The Great Summer 2021 Doper Postcard Exchange!

I too had the same issue, sort of. We have a tourism centre for our city which was the only place that I could find them but due to our provincial ‘stages’ it hasn’t been open for business until last week when we opened up a bit more.
As this is my first time joining this, I will make sure to pick up postcards once I start travelling through the province later in the summer in order that I can be better prepared for next year.
So very glad that you received your postcards and that they brought some sunshine to you!
~ Toad Buddy

I think you can see why I didn’t just mail the postcard instead of packing it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I sure do~it came through beautifully and is being enjoyed by my roomies too, on display on a bookshelf… my other postcard was a ‘vintage’ one from the same era soI have a set.

I got a postcard today from @penultima_thule of a lazy river in South Australia’s Riverland Wetland. Thank you, PT!

That’s the Murray … about 90% of the inland waterways of the entire continent eventually drain through that lazy waterway. :upside_down_face:

Got my first card, a surprise bonus card from @Karen_Lingel who was not in my pool. It’s a vintage card from an Italian seafood restaurant in San Francisco with a sight of the Golden Gate Bridge. Thank you very much!

As noted in Rule 4, museums, art galleries, historic site gift shops and local visitors bureaus are typically all good sources of postcards. Search Amazon for postcards and you’ll see lots of options. Anyone who thinks they might take part in a future Doper Postcard Exchange might want to stock up.

I got my card(s) from @blondebear and it appears that he travelled in time to 1942 to purchase them. Very cool!!

Got a crabby card from @dbygawdcapn (had to go look the name up, no way I can spell that). While I’ve heard about crabs from Chesapeake Bay, I did not know about crab imperial nor had I ever heard the phrase, “The land of pleasant living”.

Thank you!

My cards are in the post today! :slight_smile:

And I received my cards from Elendil’s Heir (I’d love to visit the Gardner Museum, the picture looks great) and from Karen_Lingel ( a beautiful water fall that I actually would love to visit as well). Thanks very much, both of you! :slight_smile:

My pleasure.

All postcards should go in the mail by tomorrow. Thanks!

I was planning on spacing my postcards, but life happened, so I mailed thethe others today.

Posted first thing this morning!
Edited to add: While I was standing at the counter, I realized that I’d signed off with my first name not my username. Luckily there was a Sharpie readily available.

I received a postcard today from @penultima_thule, featuring a lovely picture of Coburg Peninsula wetland, Northern Territory. Many thanks!

Postcards sent from Spain!!! Down to the wire :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry for the delay!!

I got a set of three cards with the head, the body and the tail of an alligator, thus making up a whole alligator from @blondebear . He wrote that it reminded him of the Maus Starschnitt @The_Butterfly_s_Ghost , @mkl12 and me posted in the 2018 postcard exchange. Very nice idea, thanks a lot.

All postcards should have gone in the mail by yesterday. Please mail yours immediately, if you haven’t already done so. Thanks!

So, if I happened to get a card post marked 29th July or after I should return to sender?


Well, I wouldn’t.

I just got a very colorful white-striped crab card from you, penultima_thule, all the way from Oz. Thanks!

Got a card from @MissTake today, with a Minnesota license plate as the image on the front.

And your state has us beat by a lot on the number of lakes. A Google search tells me NC only has 59 to your 11,842! The ‘lakes’ near me are actually man-made reservoirs.