No one has anything to say for an MMP?

3:30am Pacific, and no one’s started an MMP? I hope everyone’s as OK as one gets on Monday.

Take it away. :slight_smile:

First! It’s good to be juvenile!

Good Mornin’ Y’all! Up and caffeinatin’. YAWN ‘Tis 72 Amurrkin out and clear with a predicted high of 88 and possibly rainy(ish) for the day. We shall see. The big item on today’s agenda is cleanin’ lady comes to spiff da cave this mornin’. Yay for that! Other than that, the usual high sloth and general overall uselessness shall prevail. Sup shall be burgers 'n fixin’s and fries, just cause.

Now I need more caffeine and to feed rumbly tummy. Then I shall make myself somewhat presentable before cleanin’ lady shows up.

Happy Moanday Y’all!

When you started this, I was just dragging myself out of bed after a stoopit broken night. Woke at 2 and could not fall back to sleep - I finally dozed off some time around 4, I think. So another long day ahead. And one day closer to leaving for FL. And the peasants rejoiced!

I got an email yesterday from my Dr’s office about an upcoming appointment, but there’s nothing on my calendar, so I need to call them and find out what’s going on. I’m probably due for my bloodwork review stuff, but I didn’t get a call from the office yet, and I won’t have time to do fasting bloodwork this week because Tobias. Anyway, that’s on my to-do list.

I bought a big pack of ground beef yesterday - half will be frozen, the other half will become sloppy joes today. And the 3 big cukes will become cuke-onion salad. And two of the monster peaches will go into a pie. So, yeah, kitchen day ahead. Which means MIL will come in at least half a dozen times and offer to help and I’ll resist yelling “Go sit down and let me cook in peace!!!” because I’m nice, dammit, but I’ll keep refusing her help because there’s nothing she can do that won’t make my job harder. And slower.

Also laundry today, but that’s easy since the machines do all the work except folding. It’s another rainy day - no lines, all dryer.

Meanwhile my day started with scraping the butter out of the jar of strawberry jam. grrrrrrrrrr Don’t all normal people use either a clean knife of a spoon to serve their jams and jellies? Four more days… < deep cleansing breath>

Happy Moanday!

we actually had an honest thunderstorm for about 2 hours today and tons of aunt/relative drama and I did something dumb without asking …I’m thinking about making some phone calls .that’s gonna make no one happy … .

We went on a very good architectural tour of our neighborhood yesterday. This neighborhood is chock-a-block with old mansions built around the turn of the 19th century.

Going to pick apples at an orchard today. Next Sunday we’ll be going to watch my grandson compete in a mountain bike race.

Now it’s time to make coffee, and then hash browns with peppers and onions, topped with fried eggs.

Good morning everyone. Unusually cool 62F this morning in good ole Tejas. Weather boffins claim we’ll only get to 86 today, which is a welcome change from the hobbits-throwing-rings temps of this season. As everyone knows, Texas only has 4 seasons: Mud, Hail, Furnace and Football. We’re finally leaving Furnace for Football now.

I got really good news from the ophthalmologist Friday – retina is completely healed and all activity restrictions have been lifted. This is a relief, as I can get back to my regularly scheduled sloth (but with movement and fun). Already planning a week of camping/boating/fishing, but must stick around for a bit due to the Missus’ medical appts (and one for our dog too).

In other good news: The data-encryption program I’ve been writing is finally working. Bored with my enforced stillness, I decided to write some code as entertainment. Since we’re considering storing in the much-ballyhooed “cloud”, I thought an encryption routine would be a combination hobby and puzzle for me. It turned out to be harder than I thought, but the software gods have finally smiled. So far everything from Word to Excel to jpegs are working, and usable after decryption too. Thankfully, it started working just as I was released from sit-still jail, so I don’t have to abandon it. I know it seems odd, but it’s my version of cross-stitch or knitting I guess.

[Lights cigar; steely-eyed gaze at camera] “I love it when a plan comes together.” [Frantically brushes glowing ashes from chair]

Morning all. Shopping-n-sammich-n-swimming-n-sauna will occupy the bulk of the day along with soccer practice this evening. Only due to get into the mid-70’sF today and it’ll be in the 50’s tonight, so nice weather for September.

yankers, good news on the retina, not sure what the data-encryption does for you, but if that was the plan, then good on ya.

Cookie, you actually have plans already for next weekend?!? :dizzy_face: :astonished: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: I’m not a good bet to plan breaking fast today…

FCM, isn’t there some little thing she can do? I say this as someone who also offers to help whenever he visits family. Hate feeling like a bump on a long

OK, onward into the week.

I got most of it done before she woke up - except for the pie - that will come later. Then she was busy getting her and FIL’s coffee and breakfast, so there was no problem. And she gathered laundry and brought the baskets to the basement door for me to take down and deal with. First load in the washer already.

