrist

There was a cartoon about a divorced psychiatrist who lived with his deadbeat son. I loved it, but can’t for the life of me remember what it was called. I didn’t see it on the wikipedia list of Fox cartoons although I’m pretty sure it was part of their Sunday night line up circa 1999 (?). My other searches are to no avail. Anyway it’s driving me crazy. Someone please help me. Thanks.

ETA–it just occurred to me that it may have been Comedy Central–I’ll check there.

Dr. Katz – pretty funny. It wasn’t on FOX, though, IIRC.

Yep. Dr, Katz. It was Comedy Central. Never mind on the OP. (Oh and I see I got an answer in 5 minutes–I love this board) Now the follow up question. I think the actor who played the son on Dr. Katz is the same actor that plays Bob on Bob’s Burgers, the new show premiered on Fox last night. The son was named Benjamin, and the actor last night was named Benjamin and had similar speech patterns.

Yes, it’s the same actor, H Jon Benjamin.

Thanks guys. I feel so much better now. On Bob’s he uses a different voice, but has the same droll delivery. I knew it had to be him.

Mr. Benjamin stays busy, he’s also the voice for the title character in the FX show “Archer”, which is premiering its 2nd season in 2 weeks.

And if I may say: Yay!

He also does bit parts on The Venture Brothers and Family Guy, but to some of us he’ll always be Coach McGurk.