The General Lee drives thru my town!

Yesterday, Tues May 10, a bright orange Dodge Charger with an “01” on the door just drove through town.

No fanfare, no police escort. Just driving through like it was any other car on the road.

Is this some promotional tour for the upcoming Dukes of Hazzard movie coming up?

Was it merely makin’ its way, the only way it knew how? :smiley:

BTW…here’s the trailer:

o/t: Enola, I love your username :slight_smile:

OK, having seen the trailer:

  • This doesn’t appear to be QUITE the trainwreck I was expecting.

  • Seann William Scott may not be as bad of a Bo Duke as Byron “Coy Duke” Cherry, but he’s no John Schneider.

  • Jessica Simpson is NOT Daisy Duke. NO NO NO.

  • Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg is admirable stunt casting, but J.D. Hogg is supposed to be short and fat, dammit. Willie Nelson ain’t Uncle Jesse, either.

  • I will probably still see this movie.

I’ll take this opportunity to mention that my younger brother has a door to one of the General Lees mounted on the wall of his office. It’s mighty cool.

They built several “General Lee’s” for the series and tore up a quite a few more. I saw one go up for auction a couple of years ago north of Detroit. Can’t recall what it went for, but it wasn’t much more than a what the normal suped up cars of that era were going for.

I think the final count was somewhere around 200. It got to the point that if the producers saw a '69 Charger on the street, they’d make the owner an offer right there.

John Schneider has restored 35 Generals and has 2 or 3 of his own, including one with a Viper engine. :eek:

I just wanted to compliment all the posters who didn’t drop in to say that the General Lee was a despicable symbol of The Confederacy and you should have thrown rocks at it when it drove by. Damn refreshing!

Says Duke, who always wanted to roll in the hay with Daisy (Catherine or Jessica, I’m easy!)

They even had to settle for a few '68s.

“Virgil, quick, come see: there goes the General Lee…”

Couple of '70s, too, if you look closely (they were usually jump cars.)

Amazingly, they didn’t try using models until the last season. Good thing, too, because they looked very hokey.

Now, of course, they’d either use CG for the majority of them or pull body molds and build kit car versions they could tear up easily, if they had to have a real car.

:::jumps car through thread:::

Of course, there’s always an outside chance, not that I’m doubting the sincerity of anyone here, and not that I want to cast aspersions on the fine theories presented and not in any way disparage anything at any time, that there’s a remote possiblity that some fan of the show painted his own charger to match the General Lee.

I bet there are a few privately-modified black Trans-Ams around, too.

Heh, amusing trailer. Lynda Carter still looks damn good (wonderful, even). Maye she build a new career out of being the hot older babe in car-chase movies, building on this and Super Troopers.

The picture freezes.

Waylon Jennings voiceover: “Ghanima is sure in a big 'ol heap of trouble now!”

KITT or The Bandit?

Hmm, why not both? In fact, a new series called KITT and The Bandit might be kinda cool.

I once saw a Coyote when “Hardcastle and McCormick” was still on ABC.

One of the weirdest moments of my life was 4 years ago in Ft Lauderdale when I pulled up to a stoplight on A1A next to a black mid-80s Firebird, complete with blacked out taillights and the windows down. As we got close to the car I commented to my buddy “Hey…Knight Rider”.

When we got next to the car (driven by a lone guy) we heard some music being blasted from his stereo…it took us a few seconds to indentify it as the Knight Rider theme music! While we waited at the light we heard the tape hit the end/continuous loop beginning that he had dubbed himself…classy!