The I Have No Idea of The Day, Date, or Month MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 75 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 94 and somewhat N.O.S. for the day. Today I shall accomplish mowage of the back yahd. Also, we shall give da cave a spiff. Sup shall be baked poke chops with side matter TBD. Not woke up enough to think about that yet.

Really, I have entire days I have no idea of the day, date, or month. Between quarantine and bein’ a retired drain on society, it seems like it’s all just one big ol’ day/date/week/month/year all clumped together. I am grateful for calendars and clocks to help me remember. Then again, a lot of the time I just don’t care. Also thank Og for appointment reminders via email, text, phone calls, and even sometimes snail mail. So, is this a problem for anybody else, or just me gettin’ closer and closer to the home? :older_man:

OK, I need more caffeine and rumbly tummy demands sustenance. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

It ain’t just you - Outlook is my personal assistant regarding Things I Need To Remember. If I’m making an appointment, most likely I’m sitting here at my desk and I’ll immediately pull up Outlook and make an entry at the appropriate date and time. Then I’ll set a reminder for at least a day ahead. I use it to remind me about regular tasks like the dog’s flea treatment, cleaning the critter fountain, or when to flush the magical pods into the septic tank.

When FCD was first back from the hospital, I had alarms set on my phone for when he needed to take his meds. And now that he has to use a device on his back every evening, that’s on an alarm also. (It’s a gizmo that’s supposed to promote bone growth and help his spine knit to the hardware holding it all together.)

I’m regularly asked what day it is. So, yeah, between the plague and retirement and both our kids not allowed to go to work at the moment, it’s a challenge keeping track. At least I’ve made my walk routine easier - every other day. All I have to do is remember if I walked yesterday. (Nope, today’s the day! :smiley: ) And as soon as I finish breakfast and surfing and get the first load of clothes out on the line, I’m going to take my walk.

Happy Moanday!!

I can’t remember the days either. I do know the Saharan dust must have ascended upwards cause I have been up since 3am with sneezing. I have taken two Allegra, two Benedryl and a decongestant. If y’all don’t hear from me again I died of sinus pills overdose.

I need to be up doing stuff. I can’t find Buddy’s muzzle anywhere so they will provide one or get bit when I drop him off this afternoon at the Vet. I gotta pill(sedative) him two hours before. I have sent cat feeding instructions to my neighbor, hid a key, packed up snacks and meds. I just need to pack dog toys, pack clothes and pack my cooler with my fridge stuff. There is a fridge in the hotel so I shan’t have to venture out in plagueville for foodstuff. I will be sick of sammiches but uninfected I hope. We are going to leave here by 1ish. Can’t check into the hotel 4PM. We do want to get there soon enough to avoid the afternoon drag race.

And in a bit of news I would rather not have known hubs said the surgeon will be at his procedure in case they need to “open him up”. WTH. I thought they had already said they couldn’t do that. Lord Have Mercy on Me. Anyway, I have a good feeling about this and I already have some Roy D. Mercer queued up to listen to on the ride up. If y’all ain’t familiar with him you should check him out. Very funny.

Y’all be good. I will take my IPad with me and I know the hotel and even the horsepistol has WiFi and if all else fails hubs has a WiFi enabled IPad.

Sorry youse locked out Red.

Butters - it’s good that they’re thinking about just in case - I take it as a sign of professionals who don’t take chances. I was in a similar position, and the just in case surgeon turned out to be the one to save my life when a “simple” exploratory procedure turned up a dangerous, unexpected situation. And in FCD’s most recent surgicals, it turns out the just in case guy wasn’t needed at all. So while it’s easy for me to say, I don’t think it’s something for you to fret about too much.

Here’s hoping you have an uneventful ride to the hotel and that all is resolved quickly with no surprises. And you know we’re all here for you if you need to vent or fret any time. {{{Butters}}}


On Moanday evenings, my old juggling club meets up for an online chat- the guy who sets it up sends out a reminder email, 'cos I pointed out that otherwise I may well have no idea what day it is. This enables me to at least keep some kind of hold on the days. It’s doubly handy, as the bins get collected Tuesday, so I just need to remember to put the rubbish out the next morning.

I’m glad I have checked the date lately though; I’ve just realised that it’s my brother’s 40th birthday in just over a week. Still time to send him something, but I need to do that soon. Not sure what to get him… I think he’s having a pretty crappy time of it right now.

Back from my walk. Last load on the line (only 2 loads today) so I guess I should run down to Food Lion and the Amish Market and maybe the dollar store.

Nut - my bro will turn 64 in August. Thankfully, we sibs don’t bother with b-day gifts - an email is pretty much it. Bro is the big-shot executive of the family - Prez and CEO where he works. He wants for nothing (except maybe to dump his SO, IMHO, but that’s another story…) but I’ll remember to email him. Maybe I’ll see him on Sat at our mom’s party.

OK, off to shop!

Morning all. Stayed in bed until after 7:30am, so we’ll see if I can avoid the afternoon nappage today. Some banking is on the agenda, but nothing much else planned, with a 60% chance of afternoon tunder-boomers.

I’m old-fashioned, I write down the week’s plans on a writing pad, to include meals and trips out, and leave myself sticky note attached to my monitor for important stuff. So I usually know the day, if not the actual date (of course this place helps a lot in keeping me right).

{{Butters}}, safe trip and concur with FCM, it’s always a good idea to have a plan B, or C, or D. But plan A is the preferred outcome.

OK, need to make myself presentable. Take care all.

