"THe Human Centipede" - Who would go to see such vile trash?

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The Human Centipede


I’d probably at least try to watch it.

I doubt that I’ll ever see this movie, but I’m very tempted. Body horror is one of the few horror tropes that really, really gets to me. I can never figure out if I should be checking this stuff out further, or running away from it as fast as I can.

Reminds me of the tale of the guy who fed a duck some food on the end of a long piece of string, waited for it to come out the other end, tied on more food, then fed it to another duck, etc.

One imagines the person on the receiving end of twice-digested poo would wither quite quickly.

In the small amount of reading I’ve done about this sickery, it’s apparently billed as a “comedy” and is also the first in an intended trilogy.


Will watch it if it gets good reviews…

I never understood the appeal of horror/gore movies.

I’d watch it maybe if my friends were there to mock it.

You’ve never had “Bad Movie Nights”?

This looks disgusting and creepy as Hell. I just added it to my Netflix queue.

I am obviously not the right audience for this, because I really can’t see the point.

Not the point of making a gross movie. I mean the point of attaching people ass to mouth in a chain. Why would the crazy Dr. do that?

I have no problem with wacked out movie anti-heros but I like them to have some sort of motivation.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure that poo is poisonous - no? Wouldn’t person #2 and person #3 die pretty darn quickly necessitating the capture of more chain members? That doesn’t make sense - it’s like a make work project. Maybe if he was attaching them mouth to stomach or something? Although I guess you don’t get the 'I’m about to shit in your mouth." angle.

Is that the point? Lets watch girls shit in each others mouths? That’s dumb. I think Two Girls, One Cup pretty well has that covered.

Anyhow - it’s not the gore that would keep me away - it doesn’t even look that gory. It just looks super dumb. If someone on here goes and sees it and posts a synopsis that makes it look less dumb I might consider it. (My husband is keen to see it 'cus he really digs the gore flicks.)

I was halfway hoping it’d be some sort of porn movie…

Wouldn’t that be hard on your spine, bent over like that? I mean, jeez, talk about a recipe for back pain.

According to the TV Tropes page Miller linked to, it’s not even an original strange idea:

I also recall a Charles Sheffield novel that mentioned one; it was the result of a bunch of neo-Marxists trying to use shape change inducing machinery to attempt to implement their ideals in a physical fashion. Which resulted in their sect being mentioned as an example of Things You Shouldn’t Do With Shapechange Machines.

Nono, he is a considerate guy, he will cut off the legs below the knee.

It’s ridiculous. Centipedes have two legs per body segment. It should be called Human Millipede.

Everything alice_in_wonderland said. I can buy motive from the characters in Audition, in ‘Dumpling,’ even Martyrs. This looks stupid, beyond some pornographic fantasy.

Checking out Dutch director Tom Six’s bio, he seems to get slightly dumber and more offensive with each flick. And his movies are funded by someone who shares his name, possibly his wife (or, god help us, his mom). I’m sure if someone dared to post on his message board he’d be more than willing to correspond and answer questions – he seems like the type (ETA I recommend someone post snailboy’s complaint).

I do love this description for one of his films, though

I’m sure that there’s a perfectly reasonable mad-scientist explanation in the movie, but what on earth is making a human centipede supposed to achieve? Why take a creature with such a complicated brain and take away everything that makes it motivated to exist- all social communication, possibility for sexual reproduction, physical comfort, pretty much everything except the ability to feed and shit. The IMBD synopsis say the doctor “has a demented vision for mankind’s future existence.” Demented, yeah, and really, really stupid.

Oh, dammit, there’s a centipede on the wall right in front of me. Gross.

You never go ass to mouth.

That was Munchhausen, IIRC.

It’s ‘The Complete American De-anxietized Man’!