The Game The Rules! Or: The Rules Game.


The idea of the game is to play the game and win!
But first we have to have the rules. Everybody post rules, so we can play the game properly.

Rule 1: Obviously, the first rule of the rule game is that you don’t talk about the rule game.

Rule 2: The second rule of the rule game is that you do NOT talk about the rule game.

Rule 3: The third rule of the rule game is that those wearing purple shirts are the applebaiting team. Their purpose is to whizzle the sneeter for 3 points.

Rule 4: The fourth rule is that sneakers are only allowed if Venus is in the third house.

Rule 5: The fifth rule is that strangely coded rules only apply on Sunday.

Rule 6: Rule six states that the previous rules are only in effect until the end of the rule, at which point they become guidelines.
Now, what are the rest of the rules?

RULE 7 During the vernal equinox, the Inverse-Czech scoring system shall apply

Rule 8: During a harvest moon, Rule 7 is only applicable if N>4.

Rule 9: Anyone who does not post a rule may not post any rules, nor win the game.

Rule 10: Anyone caught out of bounds has to spend 4 minutes in the Poultry Box.

Rule 11: Anything not explicitly prohibited herein is mandatory.

Rule 12: A person’s score is inversely related to their shirt’s color, plus the points they have lost.

Rule 13: Noone who has lost may win.

**Rule 14:/b] Anyone who voluntarily spends more than four minutes in the Poultry Box is considered out of bounds.

Screwed up the BOLD part… sorry.

Rule 15: The first participant in the game wearing spata must continually fry chicken until they find Harold Holt.

Rule 16: Anyone asking what “spata” is is obviously wearing it.

**Rule 17: ** Any pleas for Mercy or Arbitration will be written in black or blue-black ink on white writing paper and sent to Miss Manners, c/o United Media, 200 Madison Ave. New York, NY, 10016.

Rule 18: At random, I can grab someone and make them dance in the way that people in old Westerns dance (i.e., shooting at their feet).

**Rule 19: ** Thursdays and alternate Fridays excluded, unless said days fall in a month consisting of thirty days, or are the fifth such days in one calendar month shall be deemed official scoring days.

19a: Scoring shall consist of a vote among the Applebaiters, a quorum of no less than two fifths being required for any action by said body.

Rule 20: Anyone who is granted the rank of major or above by the Governor of any Southern state gets 25 points, unless it falls in the same year as the NYC mayorial election.

Rule 21 Any player who has attained the age of 12 years, and has been a resident of his or her jurisdiction for 15 years, shall recieve 700 points.

Rule 22: Pay no attention to Rule 23.

Rule 23: Rule 22 is a liar.

Rule 24: 10 points if you hit an annoying animal, like a possum. 15 points if you hit a family pet, with a 10 point bonus if a small child witnesses it. You automatically win if you hit the animal in front of a small child and also in front of the animal’s mother.

Rule 25: Throughout the course of the game, if any player is found to have a birthdate of either November 18th or July 30th (year of birth irrelevant), they shall be removed from the game until they go into the woods and return with a shrubbery.