No one has anything to say for an MMP?

It appears I had a Dr appt on Weds that I didn’t know about. I couldn’t have made it anyway since I didn’t have blood work done. It’s now resked for Oct 28 and I get blood drawn the week before. Glad to have that settled.

FCD has his car back. It not only needed an oil change and several filters changed, but all 4 tires needed to be balanced. All told, we spent close to $900 today on both cars. Ouch!

Boo, I’m really happy you’re getting a CPAP. Well, I’m not happy you need one, but you know what I mean.

I found a few old Dope threads that may be of interest as you embark on this journey. I have nothing but optimism that it will work out great for you!

Do you know the potato trick?

One of the oldest tricks in the book is to simply use a raw potato.

First, make sure the light switch is turned off. Use gloves, eye protection and a pair of pliers to break away any remaining glass. Cut the potato in half, firmly press it against the socket and begin twisting counter-clockwise. The potato should grip the base of the bulb and turn it while the socket remains still.

Once the base is out, dispose of the bulb and potato.

Trying to find out what it would cost to replace the driver’s side headlight assy at the dealer. My car guy says mine can’t be aimed and replacement would cost over $600. The on-line rep (or bot) said someone will have to call me. OK, fine - I didn’t know it was such a hard question. I saw replacement parts on Amazon for $150-$200, so I’m guessing the labor is stupid expensive. I may look on YouTube and see what’s involved in replacing it.

Good idea, but sadly it’s recessed in a socket with no attached glass shards protruding.

Afternoon all. Shopping and sammich have been stocked and eaten respectively, got up to 925 yards in 30 minutes of swimming, and the gym scale says I am at 276.6 lbs, so here comes 275…may make it to XLarge sizes before the end of the year (been 2XL for quite awhile). Soccer in a couple of hours, it below 80F and hardly a cloud in the sky.

BBBoo, hope the ‘night out’ gets you all set and helps with your sleeping…don;t have any problems I am aware of but nice to know the level of expertise here in the MMP.

quietly, a bittersweet day indeed. Be well.

nellie, got my booster and flu shot scheduled for Wednesday, just hope I remember. And passports are neat to have, glad you’re going to have the chance to use it (I’m on my 3rd/4th one now).

shoe, love to see a pic of you in the kerchief…sounds quite nice.

OK, onward into the day.

I spent an hour getting my inter-tuuubz working. After I’d paid the bill an’ everything, days ago! So many re-sets. Very polite CSR.

Done now.

Think I may reward myself with food. But what … ?
Possibly some spare rib appetizer thingies from the local Asian place.

I checked the freezer and pantry, and both hold ungodly amounts of food … that seemed interesting at the time.

I could go for a really bloody mid-center burger, from a place whose meat I trust … oy, ye gods, there are a few downsides to moving out of a giant honkin’ city into a small town, and this is one of them.

Pro: I haven’t seen rush hour traffic, or concrete taller than me, since I moved here.
Con: Chicken pho and amazing burgers/steaks are … a bit of a drive.

ETA metal mouse check PMs

We’re actually making plans for T-day, X-mas, and NYD already. Gotta give people a head’s up (does that require an apostrophe?) on things early on.

I have to place Doordash orders for lunches here at work for the next two days. I hate Doordash. Their website is wonky and confusing and the orders often come late and are often wrong. And it has been about three years since I used the website, so doubtless I’ll goof something up trying to work it again.

Downtown San Jose used to have several restaurants that delivered their own food. But riots and Covid have shut a lot of them down and now we have to resort to Doordash and distant eateries for our business needs.

I got my bivalent booster on Saturday morning and spent that night having chills and body aches. But I was fine by Sunday evening. All boosted for the next six months.

I have a pile of overripe tomatoes to use up, so it’s spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner tonight. Ooh, I just remembered that I have some fresh basil as well, yay!

Moooooom, the last few years my mom was with us, she was about as blind as your MIL with dementia like FIL. My sisters and I found that setting her down at the kitchen table to chop veggies (she could still slice celery and other vegetables that you could read a newspaper through) kept her out from under foot, but participating in meal prep. Just my $.02.

Yay on the retina being healed yank!

Hugs to you silenus. Some of those anniversaries are bittersweet.

Irked, came home, walked Nelson and et. After KP, I have some research to do online to try to reduce my communications bill by ~$100 a month.

Stay safe and healthy y’all!

Howdy Y’all! I am happy to report that da cave is all spiffed. Cleanin’ lady does an excellent job. We could not be happier with her. Sloth, nappage, and general overall uselessness were also accomplished. Sup has been cooked and et and the kitchen cleanded up. ‘Tis rainin’ out and all is good.

Yanker great news re the retina. Hope the Missus’ and doggie’s medical appts. go well.Also yay on the data-encryption program even if I really don’t have any idea of what you speak.

MOOOOOOM I get it about the kitchen. When I’m busy in the kitchen, I have things organized the way I want and “help” is not help. Sorry about the vehicle expense, but better safe than sorry with the big trip comin’ up.

shades whatever is goin’ on, I hope it turns out OK for you.

Oopsie hope whatever you have is goin’ away soonest.

shoe yay on your bandana windfall! Bonus that the maternal unit hates 'em.

nellie glad you got an appointment for your plague booster. I’ll do that after I get the pneumonia booster I’m due for tomorrow. That always hurts, so I prefer a few days before I get stabbed again. I am picturin’ lunchroom ladies with sequinned hairnets and it amuses me greatly.

Boo appropriate/inappropriate appendages crossed re the CPAP.

shoe, your kerchiefs sound a lot like what we were wearing in the early 70s.

I got my first communications quote: roughly half the price I’m paying AT&T each month. :slight_smile: I think I can do even better, so I’ll be working on this all week.

Hello all!

I’m off to get my next back procedure tomorrow. Fingers crossed this one holds. :slight_smile:

I’ve just received a letter from PeaceHealth saying I’m eligible for a 100% reduction on my ER bill. I was expecting a surprising 80% reduction.

Mrs. L.A. said she doesn’t know whether to be thankful they’ve written off my bill, or to be offended that they’ve declared us poor.

I make quite a bit less than the 2022 median income for a single-earner in Washington state. I’d thought I was making a little under the U.S. median income, but apparently it’s over $74,000 here. I thanked The Missus for her tax return.

Best wishes!

Are you up near Blaine, or closer to Bellingham?

Yeah. Plus I’m about to turn over 197K miles - stuff breaks, but repairing them is cheaper than buying a new car, especially these days.

We cleared a lot of leftovers with supper, and the pie was yum! I managed to control myself and have only half a slice (or a skinny slice, if you prefer.) MIL helps clear the table, altho she’ll ask if I want to keep my cup, then she’ll bring it to the sink. No biggie, it’s just a cup, and there are still lots of clean ones in the cabinet. Meanwhile I’ve run the dishwasher again. When it’s just 2 of us, it takes 3 days to fill it. Here, day, day anna half at most.

Quote from the dealer to replace the headlight is just under $600. Ain’t gonna happen any time soon, especially since I don’t drive at night anyway, but at least I know. From the YouTube video, it doesn’t look all that difficult to do - just remove the front bumper, then take out the old one and put in the new one. Not sure why there’s $400 labor - I don’t see an hour of work. But FCD doesn’t want to attempt it.

FIL is going to get his shower, then I can go to bed. I’s tahred, what with waking stoopit early. I need sleep.

You’re a gracious hostess.

I’m a mostly tolerant daughter-in-law. I tend to bitch out of earshot.

Which is part of being a gracious hostess.

Birch Bay (Blaine). Why? (Just curious.)