Swampy, you have retired from being a drain on society?
What a nice guy!

I bought a “clock” that shows the days of the week. Most people think it’s a big joke, but when one day flows into the next, it becomes a necessity.

At least I can keep track of when my TV shows are on!

I want to mention to Swampy, I do so love your menus. But if I sat at your table, I soon wouldn’t fit through the doors! I’d end up as a round pool float toy in your ceeemint pond!

Butters, much love and really tight handholding now.


Happy Moonday!

It’s going to be a hot day today.

I have no friggin clue what the day, date, or month is. I was suprised to see today is June 29 already, it seems like it was just June 1 last week.
The dogs go back to daycare this week, so maybe having them back on schedule will bring about a little sense of normalcy.

Rocks aren’t coming today, I found a link in the email (that says they are coming today) that says they are coming tomorrow, however, the company rep I talked to said Thorsday!
However, most of my subscribe and save from da jungle is coming today instead of Firday.

No wonder I feel all discombobulated.

{{{Butters}}} good luck to you and your hubby.

I work from home 2 days a week, and talk about messing up my schedule in my head. There are days I wake up and can’t remember if I went to work yesterday. The fitness center reopened Firday. I’m going to day, but just to walk the track. I don’t want to touch any equipment. I don’t trust people to wipe down when they are done using. Today is Ariel’s 3rd Gotcha Day.

I’m not sure if I like the new board. It’s too busy.

Man, Zimmerman’s is really proud of their 'maters - $6 for a carton of 4!!! I’ll be glad when my plants start to produce.

Apart from forgetting FCD’s grape juice, I got everything I wanted. And once I got home, I built a cuke-onion salad. I should pull something out of the freezer for supper. Not sure what, tho. And I should probably push around the vacuum cleaner. Do you sense my lack of motivation?

Much love and good luck, Butters.

Woah, as I was just sitting here, a bird flew DIRECTLY at me. There was a window and a screen between me and said bird, so the poor thing smacked into the screen and then… I think it flew away? It startled me, so I didn’t pay careful attention. I would be a terrible eyewitness.

The front yard is a hoppin’ place right now. Three bluejays just arrived in the tree. Looks like a juvenile cardinal is out there on the ground. There were two squirrels a minute ago, but they seem to have left. Oh hey, there’s a chipmunk. Six bluejays out there now and there are several browner birds around that I can’t see well enough (or know enough about birds) to identify. Two reddish brown ones with long tails that are being real jerks (I think one of those is what came at my window) and a very cute little dude with a dark-almost-black body, brown head, and yellow beak hopping along the ground.


My Fitbit tells me the day and date, which is a good thing 'cause I often don’t remember, or care.

Wifey returned to the big house yesterday to take care of some business this morning, leaving me and ‘the boys’ unsupervised. :scream:
She may be back tonight though. Depends on how much she gets done today.

I’ll try to be good. :innocent:

Happy moonday.

Once it’s safe to do so again, I want to know what day it is by looking at the elevator floor as I cruise off to well, anywhere. :passenger_ship: :palm_tree: :tropical_drink:

I have a hard enough time keeping track of the days and I’m working my regular schedule Monday-Friday, 8-5. I can’t imagine how bad it is without a fixed schedule.

If people behaved better, PWAISDN would be back toward at the barbershop in SF this week, but since we can’t have nice things, that’s been pushed back indefinitely. Our governor just ordered the re-closure of bars in several counties and has strongly encouraged bars to re-close in several other counties.

At least getting one’s hair done has been shown to be a lower-risk activity and safer than going to the grocery store.

A friend called me on Friday to ask it if was Thursday or Friday. If the latter he was going to have to go to the bank to get some money for the weekend. He has no computer and gets news on the radio. He also doesn’t know his PIN, so he has to go the teller for a withdrawal. Oddly my bank wants my bank card and PIN for any transaction, but they apparently know him at his.

Howdy all. Banking is done and Jersey Mike’s sub has been deposited in my stomach, so all is right with the world. It’s 91F already outside, so the AC is working hard and I’m not. Showers are popping up west of here, so we may or may not get rain soon.

Everybody take care now.

I bitch-slapped myself after my last pity party, and am trying to reengage with life. Started a woodworking project yesterday, building a chessboard out of a piece of zebra wood and a piece of curly maple that I had lying around forever. Ripped the strips and did some minor prep work. I’ll have to sand the burn marks on the cuts, then glue it up, then cut it and glue it a second time. If I can keep it true and flat, it should turn out well.

I’m also contemplating getting back to the guitar. We’ll see.

We need to send you back to the kitchen. Now that I’m cooking without salt, I need expertise! Most people of the medical persuasion think Mrs Dash is the be-all and end-all of salt free cooking! Mrs Balder-dash!

I am forever intrigued by someone who considers unflavored gelatin a seasoning because of what it does to the other seasonings! Question: do you put pectin in that category, too?

I love you, @Chefguy!


Got a notice from the post office, the package that has been out for delivery is at the PO waiting for me to pick it up. Seems I owe postage of $10.04. So much for free shipping. It’s from da jungle but is a third party shipper. I should have known better. Can’t trust third party shippers.

The neighbor sent me a text asking me to step outside.
He had some freshly baked, still warm from the oven, M&M cookie bars for me.
My son just baked a cinnamon cake. I’d send some cinnamon cake over but it is a very small cake.
So much for sticking to Keto today.
Of course I don’t have to eat any.

It’s hot outside, glad I am inside.