The Hummer is Coming Back!!!

Looking at some older thread here:
Can anyone defend the Hummer?

Do “green” vehicles really save energy? Is a Prius worse for the environment than a Hummer?

Well GM listened and now:
GM resurrecting Hummer as an all-electric ‘super truck’ with 1,000 horsepower

It’s going to be a halo car for GM (and I bet it’ll cost near 6 figures too) to usher in their line of electric vehicles. GM has spent billions upfitting their Detroit-Hamtramck to build their line of electric cars and this is the opening salvo…on a SuperBowl ad.

I like it, but don’t expect many to be built or sold. Kinda weird it’s a GMC but I guess it makes sense since the brand as a standalone product no longer exists.

Oh, cars. NM.

Missed the edit window: GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck PLANT

Umm. H2? Because an all-electric H1 would be over the top.

There is a person in my neighborhood that drives a Hummer H2. On the back there is a sticker that reads “Stop Global Whining!”. I wonder what she will think of her vehicle being replaced with an electric version.

There have been cases of truck owners blocking Tesla superchargers. Will the allure of 1,000 hp break their will? Or their feeble little minds?

Considering the sound an electric vehicle makes, HUMMER is more apt than ever.

Luckily here in SoCal I have not experienced any aggression towards Tesla owners. However, we are ground zero for electric vehicle adoption. There are four other Model 3s in my office parking lot and I see a dozen more on my short commute to work.

The only thing blocking our superchargers is other Teslas. There is often a wait during the peak hours of 6 a.m. to midnight.

I have long thought the Hummer was a failure of imagination and marketing.
The Hummer ought to have been marketed as an industrial vehicle for farmers, loggers and other sorts of niche markets. Something just about too untamed for the average owner. It ought to have cast $100,000 and required a $5,000 package to be street legal. They should have required owners to take a special safety course before deliver. It ought to have come in just one of three colors.
Then the thing would have had real snob appeal. You would sell many fewer but for a much higher price. But nobody asks me for some reason.

I believe you’re thinking of the Bollinger B2.

A Hummer doesn’t really have what it takes for a useful industrial vehicle, though, does it? Isn’t it considered preferable to have a stronger engine, and a manual gearbox that can split high and low range in each gear, for anything requiring towing heavy equipment or logs? According to Wikipedia, the military Humvee engines top out at 6.5 liters and they were made with 3 or 4 speed transmissions. By contrast, the 1980-1989 Chevy Kodiak, also known as the GMC 5500, was offered with a 10.4-liter Turbo Diesel engine and a 13-speed transmission, among other options (they even offered a 5x4 auxilliary gearbox). Most people wouldn’t know this truck by name but you probably drive past several of them every day, in the form of various types of work trucks.

The Hummer has 4 wheel drive, but it’s basically just good for moving human beings and light equipment around. Heavier industrial applications would require reworking the vehicle with different specs.

Exactly. The first Hummer was a military vehicle. It was a beast. Take that and add turn signals. Charge and arm and a leg for it. Don’t advertise it either.

Isn’t that essentially what happened with the original Hummer though? I’m not talking about the H2s that you see all over the place. I mean the military-spec Humvees that you occasionally see, painted red or black and driving on the road. Those weren’t advertised, were they? And they cost a lot, relative to other road cars and trucks, right? If you look on Ebay, there are a lot of H1s, many of them in the 50k range, some of them in 100+. Someone was buying them, lots of them. But the scenario you suggested was that they be marketed as work trucks in addition to novelty/luxury road vehicles at an inflated price. The latter happened already, the former, there’s just no point.

Exactly! They had a thing going. People with sharp pencils, eye shades and garters on their sleeves ruined it.

Hummer Electric --> HE, the MAN’s humjob.
Electric Hummer --> EH? a Canadian version.
Heavy EH --> HEH, or HEH HEH for 2 of them.


It looks like GM is making the Hummer electric it’s flagship vehicle in 2021. 1,000 hp. Check. 11,500 lbs of torque. Check. 350 mile range. Check. Can drive sideways. Check. Can lift up 6 inches to go over obstacles. Check.

$112,600 out the door.

It will drive itself leaving the owner ample time to enjoy the Hummer experience without interruption. And you just know the videos will be coming soon to verify that.

And I was going to let the Mrs. know . . .

I just checked with my wife. The hummer is definitely not coming back.

Q: What’s the difference between a porcupine and a Hummer?

A: The porcupine has the pricks on the outside.