The I Want It to be Spring Weight Loss thread (March)

We didn’t have a thread for February (at least none that I saw), and I didn’t see one for this month.

So far, I’m down a total of 19 lbs. I’m doing very well, and am 11 lbs. from my short-term goal (30 lbs. by mid-May) and about a fifth of my total goal. I’ve noticed that if I snack, I don’t do as well, so I’m trying not to snack on anything that isn’t fruit or veggies. I’ve also taken up knitting to make this easier and found a few restaurants that are amenable to substitutions and such on their breakfast menu.

In terms of exercise, Mother Nature is a tease. She raises her skirt just enough to see the tops of her stockings so we think that it may be an early spring after all, but drops her dress a few days later when she brings back winter. This is making exercise difficult because I want to walk outside, but the cold weather isn’t exactly motivating.

So, how are y’all doing?

Down 13 since the beginning of January. Slow and steady. I tend to have a couple of weeks of plateau followed by a couple of weeks of big losses. I’m at the tail end of a plateau now.

Looking forward to being able to get outside and exercise. I miss family walks. This week has been beautiful, so of course that means that my husband is out of town until tomorrow. I’m waiting for Daylight Savings Time to kick in so we have a few minutes of sunlight after dinner to walk around the neighborhood.

I’ve been at a plateau since early January. :frowning: I fluctuate between 159 and 160, never going above or below, and it’s driving me nuts. I did stop tracking my food, but I eat basically the same thing every day and haven’t had any major cheating episodes. Cheating for me (on my low-GI diet) is eating a handful of dried fruit, not a bowlful of pasta or a bunch of candy, and I do that very rarely (less often than once a week).

There’s a wedding I’m attending in July, and I’ve already bought the dress I want to wear. It currently fits (as in, I can zip it up), but it would look so much better if I were ~10 pounds smaller. I have five months to lose this weight – I know I can do it!

My highest weight was 228. I’m hovering around 174 now. Goal is 160.

I’ve been doing an hour plus per day, 4 days a week, for the last 6 months on my Wii. Combination of Fit and all the Active disks. Step aerobics are my favorite.

It wasn’t until just recently that the scale started dropping again. Plateaus suck.

Restarting Sparkpeople now. It seems to work as long as I, you know, stick to it.

My ultimate goal is to lose 25-30 kilos, but for right now, a size or two in pants would be great.****

I’m down 23 lbs, have coasted since Christmas. Not gaining, but not losing, either. I’m working on my next 10 lb goal. I imagine it’s going to take me two months because I’m not real strict.

I could really use some suggestions for a 400 calorie lunch, though. I’ve done Healthy Choice meals, Smart Ones meals, and that works great. But I need to switch it up for awhile. Anyone have good ideas for a tasty sandwich/salad combo? I love flavor, and the thought of a basic turkey on wheat/salad bar from the grocery store makes me… sad. I’d love to look forward to my lunch instead of it being simply utilitarian. Heck, even ways to spice up a turkey sandwich would be great.

I recently realized that my calorie tracker profile had me listed as a guy and when I corrected it, it said I had to eat 200 calories fewer a day to reach my goal even though I was the same height and weight. Not fair! It worked though, I started eating less and I actually lost 3 pounds in February ending a plateau that lasted from November to the end of January. I’m only a pound away from my original goal of 135!

Now that I’m close to 135, I can see that I still have some body fat I’d like to lose. So I’m going to try to lose another 5-10 pounds. It’s insane to think that I could actually be in the 120s! That’s a totally reasonable weight for someone my height (I’m 5’4") but it used to sound impossibly skinny. I’m already the thinnest I’ve ever been as an adult.

I know I weigh less but it’s hard to see the difference in the mirror. I must look different though since other people have noticed and my coworker recently gave me a couple pairs of pants. I guess mine are looking baggy. I’m hesitant to buy new clothes though, I feel like I still have some work to do and I’d hate to buy something and then have it not fit later. I’d like to dress more professionally but I’m a cheapskate too. Plus I’ve never had a nice wardrobe and it would be weird spending that kind of money on myself.

Carol, I don’t have good ideas for sandwiches but one of my favorite healthy and easy lunches is chicken breast in a marinade of soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, thai chili garlic sauce, a tiny bit of sugar, and a little canola oil. I just mix it up with the chicken and broil it. I usually eat it with a side of steamed vegetables and maybe rice. It literally takes a minute of prep time and like 15 minutes under the broiler so it’s great when I’m too lazy to cook anything which is often.

Three kilos from goal. Slowing down but getting there.

Carol, I know you asked for salad/sandwich combinations, but I’ve had some luck with chicken noodle soup I like the Campbell’s Soup in Hands, which go in the microwave for about two minutes, and it’s automatically portion-controlled, so that’s helpful.

