The girl in the Glad commercials: Do you know her name!?

She looks familier as everything, but I can’t place it. What is her name and where/what is she from?

She kind of resembles Marisa Tomei, could that be what makes her seem familiar?

I’m not sure but she has one of the most annoying voices I’ve heard in a while.

And the way she holds her hand when doing an aside to the audience as she bad mouths the sumo wrestler…ouch! You freaky weirdo, don’t make your hand do that!

Annoying voice? Are you kidding me? She is perfection itself. If I was a stalker I’d be stalking her. I think I’m in love with the Glad girl. :SIGH:

I like her too. I like when she says, “Mike Ditka is mad…as a bear!”

Whenever I see her, I think “the voice of Lisa Simpson, the hair of Paige Davis.”

(Paige Davis == [annoying] host of Trading Spaces)

She IS PaigeDavisesque!

That’s because she is Paige Davis.

Ooooooooo, thank you guys!

Brent, I think Munch was joking because that definitely isn’t Paige Davis.

Eewww, I noticed that, too! It’s just so weird.

Those commercials annoy me like you wouldn’t believe.
I have to change the channel when they come on.

Yes, I just realized that also after looking at a picture of her (I’d never seen Paige Davis before). Oh well, the search continues! Call me pathatic, but I actually just emailed Glad asking them, lol. Yeah, like they’ll REALLY respond! :smack:

She’s always reminded me of Colleen, the girl from the first Survivor.

ok I haven’t honestly watch any tv in over 3 months now…but I will say it Brent that is PATHATIC…lmao! Anyway, what makes her so special? :wink:

Glad bags, wraps and containers are assigned to DDB Needham, San Francisco. This represents a new product category for the agency, although the agency currently handles home cleaning brands.

…hello, DDB Needham? Yes, could I speak to somebody in production please? For the glad bags spots. Yes, I’ll hold. Hi, my name is Peter Schmelzenbangershmitzenharber, I’m a production assistant in a small agency here in schmitzenville, and I was wondering if you have a contact number for the lovely lady on your glad bag ads. More specifically, we are wondering if her contract would exclude doing some voice talent work far a local chain of bagel shops. Sure…I’ll hold. (repeat same speal when you are put in touch with someone in the contracts area). GREAT! No exclusions! Do you have her name and agents contact information?

Thanks, I have to go choke the chicken now that I have seriptisiously gleaned my dream girls name…ooops, did I say that out loud?

THe production company for the spot is named Huge, they are in NYC.
222 E. 44th St. Fl. 4
New York, NY 10017
Production Company

Phone: 212.681.0682
Fax: 212.867.8727

I don’t think it’s out of place…

“You know I didn’t even know her name
But I was never gonna be the same…”

I really think that she is Lara Jill Miller from “Gimme a Break”. Seems like I saw her on a ‘where are they now?’ type show & she was then doing voice work on a cartoon, something like Digimon that I’d never seen, much less heard.

I think DeepPurple has it. I googled Lara Jill Miller, and got this . I’d have to say that looks very much like that perky girl in the commercials.