The Great Summer 2021 Doper Postcard Exchange!

Got a card from @Czarcasm from the Long Beach peninsula in Washington State, where he just spent his 34th anniversary with his beloved, as he writes. Thank you!

Got a card from @MissTake yesterday. Who knew about Minnesota?

Thank you! Made walking to the mailbox worthwhile, since everything else was junk.

I got two postcards in the mail today!
A wonderful vintage 80’s card from @Karen_Lingel with The Municipal Building in St. Charles, what a lovely peice of Art Deco architecture.
The other was The Guardians of Cleveland, amazing architecture again. I had wondered the last few days why the team name had changed and @Elendil_s_Heir was kind enough to explain.
Thank you both for these, much appreciated!

Forgot to get on here and say my cards went out~they did. Two to the West Coadt and one to Germany.

I got two more postcards today from @JaneDoe42: one of the Grand Canyon and one of the HP Lovecraft museum. I was only aware of the existence of one of those.

Thanks, Jane!

I’m happy you are happy :slight_smile:

The HP Lovecraft museum is actually in Ontario, California, not Arizona so I was cheating a little with my “always Arizona” theme. It’s really not surprising that you didn’t know about it. It’s volunteer run and looked to be smaller than our master bedroom.

As you go in the door there is a small table on the left holding free postcards, with a sign telling people to write more letters. (HPL wrote about 100,000 letters during his lifetime.)


JaneDoe42 also sent me a Grand Canyon postcard and a Lovecraft podcast postcard, which I got today. Thanks!

I got a lovely postcard from JaneDoe42 of the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary in Arizona today. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

The postman delivered a card from @EinsteinsHund an artistic rendering of a dog sticking his tongue out by the “very German” Bernhard-Viktor Christoph-Carl von Bülow. Thanks!

Is there anyone who has not yet gotten cards from at least three people?

The Pacific postal corridor seems to be working substantially east-west than west-east.
Or maybe they have been intercepted by the imperial overlords. But I’m 0-3!

I’ve received 2 cards.

I have received cards from one person.

I’m still waiting for my overseas correspondent, which is not at all surprising.

Ditto. Mine haven’t made it there, either.

I’m good~an adorable pug postcard from @EinsteinsHund arrived in my post box yesterday, but I didn’t fetch the mail til just now. That was my third, my overseas one. I’m a happy camper!

Cubed. Germany is a very long way away, and we have contract mail carriers here. I won’t start wondering about that card for a month at least.

I received a Red Nipper from @penultima_thule in today’s post. That’s three from the US and one from Australia received, should fulfill my quota expected.

I’ve gotten my quota I think (thanks, all!) and all but but one of my international cards has made it through. Hopefully the last recipient will get theirs soon.

Looks like everyone who signed up has now mailed his or her postcards. Many thanks!