OK, We Need One So Here It Is! The MMP

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN 'Tis 34 (BRRR!) Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 48 and N.O.S. for the day. Winter returns. It shall go away again in a few days however. Not much on the agenda today. OYKW spiffed da cave on Sattidy while I was away so that’s done. We’ll have beef/veggie soup and cornbread for N.O.L. Tonight is men’s night over to the church house so we’ll go over and do prep stuff for that. Otherwise, 'twill be a day of chill. Sounds like a plan to me!

I don’t have a topic. Get over it. I’m pretty sure a topic is not even needed. What’s needed is the MMP. Well, here it is. Have fun!

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then, onward into the day! Rah.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

I’ll jump in. Mr VOW may come home from the hospital today! The waiting chairs there were left over from the Spanish Inquisition,. Maybe the hospital is trying to recruit new patients from their furniture?

Getting him home is only the beginning of the battle. I’m sure Cardiac Rehab is no fun circus.

Oh, but I’ll be so glad to have him home!

Happy Moonday!

It’s a still dark 19 feels like 9 degrees outside.
No park today, I am wussing out. Too cold and too icy.

The sun is already coming out and it’s supposed to get up to 34. Hopefully the ice will dry up as it melts instead of melting and refreezing. Hopefully the dogs won’t drive me too crazy.

Although lately it would be a pretty short drive.

So the agenda for today includes irk, proofreading a paper for my son, following up on phone calls that need following up, putting the rest of the laundry away, and figuring out something for dinner.

Good news that your husband is coming home Vow.

Yay, VOW!! Hope you have some sturdy bungee cords to tie him down, because if he’s anything like FCD, he’ll claim he’s fine, then try to climb on the roof to clean the gutters! :eek:

It’s a brisk 23° in my back yard, and I think the promised high is 36°. The only thing I have to do today is a dental appt at 10 in the AM. Daughter is off, but she’s going to work for **FCD **today, so I’ll be wrangling Roxy after I get home. I should probably pull something out of the freezer before I leave.

Big countdown now is to our long weekend starting Feb 7. Hoping the weather will cooperate - i.e. no snow. Other than that, nothing exciting on the horizon. I think I’m adjusting well to this whole re-retirement thing. :smiley:

Happy Moanday!

May all the heavenly hosts protect women when their man says he’s “just FINE.”


Morning all. It’s 22F here heading for 36F, hope that doesn’t affect getting my fence repaired, which is the major activity planned for today. My neighbor, who runs a landscaping service, said his guys, and maybe his church, could use some of the stuff I have left, so they’ll be by about 4pm. Outside of that, may get about 10 more boxes from U-Haul so I can get my laundry baskets back (they’re full of books now).

Should be an interesting week: Fence replacement and stuff removed Monday, Junk folks will be by Tuesday to pickup mattresses and couch and junk, Painters should be in Wednesday and my new Master B/R furniture also comes on Hump day, painters should be finished Thorsday and maybe the floor people will start early (they are due next Moanday).

So lots of activity about the house.

Vow, glad husband-unit is coming home and yes, he’ll be a pain, don’t let him get away with it.

ruble, I did figure out how to separate top from bottom on the rolltop desk, but can’t get the computer/whatever table in the middle to slide out. The directions are hopeless (or maybe I am). Will give it another go today.

All y’all have a good week now.

Showered, dressed, and shortly, I will leave for the dentist. Ah, the bliss if retirement… :smiley:

Books is heavy; you don’t want to put too many in one box. Save your moolah & go to the [del]State store[/del] licker sto’ & get some of their leftovers. Bonus on that reduce, reuse, recycle thing too.

[Doggio voice]Go even further on the R, R, R thing & only bring home unopened boxes. :cool:[/DV]

The dogs have been making me crazy all morning. They need their morning romp with friends. Running around the yard together just isn’t the same for them.

MetalMouse I have a roll top desk that I built from a kit. It was one of the last gifts my father gave me. The top should lift off if you undo the screws holding it on. I don’t even have the screws in mine anymore, the heavy top isn’t going anywhere once it is seated on the frame.
Mine isn’t so pretty though, I used water based stain and it is rather blotchy. I kind of wish I hadn’t stained it all and left it white. Anyway, I plan to one day sand it down and restain or paint it, or something.
It’s on the list, but it is a low priority.

The sun is shining bright today.
I wish it were warmer.

