The Humblebrag Thread

Two or three days ago, I got the Wordle in 2. The word was ALIEN.

A couple of days ago I discovered that I have my own IMDb page. Admittedly it’s because I was on a game show, and some brave soul decided to populate every contestant on every episode of Season 1, but I did enjoy seeing it. :slight_smile:

Was surprised to have finished a recent Sunday NYT crossword in twenty five minutes. Admittedly it was much easier than usual, giving anagrams of all the long answers.

I can’t wait for the day IRATE is the word of the day and I finally have a 1 in the 1 row! Of course, lots of people will as well :slight_smile: I keep thinking to start veering but I’d kick myself when that day came around and I didn’t lead with it. I’m committed now.

I got CHUTE in two the other day. First guess was CHEAT. My wife turned me on to WordleBot (there’s a link on the Wordle “Share” screen) which analyzes your game. It told me that after my first guess there was only one possible word left. So that is probably the closest I have ever come to getting it in one.

On the other hand, twice in the last two days it has taken me five guesses, and WordleBot says I had it narrowed down to three words after the second guess. So I’m not always so lucky!

I made a really nice, 6 foot tall, winged box kite in six hours, at the Fort Worden Kitemaker’s Conference in Port Townsend, Washington. The kite is a replica of a 1900 U.S. Weather Bureau box kite, made of ripstop nylon and carbon fiber rods.

How did that go ?

I played the third and final game in the Runesaga campaign on Sunday and won the campaign.

I did this despite playing the third game relatively poorly on Sunday. But I had done very well in the first two games in previous weeks and my lead was enough to give me an overall win.

This week did the Sunday NYT in twenty eight. Must have been another easy one.

It was a lot of fun for me. The documentarian said I did well, but I worry I might have said something that might get me doxxed or death-threatened once they show it on TV. (Apparently they are getting both sides of the story.)


Time will tell !

Liberal bastards !