You might also try changing up the vegetables you put on the sandwich. When I’m at Subway or some other cold-sandwich place, I generally get spinach leaves instead of lettuce, and onions and cucumbers in addition to tomatoes. The spinach adds a different flavor, the onion makes it a little spicier, and the cucumbers add bulk and make me fuller longer. If you add cheese to the sandwich, consider pepper jack or some more flavorful cheese. It helps that turkey is kinda bland on its own, so it’ll work well with other flavors.

If you make your own lunch, try this. Tear turkey slices into pieces, mix with spinach, cucumber, onion, and tomato and toss in some light Italian salad dressing – just enough to moisten the food, not so much that it oozes dressing. Half of a large whole-grain pita is 85 kCal, low-salt deli turkey meat is another 99 kCal for 100 grams, and a tablespoon of reduced-calorie Italian dressing is 28 kCal. (All values come from the USDA’s Nutritional Database, which is an awesome resource.) Have a piece of reduced-fat cheese or yogurt with it, and it’s lunch.

Finally, I don’t count most veggies a) because Weight Watchers doesn’t count them, b) having to count them would be depressing, and c) it’s good incentive to eat them. They’re “freebies” so I don’t feel bad about tearing into a bag of carrots, for example. OTOH, starchy veggies do count.

Down 11 lbs since early January, 12 lbs to go and pretty much on target in terms of time. I need to work on my motivation to cook every night; work has been tiring me out.

Eating plan: ovo-lacto vegetarian (as I’ve been one since the early '90s), eating 1200-1500 cal/day, tracking via SparkPeople and FatWatch app.

20 weeks and -37.8 lbs. From the beinning of the year, -12.6 I’m 2.6 pounds away from my planned upper limit, and 7.6 from my ultimate target (which is now 10 pounds less that my original target when I first started losing.

I don’t know why I keep joining these threads… I’m not ever able to keep up with anything and make any decent progress. My Wii Fit is now telling me I’m “normal” about half the time, so my average weight is down by about 4lbs since Christmas, which is nice. Half the time, though, that little electronic voice says sadly “Oh, that’s overweight”. Makes me want to kick the balance board out the window!

I’m already eating less, and better, and cooking at home more, so I know I’ve improved my overall health, but I’d love to fit into my old pants. I need to exercise more but I am so, so unmotivated.

I’m really unmotivated to work out, too. I just…this is such a lame excuse, but I hate getting sweaty. I sweat just walking quickly on a treadmill in my cool basement.

I like Sandra Ahten’s Six Minutes of Sanity podcast. She is a diet and wellness coach and her brief podcasts are helpful, I find. Particularly that losing weight is a matter of mind. We all know what to do (eat less, exercise more) but that doesn’t fully capture what it takes from mental/emotional aspect to be successful in hitting your goals. She calls it dieting from the top down. IOW, engage your head as well as your tummy. I’ve gotten off track, but am going to get back to listening to her on the way to work or when I’m on my walks.

Lost 14 pounds since Jan 1. The goal is between 45 and 50. I want to lose enough to stop taking BP meds.

After really struggling with a low calorie diet (1200-1550 cals/day) for the first two months of this year, I just started to eat low-carb thanks to inspiration from Why We Get Fat by Gary Taubes, recommended by another doper. So far, so good. I’ve been a lot less hungry and don’t feel so “off” now that I’m making sure to replace my electrolytes. The diet is very diuretic.

After 5 days, I am already down 3 pounds. I am well aware that most of this is water weight, but wow, it feels good to see the scale go in the right direction!

I’ve been at a plateau for months. I started back on SparkPeople today and realized why: I’ve been grossly underestimating the number of calories I’ve been consuming. Drat.

This is an unfortunate first for me. Guess I’ll have to be more vigilant and go back to the two veggies or one fruit/one veggie per meal plan, which is what works best for me to keep the calories down. And water is my friend.

I’m down 20 pounds since January 3. My wife is down about 13 or 14.

I started at 208 (yuck!) and am trying to get to 170 by June 1.

Slim Fast and running are working for us so far, but we cheat too much with eating.

You didn’t ask, but I suggest getting rid of the Slim Fast – it’s full of sugar. If you have insulin issues (insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, whathaveyou) like a lot of overweight people do (myself included), sugar will just make you hungrier, hence the cheating.

Or at least try the low-carb Slim Fast shakes, which are better than the Atkins shakes and don’t have any sugar alcohols. The chocolate flavor isn’t too bad and it’s pretty filling.

We’re weening off of the Slim Fast already. It was just to help us break our really bad habits: an Egg McMuffin meal for breakfast and school lunch for lunch. We both teach at the same school and struggle to wake up early enough to make breakfast and lunch. Our one-year-old daughter makes it tough to get everything together in the morning, too. I know I could make sandwiches at night, but they always taste off when I do that.

We’ve been replacing the 190-calorie Slim Fast for breakfast with a one-egg sandwich on a bagel thin with a slice of colby-jack cheese, which comes in at 220 calories.