The issue with centaurs...

After millenia in hiding, we discover that all the creatures and human hybrids of ancient Greek mythology are indeed real, and they come out of hiding to mingle among the humans. One day at the bar, an extremely attractive(from the waist up) centaur(male or female, depending on your preference) hits on you and invites you back to their place for the night for some mattress mambo.

Do you accept?

God no, I’d throw up.

I’m male, and hells no, and I chose the “WTF?” option because I think it’s similar (though I admit not exactly) bestiality. I’m attracted to people (in my case, women) and that includes all parts of the woman. I am NOT attracted to any part of a horse, and that also includes (excludes?) all parts.

I’m only here to share that the name for a female centaur is Kentauride. The only one named in ancient Greek lit (that I can think of, anyway) is Hylonome. When the stallions had sex it was generally with human females, who were not given the option of refusing. I’m sure at some point, one or another Kentaur tried that with an Olympian, and equally sure that ended with a lot of screaming on the horse-man’s part.

Oh, I forgot to add I would be willing to give it a try. Once at least. It would definitely be weird, but hey, might be fun!
And sorry, this sprang from a bestiality conversation we had at work today.

Well, I don’t think my wife would want me doing it horsey style with some strange female, but at least it would better than a mermaid: how do you have sex with a fish?

Boss: Do you have sex with horses, or with human women?

Centaur: Uh… neither. I’m really only attracted to other Centaurs.

“So, are you to the right or the left of the Kinsey scale?”

“Neither, really, I’m more towards the centaur.”

Count me as a straight female, possibly interested but I am currently in a relationship. My partner considers himself open minded, but just reading this thread to him has him suddenly engrossed in some stupid Facebook game, going “La LA LA I Can’t Hear YOU”

No way. I don’t care if the front half looks like Zooey Deschanel. I guess there’s foreplay if you can tune out the enormous hairy bottom half and the clopping of hooves but actual sex means all the parts I like are 6 feet away and I’m stuck staring at a giant horse rump trying to figure out WTF I’m even going to accomplish back here. Not tonight horse-lady, thanks though.

I’d give it a go. She might wince a bit, though.

What if the centaur had the appropriate bits up front? Either as well as or instead of at the rear.

(In one modern story I’ve read, centaurs have both and can decide which are active).

Having seen a picture of a male horse’s equipment, I’d have to say no.

The cloaca, baby. It’s all about the cloaca.


Squinting looks a lot like wincing, y,know.

As long as we keep things above the waist - her waist - I’m cool.


For one thing, half her bits will always be out of arm’s reach. That’s no fun.

But, really… just No.

Raggedy finger/toenails are an overall turn-off for me, and I just can’t even imagine hooves clomping and being in the general vicinity like that.

I’d probably try it casually, out of curiosity. But a permanent relationship is out, I don’t want to be with some clingy female who wants to be the centaur of attention all the time.