The Happy, Happy MMP

We’ve been having some sad news in the MMP lately and much huggage has ensued. I think we all really like having a place to get sympathy and sincere concern from our imaginary internet friends. And surely Mumpers are the BFFs of the imaginary internet friends! :smiley:

But I’d like us to take a minute and share a little happy tidbit. I’m not trying to diminish the tough times some of us are dealing with - just want to remind all of us that there are still little things that make life better just because they exist. So the ticket for admission into this week’s MMP is something that makes you smile.

At the moment for me, it’s a garden full of blooming daylilies and coneflowers and black-eyed susans. I’d post a pic but it’s still a bit too dim out there. Trust me, tho, they’re real purty!!!

Happy Monday!!

And speaking of happy, happy, I’m sure thiswill ring true with some among us… :wink:

Well, the metformin my husband started taking two weeks ago does seem to be helping him, the cat’s been pretty snuggly lately, and no, I apparently didn’t break that toe I whammed into a door (just bruised it a bit, it seems).

On a side note, guess even cartoon characters get the blurfs. :smiley:

What Garfield said…

I’m going for an early morning ride on the internets. Visited Calgary’s mayor’s Twitter feed. I always enjoy doing that. I have some sprightly music on. I’m going to work in a while, and I like my work.

So those are all happy things. :slight_smile:

My daylilies are just past their peak, but have been making me smile for several weeks now.

I was surprised yesterday when Ziva joined me on the couch for skritches and didn’t run away when Higgs jumped up and started sniffing cat butt! The cat has figured out that all she has to do is look at the dog to get her to back off. Then this morning, Ziva lay next to me in bed while I was watching the news and weather. I honestly don’t understand why she hides so much when **FCD **is home - he’s nothing but nice to her, altho he does call her names because she avoids him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cats is weird!!

Morning all,

My happy is seeing my 20 lb Maine Coon cat all contorted and belly up snoozing away on the couch this weekend. It looked like someone had accidently assembled a cat wrong.

Nothing exciting going on here in Norfork this week. Two week count down to vay-cay began on Friday. I am dreading/looking forward too it. Dreading that it will be my family (Mom and Dad) and assorted cousins off and on from Jynxster’s Mom side and Mr. Jynxster’s Mom in a camp on a lake (pond) in Maine for 1 week. Also dreading the 13 hour + car ride up with my Dad and Mr. Jynxster (Mom will already be up there and Mr. Jynxster Mom will meet us up there from New Hampshire). Also dreading the fact that my parents and Mr. Jynxster Mom have different view points on just about everything. They are just different types of people, nothing wrong with either one but they will not be seeing eye to eye on just about anything. Also dreading the fact that my parents are having marital issues and things will be super awkward. BUT I AM looking forward to the beautiful Maine wilderness and the fact I haven’t been there in 25 years and this will be my first vacation since my honeymoon 4 years ago.

Arnold of Soissons is the Patron Saint of beer. "He encouraged local peasants to drink beer, instead of water, due to its “gift of health.”:smiley:

It’s Select-A-Seat at the arena tonight, so I get to see some of my hockey Peeps. That tomes down the blurf to a 7.

Happy Moonday.

It looks sunny outside but I have no idea of the temp yet because the weather part of my phone is stuck on Friday in Hagerstown. From when I let the dog out I would say it’s hot and humid already.

Things that make me smile.
My butterfly bush right outside my bedroom window. It almost covers my window and all day long it’s busy full of butterflies and bumblebees. I try to get pics but butterflies are worse than cats when it comes to sitting still to have their pictures taken.

Sah-son and Sah-dog both make me smile, not because of anything they do, just because they are.

This literally made me laugh aloud!! :smiley: Enjoy Maine!! We were there 2 (?) years ago and the drive up and back was horrible, but the state was beautiful. I want to return, but I may opt for train rather than car. Someday…

**doggio **- I’ll have to share that with my mom. She’s the one who, during her first trip to Europe, sent postcards that all included the line “Great beers here!!” And she’s a wino, too! :wink:

Still no crabbers to monitor. Tomorrow’s an off day, so I may not get out till Weds - when it’s supposed to be stupid hot. At least my part is a few minutes on the dock and not hours out in the sun and humidity.

I has a happy! I’m only working four days this week and next, since I’m off to Antwerp on Friday/Saturday and Brussels on Sunday/Monday. The cats are staying at home, one of my friends will be calling round to feed them so they aren’t being uprooted and deposited at the moggery.

That’s pretty much a triple happy!

I need to leave to feed the doggies but all I want to do is blurf.

But in keeping with the theme, my client’s new dog is a schipperke, kind of cute and silly at the same time.

I’ll save my sad news for later, because I don’t want to disrupt the vibe. :slight_smile:

Also, blurf.

Serious funk here. I knew it was on the emotional post-op menu, but had hoped it wouldn’t be a blue plate special. I just can’t get comfortable, felt like I spent more time tossing and turning than sleeping, and wondering why I agreed to this.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up caffienated and at irk. ‘Tis a very muggy but sunny 74 Amurrkin out with a predicted high of 87 and ONLY a forty percent chance of rain today. Actually it looks like we will have a dry out time over the next few days which we need. In the meantime, here’s hopin’ the rain goes to visit where it’s wanted.

Postin’ up in here makes me happy. :smiley: OYKW makes me happy. Beer makes me happy. My cee-mint pond makes me happy. That enough sunshine for ya?

{{{gotti}}} because it looks like you could use a hug, although a very gentle one. Hope you’re feelin’ better, in less pain and can get comfy soonest.

MOOOOM should we he hopin’ you get to be crabby? :smiley:

Ok, need to dive into some irk stuff. I already have, mind you, but need to dive into some more. Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

Like Duck Dynasty says, Happy Happy Happy.

Morning’ all.

**gotti **- it’ll get better, really! Your comments remind me of when my spousal unit went thru all that. Every time he swore he’d never do it again, but once recovery passed, he was glad he’d done it. You’ll get there - I promise!!

Still no crabbies. My predecessor said Sunday and Monday tend to be really slow, so I’m not too surprised. A tad bummed, but not surprised. I’ll still get paid $22 for occasionally clicking and checking. :slight_smile:

Thinking about Mrs. Plant (v.3.0) on the way home.

Isn’t today the day Hostess products are supposed to return to the shelves? Happy, happy. Otherwise, on Sat. evening the A/C at Chateau Pepperwinkle went pfft! and we spent Sunday in the summer swelter. Should be fixed today though, so not so bad.