The Joys of Having Grass in the MMP

Morning. It’s awfully early and I didn’t see a new MMP yet so here we go. I now have a grass yard after having a pea rock yard forever. It’s rained a bit and now tis time to either buy a mower or hire a service. I just hired a service for a twice monthly mowing. I really don’t have any bushes and only a couple palm trees but do have a small succulent garden out front. I intend to manage that and eventually plant some fruit trees.

In other new house news I have procured a living room suit and a dining room set along with a beautiful porch rug and a set of porch furniture. In order to get a rectangular table I had to get a six chair set so I bought a small matching side table and put it and two chairs on the small front porch.

In kitty news she is still housebound but did spend a little time today on the screened porch. I feel guilty keeping her cooped up but she honestly seems OK with it so far.

I also bought art and have decorated most walls in the living area and the master bedroom and the two baths. I will eventually get around to the other bedrooms. I am buying actual gallery wrapped canvases with a coastal theme and lots of shore birds including a big ole rooster. The iconic bird of the Keys.

Decorating is hard work and I am not very good at it so it is a work in progress. I still have boxes to unpack which is taking forever. Tomorrow I have to strike out and find a place to have my car serviced and want to go get some more plants for my front entry garden. Later this week I plan to go to Rainbow Springs State Park. It’s a couple hours drive so I’ll load Buddy Boy up and go check it out.

Happy new week Mumpers.

FIRST!! Good to be juvenile.

… and to be further more juvenile: this week’s title resonates with me, but for an entirely different definition of “grass.”

'Tis indeed, joyful to have.

Morning, mumpers! It’s 8c/47f today, and sunny. Bright and cold, really. Nice for my morning walk to the station and for sitting in the campus office though.

We had a lawn at the front of the house then had it paved over for off-street parking. We retained the borders around the new brickwork and grow a lovely crop of weeds in there. I’m not a gardener, so the back part is just overgrown weeds, brambles, nettles and stuff. I’d like to get it cleared, levelled and paved so we could plant stuff in containers but that’s unlikely to happen. 'im indoors does occasionally go out there and strim bits of it down to ground level, but generally we just can’t be bothered.

The cats seem to like it, and it’s a haven for bees so not entirely bad!

Boy, am I with you here, sister! I know what I like and I know what I hate but I never know where to start. Lucky for me, I married someone who is fairly good at it, and we have similar tastes. So I let him start, and I tweak his ideas as we go along. Especially since if I turned it over to him, everything would be black or gray… :wink:

I am happy to see that you’re settling in. Once upon a time, eons ago, we visited a bunch of springs, but I don’t recall if Rainbow was one of them. You will have pics, right?

The first thing I checked was whether you’d started us off this week :rofl:

As for lawns, well, I’m sure some of you recall the video tour of my yard and our lawns. It’s close to time to roll out the mower. No grass yet, to speak of, but the spring weeds are springing up (not that kind of weed, shoe! :stuck_out_tongue: ) Later this week, since I’m pretty sure freezing temps are past, I’ve got some clover seed to fling in some bare areas. Today, tho, I’m just going to fling some food on my azaleas and forsythia. Later today.

First errand is to pick up my glasses. I think they open at 9 - I plan to get there around 9:30. I have an appt with my Dr at 11:10 for my more-or-less annual once-over. She’s got my bloodwork and she’ll determine if any of my meds need to be adjusted. Plus I’m going to talk to her about aging in general. I don’t want to run to her with every little ache and twinge, but I don’t want to ignore something that I shouldn’t. Hoping to get some guidance.

I guess it’s also time to start thinking about my veggie patch outside. I’m going to change some of what I did last year in the hopes of not losing all my cucumbers. And we’re a couple of weeks away from bringing the boat to our marina and a month away from our cruise. Lots going on in the next month.

Happy Moanday!!

Good morning everyone.

It’s 43 degrees and damp outside. The atmospheric river is supposed to move in today.

I have a busy week ahead of me and yes, I’ve noted that my grass has been growing gangbusters and needs to be cut. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen this week what with all the rain and everything. I would really just like to rip out the whole backyard and start over, but that would be a very expensive proposition and I don’t have the moolah for that.

I’m not looking forward to the work week and I’d really just like to take a short little vacation, but I have too much going on for that.

Polar has a vet visit on Wednesday. He’s getting shots and an overall wellness exam. I am not sure I will hear good news.

