The Girl Scouts have removed the lesbian subtext from the Tagalongs cookie box

Seriously. I got a new box today, and it’s got a group photo on one side, an “action” basketball photo on the other, a generic mission statement thing on one spine (“Strong values / strong minds / strong bodies…”), nutrition information, the name of the cookie in several places, and that’s it.

Ya know what it used to say on the back of the Tagalongs box? There was a picture of two girls laughing together, along with this text:

I’m a little disappointed; I noticed this last year (standing in the kitchen, reading the box with my mouth hanging open, then yelling for my wife, “You’re not going to believe this!”), and I was looking forward to this year’s box to see what would be on it. I wonder if they changed it because they found out, or if they never knew and just moved on to a new campaign.

That’s nothing. The advertising slogan for the ferry service in British Columbia used to be, and I quote, “Cruise the Straits with BC Ferries.”

Say it out loud… :smiley:

Tagalongs should have a MALE homosexual subtext, 'cuz they SUCK. Thin mints, OTOH…

Another kind of GS cookie had a little story about doing yoga and how flexible their troop leader was…something about getting her feet behind her ears or something to that effect.Can’t remember what kind it was though.
Subliminal lesbian notes…new marketing tool?

Why, oh WHY, did they have to go and change the names?

I used to love munching on Samoas and Do-Si-Do’s. Now it’s all about Carmel Delights and Peanut Butter Sandwiches.


Cervaise, are you implying that the girl scouts, one of our most venerable and sacred institutions, would dare make use of such… messages of idolatry and evil within its ranks? There are no lesbian Girl Scouts! That’s un-American and immoral!

Degenerate. I’m going to go into moral conniptions.

I used to be a girl scout. One year I went to camp… talk about your subtext. It did my young mind good.




That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all week! Thanks, Matt, for brightening my day!

And rastahomie, a friend at work just had her boxes delivered, and they still call them Samoas (although she pronounces them “Samoyas”; some sort of sled-dog-related cookie?). Maybe it’s only in the backwaters (like Montana, where I live) that they haven’t changed them to Howard-Johnson type names (may be dating myself a tiny bit with that reference).

To respond to the hijack:
I agree, I hate the name change. It’s so … prosaic. I liked my poetic names. I know the names changed here (Boston area, Patriots’ Trail Council) when the Council changed bakeries – Little Brownie Bakers in Kentucky used to make the cookies, and now it’s … A-B-C Bakers? From I don’t know where?

To respond to the OP:
Um … it could be subliminal messaging, but I’d like to think that not everything has a sexual slant. Maybe? Please? Allow me to keep some of my illusions?

And here I thought Tagalongs were boring.

Wait a minute - I’ve got 7 boxes of cookies arriving any day now…and this weekend there’s gonna be a whole gaggle of lesbians at my place. It’s really true! Those perverted subliminal messages have influenced my party plans!

How bizzare. :smiley:

But I still think the real scandal is the samoas. Only one sleeve to a box! :eek: It’s just immoral.

I am consumed with a vision of buying a box or two from the little girls in front of my local market, peering intently at the boxes, and then saying, “But you’ve removed all the lesbian subtext” in a gentle but puzzled voice. It just strikes me as funny.

Ah yes, another participant in one of our culture’s grandest traditions. Hormonally challenged kids + remote location + not that much adult supervision = expanding horizons. :slight_smile:

Sure, hon. <pats hand> And Joe Camel is just a camel.

“I was in Girl Scouts once…but I got kicked out for eating a Brownie.”

My freshman buddy, who I give a ride to school every morning, had to sell a bunch of Girl Scout cookies. I probably can’t count the number of times I or someone else said that to her. She deserved it, though- she guilt-tripped us all into buying at least one or two boxes. (of cookies):slight_smile:


Niel! I’m shocked!!

Well, doen’t that happen whenever you get a group of girls together? I’m surprised there isn’t an ovulation badge.

I first heard that as “When does a Cub Scout become a Boy Scout? When he eats his first Brownie.”

The whole rite-of-passage thing, and all that. :wink:

Speaking of lesbian subtext, have their been any attempts to allow atheists/lesbians in The Girl Scouts? Any stories of someone being kicked out of their troup for those reasons?

I used to buy Girl Scout cookies every year but if they had those policies I’m not so sure that I would want to support the organization.

Tagalongs are my favourite of the Girl Scout cookies. The chalet cremes used to be rectangular with a picture of a chalet on them but last time I bought some that had changed.

Not that I’m aware of. The Girl Scouts aren’t analogous to the Boy Scouts- their policies and practices are completely different. They’re a much more tolerant organization.

My opinion of the Girl Scouts organization has risen another couple of notches.,29827,

Better yet, they’re pissing off the bluenoses.

(The article above is reprinted on several sites, including

Naturally, this wouldn’t be complete without a few words from the Godfather <snork> of close-minded idiocy…

I knew it!!!

I have bad news for ya’ rastahomie where I am they still have the same names, and when I try to tell people about Carmel Delights (Which are Samoas in an orage box instead of my beloved soothing purple.) they tell me I’m crazy. Thank you for proving I’m not, or at least not this time.

In fact upon researching this I found something very interesting at

I was SHOCKED to find that Samoas(Carmel Delights or whatever) are NOT a required cookie. They are after all the best cookies ever made ever.

As far as the homosexuality thing goes all I can say is in my area if you put the cookies in order starting with PBS’ (or Do-si-dos) and ending with Samoas you get a perfect ROYGBIV. If that ain’t gay pride I don’t know what is.

Thank you Cervaise. Good information indeed!
I think I’ll double my girl scout cookie order this year.