The sun isn’t up yet, but I could kinda-sorta see the hummingbird feeder. It doesn’t appear any nectar has been consumed. :frowning:

Leave out a lyrics sheet for them to learn so they don’t have to hum? :confused: :o
Just came in from attacking the driveway. Ain’t much depth but it was solid ice. …& someone pulled all the way into my driveway late last night/this morn to turn around, compacting the ice even more under their tire treads. :mad: Snowed Sat & then some rain/sleet but I was away until last night. My driveway doesn’t get any sun so what is still left won’t even melt for a few days; well, except for the fact that I put some salt down. Of course, across the street gets all the sun so they didn’t even touch their driveways & it’s already clear ass-fault, so if they fall on their ass it’s their own fault.

It’s in the mid-20°s w/ double-digit winds, which means it feels like 16° out. This is not the first frigid, sunny MLK Day that we’ve had as I remember going to the gym to use the treadmill (which I hate) in the past because it was just so cold that it was below my limit. Might just do that again today.

I destroyed both of my knees in 1978 and 1979 (22 December both times). I got back on skis 13 years later, and severely sprained an ankle heading back to the car. I’m very wary of ice. When it snows, I walk on the lawn when I leave the house instead of the walkway in front of the house, because otherwise there would be icy spots where I’ve walked. I’ve learned to spread rock salt.

45º this morning. Rain/light rain/showers every day in the 10-day forecast. The lowest low temperature I see is 40º. :slight_smile:

Sari, got the top off yesterday, figured out how to remove the center by just moving the sides apart after disconnecting the wood parts (don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to be done, but I did it that way. All the parts are bagged and the thing is ready to go.

flyboy, agree with you, I’ve hit the ice more than once and don’t trust it at all. Course down in N. Ali-bama now, don’t see it much…

Still no fence people, I figure giving the temperatures (all the way to 24F) they may postpone it, I’ll give them till noon and call (the fence is not a major job).

Otherwise a quite morning, I must now forage for sustenance.

Howdy Y’all! A chilly day in south Jawja so a good day to be inside and warm. OYKW just put cornbread in the oven (yes, he can cook) and soup is warmin’ up on the stove. A wunnerful N.O.L. of soup 'n cornbread shall be consumed shortly!

Vow yay for hubby comin’ home. Insist that he take it easy. Hope he heals and feels better soonest!

MetalMouse all I can say is, “Better Thee Than Me” on the home redo. :stuck_out_tongue:

So it was 1992 when I went skiing again. As I said, I slipped on some ice as I walked back to the car. It took three weeks for the swelling to go down enough for me to get my foot back into a ski boot. (Once in, the sprain didn’t matter; it was supported.) Anyway, I was wearing a pair of Sorel Caribou boots when I stepped on the icy manhole cover.

I wore those same boots when I was shovelling snow yesterday. Great boots.

And I’ll be looking for a new dentist. The practice we’ve been going to has now changed hands a second time. We really like the couple who started the practice. The guy who bought it from them when they moved to NC was OK, and he seemed to keep the same staff. The new guy has a different staff - dunno if the others quit or what - and I did not like the hygienist who cleaned my teeth. I don’t think she did a very good job - the backs of my lower teeth don’t feel polished - and I wasn’t impressed that water was dripping out of my mouth while she was working.

Plus she was pushing sealants. Thirty-some years ago, my dentist in FL said I needed sealants. I declined. My teeth have been fine. I don’t want my dentist upselling stuff that isn’t covered by my insurance, especially after telling me what good shape my teeth are in.

I did a search and there are several dentists in the area on my plan who are accepting new patients, so I’m going to pick one and make an appt for 6 months from now.

Meanwhile, I think I’m in for the day. It’s cold out there!!

I thought they only put sealant on kids’ teeth?

My son had a cavity in a baby molar at three (not enough fluoride for Mom when she was PG!). I BEGGED for selants after that.

“No. We don’t seal baby teeth.” I would have paid for it! Dentist refused.

It isn’t horrible; after the stroke was far worse for me especially since the Dr was a friend and fellow rugby player nicknamed Dr Death. :smack: Just make sure he sticks by it.

Other than that home from work and the OW has the day off so my relaxation may be off. But all in all not a bad Moanday.

**VOW,**great news. Take care of yourself, remember? Yeah, I knew you did:)

I’m moving slower today. Not exactly feeling bad, just tired. I think. I go to the clinic tomorrow. Maybe I can slip a corndog in. Crossed fingers.
Mr.Wrekker is opening the Lakehouse this week. He’ll be busy, busy. Thank god he got frog gigging out of his system. He’s WAY too old to be out in a boat all night. He doesn’t agree.
I think I gotta throw a nap in my day. I have no energy.
Supper will be something with hamburger meat. Not sure yet.
Have a good afternoon, Y’all!

I threw together a cuke salad, and I pulled a ring of polish sausage out of the freezer. I need to cook up a veggie and I think I’ll make the cornbread today that I didn’t make yesterday.

Weird mish-mash of a supper.