The Idiot formerly known as Prince

Is going to have a name now, instead of a symbol. He’ll allow people to call him Prince now. Yay.

Ya know, what pisses me off is that I actually like some of his music. You can crune to it, you can dance to it.

Then he goes and pulls a jerk stunt like this “I don’t have a spoken name anymore” bullshit.


*sure sign of a Wally reader

Yea I like him too, but he is starting to get ragged around the edges. He looks like he’s been rode hard and put up wet one time too many. Since he used the symbol all you could say when you were talking about he was, the guy with the symbol for a name.

I know 1 other thing: NO sense of humor. Only “artist’” to refuse Weird Al. bummer. :smiley:

Yesterday I heard he did it because of a contract he had with someone, which entitled them to use the name Prince, so he switched to the symbol, to avoid confusion. Now, apparently, that contract has expired so he’s switching back.

Who knew that sh*t could happen? I guess the lesson is to always read the fine print!

[this is NOT an attack on ultress] No, that’s not all you could say. You could say, “that little douche-bag who wrote ‘1999,’” or, you could do what I do and refer to him as “Prince,” not that I invoke his name very often. (I, too, have been a fan since ‘Controversy,’ but do not tell anyone :mad: ) That whole name/symbol bullshit is pretty fucking retarded. It does make a little sense as far as his contract problems go, but, whatever. Fuck that little douche-bag who wrote ‘1999’.

Prince, the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as Prince.

It’s got a certain symetry that is catchy n’est pas?

Actually, from what I know he changed his name in an attempt to get out of a contract with his record label by claiming he was no longer “Prince,” and therefore not the same artist they signed up, and therefore could break his contract. It was an artistic thing not out of ego, but for business reasons. My understanding is that it didn’t work, but for other reasons they settled and he got out of the contract, but then of course he was stuck with the name. Maybe the statute of limitations for the label to sue him for breech of contract is up, who knows…


Squid!! Where have You been? Welcome back!

Okay, since Aenea brought this subject up, I’ll tell you what someone I know postulated back when TAFKAP went to using the symbol: That he was such an arrogant little fart that he decided to make his name “unspeakable”, in the same way that “Yaweh” (sorry if I butchered that spelling) is unspeakable by Jews. I thought it made sense. He is, after all, a pretty egotistical little imp. :smiley: But I just read last night that it had to do with a contract dispute.

Can somebody explain to me why his name changing to the symbol caused so much hate? Why do you people care so much? How did it affect you? Did you HAVE to have some of his music, and you couldn’t find it in the store? Is your family name “Prince” and you felt personally offended?

Whether he did it for contractual reasons or because he just felt like it, who gives a fuck. People act like he was their son and he disowned the family or something. Get over it.

Well, if I had wanted to buy one of his CDs, and went to a music store and asked for something by Prince, they would have said, ‘who?’ Then I would have said ‘Prince’ again, and they would have said, ‘huh? what are you talking about?’ And I would say ‘Prince’ again, and the little girl behind the counter would say, ‘you scare me. I’m calling my manager.’ Then I would have had to kick the manager’s ass, and that stupid little girl’s ass, for good measure. Then I would have had to go to jail, and I would be composing this from jail. How can you insinuate that this isn’t a time bomb just waiting to go off in the lives of every American? Luckily, he is changing his name back before more lives are shattered. Don’t fuckin’ tell me to get over it.

mindfucker – that made my day!!!

Not exactly true. Coolio refused Weird Al when he wanted to re-do Gangsta’s Paradise, but Al did it anyway. Totally cheesed Coolio, who made the statement he’d better never run into Weird Al.
I saw that on VH1. :smiley:

Maybe you did, but it’s not what really happened.

Weird Al contected Coolio’s people, who assured him everything was cool. Coolio then came out after the song was already out and bitched. Al apologized to Coolio publicly because he never would have done the track if he knew the artist was against it, and he was under the impression everything was cool.

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It may have been a contract dispute, but the guy could have changed his name to anything - “Tom Smith” or “Jehovah Gihad.” The symbol thing was just plain ridiculous. I bet it really pisses off librarians and anal retentive fans, not to mention his accountants. Talk about instant audit.

And I like some of his music, too. Though I could do without all the blatant sexual references and spelling variations: “I Want to Phuck U 2”

BTW, I’m dying to know. What did Wierd Al change “Gangsta’s Paradise” to?

“Amish Paradise”

I’ve never liked Mr. Rogers (the skinny singing guy, not the one with the sweater, although he also blows), but his posturing has been incredibly annoying.

It becomes especially hard to “get over it” when one lives in Minnesota, a state filled with people who would probably hate the guy if he didn’t come from here and still live here.

Among his more objectionable moves:

  1. The symbol that wasn’t. Did anyone else notice that the symbol he used is neither the male nor the female symbol? It’s not a combo of both, it’s a combo of neither!

  2. “The Artist.” To my mind, use of the article implies a singularity or an ultimate point. Discounting that one would have to be AN artist before one could be THE artist, it’s still awfully pretentious.

  3. That “Under the Cherry Moon” movie–whatever it was called. Yikes!


Considering that Coolio “sampled” (read stole) the entire idea, melody and hook from Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise” from Songs in the Key of Life he’s got some fuckin’ nerve getting pissed off at Weird Al. When he comes up with an original piece of music, then he can complain.

As for Prince (formerly known as AFKAP), he did have a dispute with Warner Brothers, who claimed he couldn’t record albums under “Prince,” which his is own damn name, while he was under contract with them (according to the intellectual property expert in my family, this is legal). Like Paul Schaeffer had to change his band to the “CBS Orchestra” when Letterman jumped networks because NBC owned “World’s Most Dangerous Band.” But to change your name to an unpronounceable symbol? Please! Even his wife said she either had to call him honey, or go stand in front of him to get his attention.

'Course it still begs the question . . . why do you CARE what he does or does not call himself?

(Apart from Mindfucker’s hilarious diatribe about the end of civilization as we know, that is . . .)

Hey, his wife may have called him “honey,” but his mama still called him “Prince.”

One of the DJs around here started calling him Squiggle and it seems to have stuck. That would really piss him off if it was to catch on.