The I Want It to be Spring Weight Loss thread (March)

Switching to a menu lighter on carbohydrates and heavier in protein, and it definitely makes me feel fuller. By mass I’m not eating more, but I feel like I have a felt-covered rock in my stomach. It’s good, because it keeps me fuller (and it’s cool to have my experience match what I read everywhere), but I don’t like the sensation. Gonna try to eat less, and see if that helps.

I spent the weekend cleaning out old clothes, and got rid of a bunch of stuff that is now too big to fit properly. Here’s to never needing them again.

wmulax93, if it helps, fixing your overeating is the most efficient way to control your weight. One Snickers bar has approximately 300 calories, which is between one and three hours of exercise, depending on what you do. You may have the discipline and time to work that off now, but you won’t always. And that’s just for 300 calories-- many people overeat by a lot more than that.

See if you can figure out an alternative, either in a lower-calorie alternative or a distraction. Purging temptations from your home helps too.

Down an unexpected 2lbs this morning. That means I’m within 2lbs of a reasonable weight, or 4lbs to an exciting weight. I think I’ll probably bounce back up the 2, though. No worries.

Low carbing for the last 8? months, after reading Taubes’ longer work Good Calories, Bad Calories (h/t to the SDMB). I feel pretty good on it. I don’t do any of the prepared foods, just fresh veggies, lots of elk, eggs, cream… And the frequent hit of dark chocolate. Probably explains why I’m not lighter.

However, the biggest impact on my weight was eliminating an SSRI from my drug mix. It wasn’t doing me any good (agreed by my doc) and I was capital-S Stuck at 128lbs. Now I’m averaging 124. It doesn’t seem like a big drop, but my high was something like 134 and it means a lot to me to reach towards 120. (I’m 5 feet tall, for reference.)

Thanks for being here, everyone!

I ran 1.5 miles today. I hit the mile mark at 9:36 and it felt great. This kind of disgusts/discourages me because I remember that a scant seven years ago I hit the mile mark in 5:45. Of course, that’s when my user name actually applied to me. :frowning:

I miss being an athlete. Unfortunately, in AZ, there are no adult lacrosse or roller hockey leagues.

I weighed in today, and I’m down 1.4 lbs for a total of 20.4 lbs. I’m officially one-fifth of my total weight loss goal.

I found that giving up sweets is easier than I thought it would be, and that it makes a real difference. I do have to watch the sugar alcohols, though, because of untoward digestive effects.

This post has some yummy-sounding ideas. Actually that whole thread is good.

Instead of bouncing back up immediately, I was actually down another pound today. I know daily results don’t mean much and simple weight isn’t the best measure, but it still gives me a positive attitude!

5 months and -38.8 pounds. I’m 1.6 pounds from my targeted “maximum” weight and 6.6 to my ultimate goal.

Wow! Awesome, SlimHips!

I’m down just over 30 lbs (17%) since my operation last July. I’m right about where I want to be body-fat wise. Now I’m trying to put on maybe 10-15 lbs of muscle without adding any excess fat. I can see it isn’t going to be easy. I do 30 minutes of Cardio and an hour of heavy weight training 5 days/week.

19 pounds! I was worried too, as I have people in from out of town the last two weeks and all of this week and there was some social eating. I even ignored the scale last week.

When I finally worked up the nerve, I found I had lost 4 lbs since the previous weigh-in.

This week may be bad, because I have at least two business dinners to attend - which will involve *some *beer. But you gotta live too. If I have a light dinner and only a couple beers I should be OK.

Since Oct. 14, -39.8. I’m 0.6 from my targeted maximum, and 5.6 from my ultimate goal. Despite the weight loss having slown down somewhat, I still have some momentum, in losing some omentum.

If you ever see that phrase repeated, remember you saw it here first. . . unless you’re on my facebook list, in which case you’ve already seen it.

I haven’t lost a gram since I last posted. Haven’t gained but I do feel as if I am hanging on by my fingernails.

Hello all. I stepped on the scales last weekend and saw an alltime high. And I’m doing something about it.

I want to lose 30kg in total. In the past week, I’ve lost 800g so 29.2kg to go.

I’m concentrating on portion size. I eat a healthy diet, I just eat too much of it.

You don’t have to be diabetic.

I went in for my annual physical last week, and the news is not 100% good. My HDL (“good”) cholesterol is much too low and, on the glucose test, I’m only a few points away from pre-diabetes. My doctor wants to follow me a little more closely to see if these numbers improve with weight loss, or if there’s something else going on. On the other hand, my thyroid is doing much better, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

I went for a 4 mile run today and then ate it all back. I wanted cereal but I thought yogurt and grapes would be healthier so I had that but I don’t really care for the brand of yogurt I bought and then I ended up eating cereal anyway. I’m at a point where it’s difficult to cut calories alone so I have to rely on burning calories from exercise too. I’m still at my target for the day but I like to leave myself some leeway especially since I’m planning to go out for dinner tomorrow. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. I have a long run planned for Saturday so I’ll have to count on that and try not to eat it back!

I can’t wait until I’m at maintenance and can eat all the calories that I burn from running! That will be awesome.

God, this 10 lb goal is a real bitch. I have struggled all month with not wanting to write down my calories. Temper tantrum. I don’ wanna!!! As a consequence, I’ll end the month down three pounds if I’m lucky. I wanted to be down 7-10 pounds. Seems like the first 25 were pretty easy and the next ten so hard. My new technique (let’s see if this works), three lunch options, six snack options, three dinner options, rotate. I do this thing were I think I have to have the same breakfast/snack/lunch every day. Dinner comes and I just want variety! Freeeeeedom!!! Then the next day I don’t want another tuna sandwich, dammit! and then we’re off to the drive-thru.


Had a tough week - some social eating and then a nasty cold that had me eating comfort food. Not sure how bad the fallout will be, but I’ll fall back into my routine no later than tomorrow.

Well, after a great start last week, I suddenly shot back up the scales a couple of days later and have slowly been working my way down again. No rhyme nor reason to it, I’ve been eating much smaller evening meals and not cheated in any way. Ah well, that’s bodies for you.

Weight loss goal: 30kg
Week one: 29.2kg
Week two: 29.5kg

Headed down to London for the weekend so that will be a bit of a test with takeout and restaurant meals.

I have a point of resistance at BMI 29.60. Every time I get to 29.60 - 29.69, my BMI jumps back to 30.0 +/- 0.1. A week or two ago, I spent the entire week at 29.9 - 30.0. Yesterday, I was once again down to 29.60; today I had reverted to 30.0. GRRRR.

Give me some moral support and encouragement please.