The "I need help identifying this song" game

In many threads, somebody gives the most vague (even inaccurate) description of a song, yet somehow another Doper identifies it more often than not. These threads come up so often, I decided I’d make a game out of it.

Here are the game rules:
I start by giving a somewhat vague description of a song, and whoever answers it picks another song to describe. You may even add some inaccuracies if you’d like. Just two things: please pick songs that are well-known (i.e., ones that get a lot of radio airplay), and please don’t make your description TOO vague or TOO inaccurate. Otherwise the game will grind to a halt.

First song:
This song has a lot of “woo-woo’s” sung repetitively by a woman in the background. I think the male singer says something about killing JFK. The male singer also says something about wanting you to learn his name.

Well, that’s blatantly and obviously “Sympathy for the Devil” by the Rolling Stones.
Some guy lost his return ticket and is now enraptured by a strange female who appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his hand, leading him to a secret door.

Could we have a hint?

It’s a hidden door, in the market stalls.

Season of the Witch? No… Seasons in the Sun? No… Eight Days a Week? No…

I’ve got it! Year of the Cat by Al Stewart.

If I am correct, please signify by pounding loudly on an empty basin while drinking copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and singing nostalgic songs.

*Tubthumping *by Chumbawamba

For my prize I wanna be smacked until the people around me spread the news about my addiction.

Yes, it’s “Year of the Cat.” Man, I thought it was obvious considering what clues other people have given about unknown songs previously and had them guessed within a half dozen posts.

Your turn now.

I think whitetho’s reply was the clue, and hopefully I got it right. And my comment after my guess is my clue to the next song. :slight_smile:

Oh, I see you did take a turn. I know that song but never paid much attention to the lyrics.