The gayest thing ever?

Ever ever ever?

Can’t say that my gaydar was pinging. It was more just lame.

Not even close.

Wow. Just wow.

I didn’t see anything particularly gay about the first link, but I must say I rather enjoyed that one.

Pickle Suprise

I wouldn’t say this beats you over the head with it or anything.

I would say it pulverizes you like a semi.


Makes mental note to share this one at work tonight, because if I have to live with that earworm then by gods so does everyone around me.

I would totally love a little gay dog that makes sparkly pink poopoos.

Soccer practice is so gay.

“Waitaminute – you’re not talking about soccer at all, are you?”

Win. I didn’t get more than 5 seconds into that without wanting to retch.

Is The Disney Store still around? I’ve been in to a few of them long ago, although I have no recollection of what gay purpose drove me to do so. The men that work there are scary gay. The women? Even gayer.

And I don’t mean gay in the sense of “you like people of your own gender and I’m OK with that” gay, I mean gay in the sense of “you’re far too happy about Tinkerbell” gay.

I used to know a guy who was gay (and awesome) who went into a Disney Store and asked a (male) clerk for some faerie dust. The clerk got really offended and said “It’s called Pixie Dust!” It was just a little bit too important to him.

No wonder my parent’s generation is so effed up.

What what?

That’s gayer than Richard Simmons running naked through a field of pussy willows.

Dancing with the Stars is thee gayest thing ever.

The gayest thing ever, in a German 1970s kind of way.

Oh yeah. Tom Boy where have you been all my life!!! OMG!!!

But seriously. I’m not even a player and I want to play with him.

Prrrretty gay

Hell, even Dick Cheney would love one of those.
That pickle one is just downright disturbing.

Oh, honey! It doesn’t get gayer than this.
No, that’s NOT a spoof CD cover…it’s official!

I actually expected this to be the OP. The only thing that throws me off about it is his lack of lip color.

The OP dance video isn’t really that gay.