the guy from bill and teds excellant adventure

i am not talking about keanu reeves but the other guy is his name barry pepper if so he played the sniper in saving private ryan and 61 both great roles

I believe you are talking about Bill S. Preston Esquire, who was played by **Alex Winter{/b]. IIRC he writes and directs independent films now.

“Bill” of the Bill and Ted movies was played by Alex Winter; Barry Pepper was indeed in Saving Private Ryan and 61, but was not in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

I just saw Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I noticed Alex Winter had the same eyes as Sylvester Stallone. Does anybody see it?

Yeah, I noticed that too wishbone

So does Rene Descartes!

Have any of you seen any of Alex Winter’s movies? I saw one of his student films (IIRC). Very, very odd stuff. That man is on some heavy medication.

Alex Winter was also one of the Vampires in The Lost Boys (I believe he was the “death by stereo” guy)

I think so, Joe…I do know he was in it. Disconcerting seeing him there.

Whatever happened to him in the post Bill and Ted world? I mean we all know Keanu went on to bigger (though not necessarily better) things…what happened to Alex?

A few years back Alex Winter did a comedy called Freaks (not to be confused with an earlier (circa '37) movie of the same name, which using actual cricus freaks and is widely considered to be one of the most disturbing movies ever made). It’s got some cult status nowadays. I saw it years ago, thought it was funny then but my tastes have changed since then.

He also had a short lived show on MTV, but I don’ recall its name.

Wow, typo-o-rama in that last post. That should be “used” in the paranthetical aside, and, of course, “don’t” in the last sentence.

Alex’s fifteen minutes on Mtv was on a show called the iIdiot Box, which I vaguely remember.

And your question is?