I’ve got a little more time for some internettin’ before work starts, so that’s what I’ll do. Have a good day everyone.

I live in a townhouse so I have grass in front but don’t have to mow. 53 days til retirement. Today is a vacation day because Ariel is getting her feetz done and I have to hold her for the farrier. Then I shall sloth.

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN I was a slugabed until eight o’ clock! :astonished: ‘Tis 32 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 70 and N.O.S. No real plans for the day other than the usual sloth and uselessness. I do need to start on the April schedule of servers for services over to the church house. I’ll need folks for four Sundays (Easter bein’ the biggie) plus servers for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. Best to start findin’ out availability, I reckon. Sup shall be leftovers from the very yum sup we had yestiddy.

I have grass (the yahd kind). It gets mowed. The goal bein’ to not be the worst yahd in da 'hood. Second worst, however, is just fine by me.

Now I need ore caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all. Also, Happy Pi Day!

This is me, too. I don’t know how my mom does it, but I use her as a consultant because she’s got the touch. I do not.

It’s gonna be warm and lovely today - around 70F eventually though it’s chilly now. The weekend was quiet, only my baby tooth is about to slip this mortal coil. I never had a grown-up tooth behind it and I was munching on some homemade Indian food for lunch yesterday when it definitively waggled and I almost bit down on it. It feels fairly solidly intact now, but I’m worried that if I wait it’ll come out in a really inconvenient, really inopportune time (kind of like now, only worse). It’s lasted nearly 47 years, dammit - it couldn’t wait another week or two until the kid had surgery and started to recover from surgery?!

We’ve got a pretty decent lawn, if I do say so myself. We hired someone to mow it for us years ago. I actually enjoy mowing it, but at the time, my husband said I was making him look bad. I was six months pregnant and decided to do my nesting outside rather than in, including hauling wood to make my own raised beds and any required mowage. Apparently the neighbors were giving him the side eye. We just never bothered to start mowing ourselves again.

Morning all. It’s a brisk 43F heading for 65F today and no rain in the forecast. Need to make the usual shopping-n-sammich run a bit later, then need to climb up into the attic space above the garage to change the light bulb (noticed it was out when the HVAC service was here). I’ve been putting this off, the ladder is creaky and I am old, but I’ve done it before so it should be OK. Then swimmin’ later (going for 40 lengths-1,000 yards).

I have Bermuda grass, so it is still mostly brown and inert as most of the lawns here are. Probably have to get out the mower in a couple of weeks, I really don’t want to start until April (just because it seem wrong to mow my lawn in March). Still can do it myself, but may have to hire a service one of these days.

Oh, and the radio clock reset sometime last night, so everything is on the same time now (just remembered, my soccer stopwatches need resetting… :rage:)

Butters, stuff goes up on my wall when it takes my fancy. I have the spare bed covered in stuff that really needs to be displayed/put away, but since I seldom go in that room it’s easy to ignore. One of these days…

OK, onward into the day.

Well, that was a waste of time and gas. I don’t think they did anything to/with my glasses. As soon as I opened the case, I saw the lens was not in place. Then the tech said they’d order another lens as this one was too small. So I explained to her what happened with bending the frames to make them fit, resulting in the frames being deformed so they wouldn’t hold the lens. Anyway, they claim they’ll send them back to be replaced. So I’m still in my old specs. I’m thinking next time, I’ll go to a different branch of My Eye Dr.

Meanwhile, I have an hour to kill till it’s time to go see Christine. I’ve got some eggs boiling - maybe deviled eggs? We shall see…

There was grass all around our house when we bought it. Now there is none. It was a great day when I gave my mower away. We now have either bark chips or plantings where all that grass was. Weeds are always a problem, of course, but at least I don’t have to mess around with a mower, edger, etc.

My nephew notified me yesterday that he’s getting a pacemaker. I’m pretty sure that’s routine surgery these days, right?

This morning I dropped comprehensive coverage on the Prius. I can’t find the email right now, but USAA said that I could keep the coverage but my car is worth much less because it’s been totalled. I know I paid $1,200 or so to retain the car, so I assume that’s how much comprehensive coverage would… erm, cover. Take away the $500 deductible, and that would mean I’d get $700 for another total loss. By dropping comprehensive coverage, I should save about $300 per year.

