The Funniest Show You've Never Seen

I dare anyone to watch this and not crack up. Lookwell.
Written by Conan O’Brien and Robert Smigel, starring Adam West.
I’m pretty sure that someone will come along and say meh, and it will only serve as confirmation that they suffer from a severe humor deficiency, like those poor, misguided fools that revealed here recently that they didn’t find “Dr. Strangelove” funny.
It’s all the rage in…Minnesota

C’mon dopers! Where’s the love (or hate even)? Kirk Cameron’s nipple gets to a 3rd page and this can’t garner one response?
“Maybe Bob Conrad takes his honorary badge for granted, but I don’t.”

I counter your claim with the opinion that Faux Baby is the funniest show you’ve never seen. Especially the second episode.

You got something against KC’s Nipple? :stuck_out_tongue:

Friday night is when I watch the shows from Thursday night. I’ll check out Lookwell and that baby thing this weekend.

Police Squad was funny. Sledge Hammer was funny. Andy Barker, P. I. was funny. Lookwell… doesn’t appear to be on this list.

Thanks for the tip elfkin477, I’ll check it out.

And EM, if you’re a fan of Police Squad, as I am, I can’t understand how you wouldn’t like Lookwell, they have a similar deadpan style, IMO. Do you like AW’s Batman?

“Perhaps if you watched more television, you’d be better at your job.”

I’ve never watched The Office. I hear it’s a stitch. But as with Lost and Heroes, it’s really important to get in on the ground floor and I missed it.

This show was only one episode; it never aired on television, as the sponsors passed on it when it was made, back in 1991. It was too hip for the room, and it’s something that I thought would be much appreciated here.
“Work on those exercises, you’ve got a Forrest Tucker quality.”

It wasn’t a sitcom. It was an extended late-night skit. There really is a difference. You need characters for a sitcom; unfortunately, everybody on the show was a nullity who played off Adam West and had no personalities of their own. That’s fine for a skit, where the whole point is to feature the guest star, but it doesn’t work for a series. It’s overwhelmingly obvious why this wasn’t picked up. There wasn’t a show in it. Were some of the individual lines amusing? Sure. So what? That’s what you say about a skit. Which this was. In fact, it was three late-night skits thrown together back-to-back. Individually they would have worked if spaced far enough apart on Late Night. Together, they reinforce their stupidity. It’s an exercise in how not to write a sitcom.

Hey, that title line is misleading! I’ve seen the pilot of Lookwell! It seems like a concept that would have worked way better as a film than a weekly show…

I nominate Childrens Hospital. I saw the show for the first time last night and spent the entire time howling.

It could have just stayed a skit. The parody started to get repetitive and predictable after the first few minutes. (The “Brannigan”-“Brennigan” etc. thing was great the first time, but over and over?)

That’s a common device - don’t call me Shirley; coffee/cigarette? yes, I know.
To me it brought the funny, but, as always, ymmv.
Children’s Hospital is a pisser, for sure, I’ve seen 'em all; love the “Do the Right Thing” dance sequence/closing credits bit.
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Sorry, another “meh”. I think he was unintentionally funnier in both Batman and intentionally so in An American Vampire Story. This was not even funny for 22 minutes.

Batman’s humor was most certainly not unintentional.

OK, that’s fair.

i’ve never watched a full episode of “it’s always sunny” so i guess that’d be my rebuttal to this thread.

and the moral of the story for the OP is… never tell dopers what they have/have not seen, especially in the superlative.

No doubt; a softer sell would’ve been a bit more effective.
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I agree totally, this show was extremely funny and should have been picked up. It jsut goes to show you that Hollywood is made up of a bunch of assholes with no taste. On occasion, they hit it right, but television just sucks. Anything of quality is against their religion.

I thought the best line was (I’m paraphrasing), “Sargeant such and such knows who you’re with and would like to know if you’d like to join him in reality?”

This would have been a smash and such a great vehicle for Adam West. This would have topped BatMan in my opinion.

I liked Lookwell since I’m a big fan of Adam West. I don’t know how well it would have fared as a regular show; having a single episode makes it precious, like a fly in amber (or something).

Faux Baby is a cute idea, but I’m just not into baby humor.