The Heliconias are blooming in my yard

These are Heliconia schiedeana that grow in the mountains in South America.

They are tolerant of the cool winters that we have here in southern California.

Most Heliconia cultivars can’t grow here.

Close up.

Very nice.

(I initially thought this must be from Hawaii.)


From your “Math question for my shed roof” thread in GQ, your post #13, posted 2 days ago :
“I’m in warm wet Hawaii. The east side of the Big Island gets over 200 inches of rain a year. Its a paradise for termites and wood rot. Wood is just not an option here. Steel means hiring a welder. I don’t have money for that.”

'Fess up, you really live in New Jersey, don’t you?

JEALOUS here in Maine! OTOH, I bloom orchids regularly – indoors :rolleyes:

I love heliconias. When I visit Hawaii, checking out people’s gardens is a lot of fun for me. I’m always jealous of how people can grow red or white ginger flowers, plumeria of various colors, and especially big flamboyant heliconias. I like the big brilliant lobster claw ones best.

Actually, my wife and I own 2 homes. One in Pepeekeo on the Big Island in Hawaii and one in southern California.

In the right micro climate, these will grow in northern California. You should try!

[del]You know, I didn’t actively resent you until I read this post.[/del]

That’s awesome! I worked for a florist for several years. I can’t say how many Birds of Paradise flowers I’ve prepared, as well as the Heliconias you have pictured. This is the first time I’ve seen photos of them growing in someone’s yard. They’re magnificent!