The Greatest Slash Pairings of All Time

Most men are slashed because they’re pretty. Many are slashed because, hell, they’re there. But, IMO, the best slash pairings come from characters who could not, and should not, live without the other. The men who treat one another like soulmates, and it’s supposedly totally platonic.

My vote goes to Jeeves and Wooster from PG Wodehouse’s books. Sure, there’s Bertie going on about Jeeves’ “finely chiseled features,” and the fact that Jeeves belonged to a super-exclusive club called The Ganymede, but the real slash is found in quotes like this:

So, fellow Doper/slashers, who makes the best couple? Femslash is always welcome, btw.

Is slash the classy term for fiction based rule 34?

Slash is a phenomenon in which fans project a romantic involvement between two same sex characters. Often the fans are women, and the two characters are men who have strong screen chemistry. Or, they’re very, very hot and the female fan would like to see them make out.

Eric and Godric.

The one, the only, the original slash pairing. The term and concept didn’t even exist before this couple. The first and still the greatest!

Jim Kirk/Spock

I would be very sad for Crowley and Aziraphale (Good Omens) if they didn’t ever get around to exploring their slashy side.

My second choice, but as it’s my new favorite fandom, I didn’t want the OP to look like a “Why I love Star Trek” essay.

Also, I think McCoy was secretly into Spock.

Oh, McCoy was totally crushing on Spock. He would have jumped Spock’s bones in a second, but Jim was always in the way.

Starsky and Hutch.


Kirk/Spock is practically canon, I swear. Their relationship, whatever its nature, is essentially the emotional center of the show.

I’d vote, among recent shows, for House/Wilson. Are there more co-dependent people on earth?

One of my other favorites is Angel/Spike. Which is canon (God bless Joss Whedon).

I think Kirk/Spock became canon in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock when Kirk explained that when he lost Spock, he lost the “most noble part of my soul” (aka his better half).

“If Spock has an imortal soul, then it is my responsibility. As surely as if it were my own.”

And Sarek was so surprised that Spock hadn’t entrusted Kirk with his katra. Like there literally could be no other option in the Universe if not Jim Kirk.

Aragon and Legolas.

I once read a LOTR slash with Gilmi & Gandalf. That one made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Question: Do slash pairings have to be from the same show? I would find Spock/House very hot.


Totally looking forward to the upcoming movie, I am.

The upcoming movie is going to be so hot it’ll burn a hole right through the screen.

I always just think it’s amazing when the slash ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

For instance, Boy George and Jon Moss.

Questionably David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

I thought Dave Davies and Mick Avory of the Kinks but perhaps not.

I’m sure there are plenty of non-rock music examples, that’s just what’s on my mind at the moment.

Edited to add that I 100% agree with the above post.

As am I, thank you very much. I’d like to add that the only reason I stuck with Star Trek: Enterprise as long as I did were the “Trip”/Reed moments.

Oh, it is SO there in the Jeremy Brett movies. They’re totally like an old married couple.

(So House/Wilson is no surprise, of course.)