The Insatiable Hose Monster™ Chronicles

Okay, I got the term from Padeye inTHIS THREAD.

You’ve all heard me complaining about my roommate. Irresponsible, nymphomaniac, suspected drug dealer, and general punkass who has written me off as “the loser roommate.”

And here’s the drug dealer thread.

I even had a dream that she sold my refrigerator and my microwave. I dreamed I called her latest fuck-toy (she’s cheating on her boyfriend) and screamed profanity at him. I also tried to beat her up. I told one of my classmates about this, and she said “Wow! You really hate her!”

So I was talking shit with some friends on another ML earlier, and one of them suggested complaining to the RA and getting shuffled around.

Do I have a real problem here, or do all my complaints fall under “I really, really hate this person?” Should I just be glad that she’s always off fucking?

Talk to the RA. May not help but at least you can vent. If you’re roomie really is a drug dealer, it’s probably a good thing that you have a verifiable paper trail with the University to help cover your butt.

I’d say “really, really hating” someone is enough of a reason in itself. Talk to the RA.

I won’t charge a royalty but it’s Insatiable Hose Monster? if you please.

Dammnit anyway! Make that Insatiable Hose Monster[SUP]TM[/SUP]

If you suspect her of dealing drugs, definitely talk to the RA.

If she makes your room an uncomfortable environment, you have reason enough to object – it sounds like she does quite a few things that fall into this category. Talk to your RA< and at least examine your options. It can’t hurt.

What will happen if I complain to the RA about the Insatiable Hose Monster™?

How do you make the TM symbol?

You make the TM symbol by holding down Alt and pressing 0153 on your 9-key number pad on the keyboard (the numbers along the top of the QWERTY letter part of the keyboard won’t do it.

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Sorry for the delay…

What will happen if you complain to the RA about your roommate? Ask your RA. :slight_smile: Seriously, I’m sure the policy is different at every school.

If you just have general complaints about her – “irresponsible, nymphomaniac, … general punkass” – then the RA will probably sit down with the two of you, maybe try to work out a behavior contract (“Okay, you don’t do this and she won’t do this” and vice-versa, and so forth.). That’s what would probably happen here, anyway.

For the suspected drug-dealing … it’s a little more complicated. The RA will probably talk to your roommate (and shouldn’t have to mention your name), and the rest depends on your school’s policy.

You might ask the RA what would happen, hypothetically speaking? Good luck…