The "I am SUCH a MOM!" Thread!

As I post this, I’m wating for the cupcakes in the oven to finish baking. They’re for my daughter’s day care. The LittleGoddess turns 4 tomorrow. She’s geeked.

I’ve never done this before. Oh, I’ve made her birthday cakes & stuff, but never done the “baking for the whole class” thing. I feel like such a MOM. It’s kinda cool! :smiley:

Anyone else feeling exceptionally mom-like?

You are a dollface, hon!

(Wishing she had a darling babe to make cupcakes for, but accepting fate)

Does feeling an exceptional mom count?

Well…ah, my mommy baked me brownies today. (Not made. Baked.) Sure they weren’t home made- they were the kind you buy and pop in the oven. Hmmmm. Maybe that isn’t mom-like at all. They were tasty, though. I guess that’s half a mom-like thing. :slight_smile:

Well, IANAM, but I occasionally hear momlike phrases come out of my mouth. It frightens me. :wink:

On the other hand, the part-time secretary where I work is a total mom. She bakes all the time, and brings in stuff for us almost daily. It’s so nice to have some goodies made with home cooked loving care when I’m far from home. Makes me smile.

Um, Montfort, I would have to say no. But this isn’t my thread so for now, run with it while you can.

Persephone, tell the little goddess happy birthday for me.

And your next assignment if you choose to accept it…cookies with every childs name on it.

Did this one once for three classrooms of kids for valentines day. Of course I was not working at the time, so I had some time to spare.
And no, I haven’t done that one again. :smiley:
Rasa, those mom phrases scare the crap out of me too. I say them and then I have to sit down and realise I have heard that somewhere before, and then the terror dawns on me.

This tape will self distruct in five minutes…

Actually, right now, I feel more like Julia Child. But it’s kinda a stereotypical mom thing, so WTF.

Persephone, this is only the beginning. My older daughter is in fifth grade now, and last night I baked special filled cookies called “Crusty Bellybuttons” for a class “Sick Day” in which the kids are “kidnapped” from home early in the morning, taken to breakfast in their pajamas, and then have health and biology-related lessons all morning. The highlight of the day is lunchtime, when they eat weird-looking snacks with gross names.

And then I had to keep her home because (irony of ironies) she was sick. That made me feel exceptionally mom-like, but not in a good way. On the bright side, we got to eat the cookies ourselves.

Happy birthday to the LittleGoddess, and remember to send a couple of extra cupcakes for the kids who’ll drop theirs frosting-down on the floor!

The other day some guy who unsucessfully tried to cut my off my car yelled something about me being a total mother. :wink:

Feeling exceptionally mom-like. Waiting up yet again for The Cat Who Walks Alone, leafing wearily through back issues of MPSIMS. Hey, I’m up to February 22nd already. [turning around to peer groggily at calendar on dining room wall] Hmm. February 22nd. Yeah, last Thursday night, I was feeling exceptionally mom-like, too. She was babysitting then. But I was in IMHO then, not MPSIMS.

Tonight she’s at an opera for heaven’s sakes. There’s some traveling road company presenting Carmen, and she and her Spanish club are all down there.

Only a Mom would do this waiting-up thing. I worry about not being able to hear the phone ring upstairs if she wrecks the car (again). The Better Half has to get up at 6 a.m. and go to work at 7, so he gets to go to bed at 9. And besides, he’s not the paranoid one…

However, my dad was the one who waited up for me. Go figure.

Every morning when I get that smile and smoocheroo. Nothing beats it!