ANOTHER 'nother song identification thread

As long as everyone else is doing it…

Quick-n-dirty mockup of fragment of mystery song. The MIDI horn-like instrument represents the vocal, the piano all the instrumental accompaniment. Tempo is just about right.


a) It’s not “Betty Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes. But if you hear “Betty Davis Eyes” when you listen to the fragment you are not far off, it’s structurally similar, not just in the chords, but in the architecture whereby there’s sort of a question-and-answer dialog going between the vocals and an instrumental frag, the latter of which is very short and very repetitive.

b) Another song with very similar architecture that it ALSO is not is Phil Collins “Dance Into the Light”, and again for the same reasons: instrumental goes doooo doodeedoodee doooo then Phil sings “dance into the light” then the instrument goes doo doo deee. Song I’m looking for does that too.

c) This mystery song has a male singer; he is singing midway towards the bottom of his vocal range; as you can (hopefully) tell from my cobbled-together clip, it’s in a fast repetitive 4 unlike “Dance Into the LIght” which is in a fast repetitive 3.

d) Stylistically, I could imagine Soul Asylum doing it, or Steve Winwood, perhaps Kenny Loggins, although I have zero reason to think it’s by any of them.

e) I can’t conjure up so much as a single word of the damn vocals, but I get the vague notion that one of those short little sung phrases pertains to “I am going through this” or “I have to do this” or “this is the situation I am in”, in much the same sense as Annie Lenox singing about how she’s waking on broken glass, or …hmm this has got to be one of the least useful comments I’ve offered up so far…

f) Other songs that it is not but you can be forgiven for hearing similarities: Come to my Window (Melissa Etheridge), Vox (Sarah McLachlan).

I feel like I should know it, but I can’t seem to dredge it up.

Do you know the era?
ETA: Did you try ? It works sometimes.

Long shot, but “The Other Woman” by Ray Parker, Jr.?

Thanks for the nomination. I hear the similarities, but that one has the curve of the melody & chord-changes stretched out over several beats: Chord (thumpa thumpa) Chord Chord (thumpa thumpa) Chord Chord… the one I’m trying to nail is a lot more compressed, as are the example songs “Betty Davis Eyes” and “Dancing into the Light” (no beats between the chords, really).

It sorta, kinda reminds me of “Magic” by the Cars. But I don’t think that’s quite it.

Learning To Fly, Tom Petty.

Yep that’s it all right, thanks!

I’ve been trying to find the name of a Tom Petty song I heard a few weeks ago. I’m sure it’s pretty new. It had almost no guitar, mostly just organ and vocal. It was slowish and had a descending chord progression. Anyone have a clue?

Wow. I have to admit; I don’t hear that at ALL! Well, I’m glad you got your answer, though…it was starting to drive me crazy!

“Southern Accents” is a fairly slow Petty tune. I think it’s mainly keyboards, too. Beautiful tune, actually. But, alas, it’s not exactly ‘new.’ (Still hard to believe it’s nearly 20 years old, though!)

Interestingly enough… while rummaging through my MP3 collection for similar songs to use in my example, I went several times to the eponymous album Emerson Lake & Powell (the one that most famously had hit song “Touch and Go” on it) and opened the song “Learning to Fly”. And scowled and said to mysel “Now why do I keep thinking this song has anything to do with my mystery song? They don’t sound anything alike!”

Has more to do with structure than any really great sonic overlap with my cobbled-together MIDI imitation. Or ask GuanoLad how he knew, he’s the one who did the recognition, after all!

Based on the lyrics I don’t think this is it. Unfortunately there aren’t any speakers on this computer…
The only lyric fragment I remember about this song is about everything you “had to trust” or “tried to trust” or something.

It was instinctive, really. Something to do with the piano chords in your clip resonated, and what instantly popped into my head was Tom Petty. I listened to the clip, and though it wasn’t a very close match, the tempo confirmed my decision that it was worth a shot.

I’m not very good with song guess questions, normally, so I’m glad I got it right.

I think you’re talking about “Saving Grace”, from his newest album.