FCD has left in search of a haircut. The place he likes now does appointments only, so he may just be able to make one while there. And for whatever (sexist) reason, the car shop called him instead of me, even tho my number was on the work order. Turns out it wasn’t Paul, who will call me, but his assistant. Anyway, my left front drive axle was about to self-destruct - that would be bad in I-95. So that will be replaced along with the cabin air filter, and the headlights will be aimed. There $500-ish I wasn’t planning to spend, but we’ll be good for our trip.

I’m double-caffeinating this morning - maybe that’ll wake me up.

Maybe “let” her fold? It’s just clothes; I doubt she can really ruin anything.

She wants to feel useful.


I was unable to get a picture because I was behind the wheel but a car I followed for a while yesterday had DAAAAD for his personal license plate. My thoughts went immediately to FCD…

Good morning! It’s 57 and cloudy in my tiny corner of the PNW, with an expected high of 76 once the clouds roll away and a 20% chance of rain. The rain would be most welcome, as yesterday’s precip was quite light and lasted 45 seconds. I have a hair appointment at 1:00 and need to water plants, as I forgot yesterday. Also, there’s the gym.

First order of the day, though, will be phone calls once pharmacies open. There are 4 pharmacies within walking distance. When I tried to get flu shots last week, I was told at two of them to book vaccinations online, but when I try, I’m directed to pharmacies many miles away, and I did put in the right zip code. So I’ll call them and see.

yankers, yay on all the good news, especially the retina stuff!

Mooooom, can’t MIL set the table? I know she has vision issues, and that seems like a harmless job. My usual response is, “You can keep me company,” but you need a break. Also, 100% with you on butter in the jam. It’s a pet peeve of mine, too. Yuck.

hippie, love the license plate you saw!

shady, what’s new on the housing front? Are you and fam going to move?

I’ve actually coughed and had to blow my nose a few times this morning…hopefully, this means that whatever I’ve had all month is starting to break up and is on its way out! :crossed_fingers:

I’d been planning to make a grocery store trip after work today, but at 7pm yesterday I suddenly got inspired to go. I needed fruit and one or two other legit items, and I decided to cave to my resurfaced snacking habit one more time (partially: no more sugar-free chocolate, but my pantry is bursting with Quaker rice crisps!). In happy news the coffee concentrate was on sale and I now have bananas and strawberries in my house, but in “maybe it’s just as well” news they were out of frozen sausage-and-cheese thingies. Anyway I’m glad I went last night instead of waiting, because today I don’t feel up to it. In fact, I might use some of this weekend’s time to knock off work a little early.

I don’t think I’ve whined lately about the fact that the “good” local grocery delivery service changed their substitution policy a few months ago: they started providing whatever substitutes they want, whenever they want. I have too many dietary restrictions (+ plain ol’ pickiness) to play that game. I liked delivery because it was easier for heavy things, and also mostly because it kept me from browsing the aisles – which is how I usually get in trouble. Sometimes I come across things that are good/helpful, but mostly I find things I don’t really need (like Quaker rice crisps :wink: ). I keep meaning to look into Instacart.

It’s a bit dreary and humid here again, with afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast and a predicted high of 84. I hope autumn is aware that it only has 10 more days to get here! :fallen_leaf:

For the past few months I’ve been reading Louise Penny’s Chief Inspector Gamache series: book #18 will be released at the end of November. Last night I finished book #6, but tonight I’ll be taking a break from Québécois murder investigations to read the newest novel in the Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling). It was released a couple of weeks ago. The only thing better than being in the middle of a great series is finding out there’s a new book in another great series! :books:

It’s almost noon, which means lunchtime. I think I’ll have one of the last two frozen sausage-and-cheese thingies, plus a banana…and maybe some Quaker rice crips (the sour-cream-and-onion ones are addictive, I tell ya!!).

Yay! :smiley:

Oh, I’m so excited!

I was wearing a kerchief, that my friend made me, at work yesterday & texted her a selfie with a “thank you” because those things have come so much in handy lately. (My other options are a hairnet - ugh - or a hat - too hot!! - so these are perfect.)

Background: my friend loves to play with fabric, and makes quilts and shirts and intricate stuff like that, by hand. Coupla years ago she made me a purse … and not just like, a sack on a handle, this thing had a liner, interior pocket, zipper, magnetic snap … impressive work.

So she texted back that she’s happy for me, and would I like more?
Um … yeah!!! I’m not gonna show up to a kitchen job with a ton of jewelry, but these are a way to show some color & whimsy, while also comfortably keeping my hair back.

She said the kerchiefs are easy to make & she’s got lots of fabric leftovers, and OMG Y’ALL imma get more kerchiefs soon I hope!

They’re smaller than a standard bandana - those look ridiculous tied around my skull - these are basically a smallish triangle with strings.
BONUS: my mother HATES when I wear them. A throwback, I suppose, to Ye Olde Country when these were the mark of poor peasants … but they’ve been cute/fashionable over here for a while, and they’re practical at work!

