The golf Majors

I remember a few years ago, it seemed like every weekend between Memorial and Labor Day, one of the 3 tours had a Major scheduled. Is that about right?

Every weekend? No. about 8 of the 13-14 weeks.

Ones that are usually in June, July and August
PGAT: USOpen (Fathers Day), British Open (Mid July) and PGA (2nd or 3rd week of August).

LPGA: LPGA (early June usually), US Womens Open (July 4th usually), and Womens British (First week of August)

Champions The Sr British (week after British Open), US Senior in early July or early August.

Ones that are not in the summer. Masters and Kraft Nabsico (LPGA)

The Champions Tour Sr PGA is usually in May. The Tradition and TPC floats around the schedule. Sometimes May, sometimes August or September.

Knew it wasn’t EVERY, thanks for confirming it’s most though.