The Guardian's top 50 TV shows of 2016

Somewhat from a UK perspective and with the top five still to come, this is where we are.

UK shows not yet mentioned include Happy Valley which has to be top 3 at least, and - perhaps randomly - Peaky Blinders which The Guardian has either totally over looked or totally overrated.

Also no mention of Preacher …

Five slots to fill.

Cannot believe The Missing 2 at position 28 - top five for me.

Any thoughts or guesses - they countdown one a day? :slight_smile:

Pretty decent list, though some seem a bit too low (Halt and Catch Fire, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and I don’t know half of the British shows. I’d think that one of the top 5 has to be Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”. “The Americans” also hasn’t shown up on that list yet either. And I doubt it will be on The Guardian’s, but one of my favorite shows of 2016 is “BoJack Horseman”.

Oops, I realized Master of None was a 2015 show… forget that then.

I’m guessing Stranger Things is in the top 5.

The Americans might be a good shout. Certainly deserves it!

5th place: The Night Of - HBO’s captivating big budget remake of a BBC drama. Solid.

War and Peace pretty much sucked. I’ve read it, too. It was not a good adaptation for the most part. And some of the additions were horrible. Cheap and lazy writing to get ratings.

At best, it was a 6/10. Just adequate, but barely.

Fwiw, I couldn’t invest in that either. The people I know who did were all women - some absolutely loved it, so perhaps the demographics passed us by …

I think the most criminally underwatched show of the past few years is Rectify on SundanceTV. It just aired its series finale yesterday.

I didn’t care for The Night Of. Surprised to see it ranked quite so high.

Better Call Saul would be among my top picks.

I was going to add The Leftovers, but the amazing 2nd season ended in December of 2015 and season 3 won’t air for another few months.

My answer would be Dirk Gently, Game of Thrones, Vikings, and Outlander.

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Given the UK perspective, I suspect the only question is whether Happy Valley is top of the list or just close.

What additions? If it’s the incest thing with the Kuragins, that’s hinted at in the book.

Happy Valley is number four, according to The Guardian.

Three shows better than that - bring 'em on :slight_smile:

Boom! Good shout - in at number three …