SInce I did all our laundry together, she folds hers, I do mine. I know she wants to help, but she’s so close to blind, she really can’t do much. She volunteered to vacuum… as if she could see gray cat hair on a gray rug. Besides, she’s got her hands full with FIL.

She has done that, but she doesn’t do it the way my mom taught me! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, like I use seven forks and three knives and eight spoons… :rofl: The main thing she does that makes me crazy is putting the napkin on the plate. Sheesh!

These were very stylish in the 60s as I recall. I had several and they were reversible - usually solid on one side and print on the other.

Last load in the dryer. Pie in the oven. We had sloppy joes for lunch, and supper will be foraging for leftovers. Once the pie comes out and the whites are dry, I’m pretty much done for the day. The pellets were delivered, I’ve got my car back, and FCD’s is getting an oil change. And my Amazon delivery has been delivered. I think the whole list is complete! WOOHOO!!!

So apparently the COVID booster issue is that demand for the Moderna booster is far outpacing the supply at all four pharmacies. It’s not a regional issue, as pharmacies north of here have availability. Weird. I guess I DO live in a medical desert.

I was finally able to book an appointment via the county board of health at a church a few blocks from me. It’s not until the 27th, but hey, at least I’m in!

I also dug up my birth certificate because I have an appointment tomorrow to apply for a passport. I’m so excited! I’ve never had one before. The only foreign country I’ve been to is Canada, and that was because I lived 40 miles from the border and back then, you didn’t need no stinkin’ passports.

I also have a meet-the-new-corneal-specialist appointment tomorrow. My file is so long, I’m thinking I’d better bring a synopsis.

I’m supposed to have a minor procedure done next month in Seattle. I called last Tuesday with two questions, and nobody called back. After 45 minutes on hold today, I got someone who said she’d tag it as priority. Honestly, if nobody calls me back today, I’m going to cancel. The surgeon seems unsure of himself, and other docs have contradicted what he’s said.

shoe, like FCM, I wore those kerchiefs when I was a kid. My mom and aunt always told me I looked like I “just got off the boat” [from Italy–they were immigrants], but they said it affectionately and with good humor. I’m sure you’d rock a hairnet, though. Throw on some sequins, and you’d be stylin’! :slight_smile:

It was 5am my time (CDT) and I was embarrassed to admit I hadn’t gone to bed yet.

I kept hoping @dogbutler would start the week off.

Sometimes I read too quickly. “Water plants” registered as “wear pants,” and thus this sentence took on a rather different meaning.

Not much to report from Wheelzland. It was a not-too-busy weekend at the zoo, followed by a very not-busy Monday. Yeah, I’m Mumping at work; you got a problem with that? Humpday, and the rest of my week should be cake.

High temp is only supposed to be 64 today. I like hot weather, but Mrs W does not, and we do not have AC. So a cool house will make both of us happy.

Just got the call from the Sleep doctor. I have obstructive sleep apnea and will be getting a CPAP. Have to go back in for another overnight sleep study to sleep with a CPAP to figure out what settings I’ll need. I don’t mind-the last experience was really pleasant with the tech I had so I asked to have her again. Next Sunday, overnight into Monday morning. I imagine CPAPs take some getting used to so I’m trying to not be overly hopeful about getting decent sleep right away so I won’t be disappointed and discouraged like I was after I got put on oxygen and then didn’t feel much better. Maybe this will do the trick. Cross your fingers for me.

I’ll catch up later. It’s a busy day of stupid tasks that enlarge, such as pulling out the spent oven lightbulb and finding the glass detached from the metal cuff, turning off the breaker and not being able to turn the cuff in the socket with pliers, and calling the appliance repair place, which can’t send someone for two weeks. Etc.

My next COVID vax is maybe Thursday; unknowns are whether the clinic will have it yet, which brand, and whether they’ll have the flu vax then as well.

Tree pruning guys broke and replaced an irrigation emitter head; fine. Awakened by weird noise at 6:30 am and discovered they replaced the fixed half-circle head with a rotating full circle head, meaning it’s spraying the side of the house.

So that was Hour 1 of my day.

Meanwhile, AQI is still in the cautionary range so we’re waiting to hose down/wipe ash from the catio so boi cat can go out. And after 13 years of no fleas, I saw a flea on him last night.

Good luck, Boo.

I decided today would be a good day to burn a little sick leave. I first met my future (and late) wife on this date 20 years ago. Was planning on spending the day toasted but no such luck. So I did some grocery shopping, got a TB test done for work, filled the hummingbird feeders and now I’m about to change the litter boxes. Whee. But I did find andouille, so Red Beans & Rice is on the menu later this week.

The weather finally broke and we are looking at temps in the 80s instead of triple digits for the next couple of weeks, interspersed with the occasional thunder shower. The cats have embraced the change by sleeping extra diligently.

God Save the King.