Well, the shopping-n-sammich run has been completed and I have braved the creaky wooden ladder to the space above my garage with no (well, hardly any) problems. Did bump my head trying to stand up under a 2x4, dropped the defunct light bulb and it shattered (need to tell the folks tomorrow to watch for it) and my knees ache a little bit from being on them with no padding whatsoever. But the light works, so I consider it a success (and when I have to do it again in a few years, I’m going to hire someone to do it).

Now a Jersey Mike’s #3 is ready for consumption. Have a good afternoon/evening all.

So about 20% of the people scheduled today apparently set their clock back one day, instead of forward one hour. Between doing all the heaving, and doing 3 hours of irreg heaving, I’s tired. But paid. And I have grass, but the complex takes care of it.

I’m decent at it. And glad Buddy Boy and kitty are settling in.

You can start one in 6 weeks. :wink:

That was my first idea as well, although I never have indulged.

Morning, all. Like shoe, I totally read the thread title a different way.

Last week of school before Spring Break, and the first day this year without a mask mandate. I still have a bag of masks out for the students who want them, and a good third of my classes are still wearing them. Mostly because they have anti-vax (or Republican) parents and are themselves un-vaxxed until after graduation and they can make their own decisions. It’s like having brand-new students. The faces are really different than I had imagined.

Gained 2 feet of width in the garage this weekend by dint of ruthless cleaning and dumping of “stuff in boxes from the storage units.” If I haven’t needed it in 2 years and it doesn’t have any intrinsic value, into the dumpster it goes! Very liberating.

Fly low, stay warm and f*ck’em if they can’t take a joke.

I just saw a post on Facebook of Cal Worthington and his ‘dog’ Spot.

It reminded me: Whatever happened to @PussyCow?

Oh, joy. IRS problems on the horizon. The wife filed our taxes yesterday based on the quarterly payments made throughout the year. Now it turns out that they either a) didn’t cash the last estimated payment or b) the check never got there. And of course nobody will answer the phone at the IRS. They have a website where you can ask questions, but after submitting all of her personal information, it wouldn’t recognize our phone number, so that avenue is out. I can’t wait for the other shoe to drop. Heavy sigh.

We now have one month until our pack-out date. Shit’s gettin’ real.

Oh god, Cal Worthington? After he got tossed out of CA, he opened a dealership in Anchorage.

I am definitely less grumpy this week than I was last week. :slight_smile: I think running those errands on Saturday helped. I haven’t done much this year, between winter and the omicron surge, and I’d been putting off a bunch of things; finally getting a consult and dropping off the jewelry felt like progress/some normalcy. The items left on my “to do” list include taking the doggy to a physical therapy evaluation (her back leg/hip issue could be either arthritis or muscle weakness, or maybe both), and joining a gym. The gym thing probably won’t happen until April, though, because I’d like to go on Tuesdays and Thursdays after work but right now that’s when I’m in my exam prep class. There’s one close to home that’s open 24/7 and has both the personal trainers and pilates classes I’m interested in, so I’m hoping that my eventual “talk to me about membership” visit will be positive (trainers/classes available when I am, etc.).

My small house sits on a 1/4-acre lot: I have a front yard, side yard, and (pretty big) back yard. I happily pay a company for grass cutting and leaf removal. Yardwork and housecleaning were two things I started paying other people to do as soon as I could. :slight_smile:

So as long as you don’t wreck it before 2025, you should come out ahead? :wink:

You lost me at “fill a glass with ice.” :wink: I knew about the Keurig-iced tea thing, but I don’t keep ice in my house. I think I have ice cube trays somewhere…I vaguely recall taking them out of the freezer when I moved in almost 8 years ago. I’d rather just buy bottled tea.

What’s that you say? Would I please post a picture? Why, of course! :smiley:

(The photo is of the ring on my hand, not mom’s; the bit of silver next to it is part of a Claddagh ring that I also wear every day.)

I don’t remember when she got it; I admired it forever. A couple of years before she died she tried to find one like it for me, with no luck. It was one of the first things I looked for when cleaning out her assisted living apartment. I’ll be happy to get it back with a new black pearl!

Oh, that’s good to hear! I’m also a huge fan of the original movie, and I’ve been putting off watching the Spielberg version. Maybe I’ll finally exhale and watch it this weekend.

Wow, that is gorgeous! I love the colors!