The Hitler surname

Does anyone anywhere openly go by the surname of Hitler anymore?

23 Hitlers in the phone book. That’s in the whole US, not including unlisted Hitlers.

I remember seeing a program on TV (I think it was a documentary) about a guy named Hilter (the L and T reversed) running for Parliament in England.

Including Claydolf Hitler and the more oxymoronic Gandhi Hitler.

I know someone with the surname Hittler and doing a search a la freido there are 62 others like her.

Is it still okay to holler “BAND NAME!!”?

On a related issue, I just read this article about Katrin Himmler (grandniece of Heinrich Himmler). She said that she never had any problems with her family name because Himmler is a relatively common name in Germany.

Adolf Lu Hitler Marak

I had a new client bring in a cat named Hitler. I told them I’d rather not have them as clients, and they left without argument. The thing is the cat did have a Hitleresque appearance; it had a lil black 'stache. But, the people looked more like white supremacists than just folks with a sense of humour.

The Master sort of speaks on this subject, talking about direct relatives of Hitler living around the world. It’s not exactly what you asked, but I thought you’d find it interesting nonetheless.

Seriously? You declined to be their vet because they named their cat Hitler? And looked “something,” without their even saying anything yet?

Are you really serious? I can’t tell.

Maybe if you saw them you would understand. I am a little picky on who I see, since it is often a relationship that lasts the lifetime of the pet. My staff was also uncomfortable with these people. So, yes, I told them I would not see them. Similarly, a few years back, I declined to see a black Labrador Retriever named Nigger.

Owning your own business is fraught with headaches. If I do not want to associate with certain individuals, dealing with that right up front is one positive aspect of business ownership.

This is reminding me of this site. Was it a threadspotting?

Are there any laws stating who private businesses can refuse to serve? Can you deny service based on sexual orientation/race/sex/sickness? How about people who don’t dress well? Or own a Dodge Caravan?

I’m truly curious.

There was Vic Hitler- Narcoleptic Comic.

sexual orientation - depends on state/city law
race - no, federal law
sex - no, federal law, possibly some exceptions for explicitly male/female services (e.g. maybe an OB/gyn could refuse to be primary care doctor for a male)
sickness - yes (but disability, NO!)
dressing well - yes (unless it is a proxy for race)
Dodge Caravan - yes

The business owner has the right unless the government takes it away.

“Hi, I’m Mike Hitler. Welcome to the neighborhood.”

I think you’ll find that was a sketch on Monty Python’s Flying Circus. (Not a documentary. At least, I hope not.)

Is that singing Hitlers or dancing Hitlers?

Someone else gave some examples of who you can and cannot decline service to. I just wanted to add, that you CAN decline service to someone based on the name of their pet.