The Jack Chick of Athiesm: The Comic Book Tract Edition

ROTFLMAO! Bravo, Fenris. :slight_smile:


It’s an honor to be in the presence of genius. Indeed, in a just universe, you’d never have to pay for your own suds again.


All that, and for some reason the line that had me ducking my head under the desk in laughter was “classic Gil Kane ‘up the nostrils’ shot.”

Classic, truly classic!

Unfortunately, after looking over several REAL Chick tracts, it looks as though J.T.C. has done away with those absurd checklists Gaudere likes so much. Perhaps someone pointed out to him how silly they were?

However, this would mean that Chick has learned something, which would be clear-cut evidence of a Divine Miracle[sup]tm[/sup], which would be evidence there IS a God and, and, and…


[brain explodes]

Folks, I’m a librarian for the LAPL and I don’t know who this jab1 person is, but there’s not much left of him.

Count me in if you ever DO make this into a picture book to distribute! This and the one about the meaning of the fish symbol were both very fun…


This thread and the links in it gave me an idea. I’ve written to the folks at “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and strongly recommended they interview Jack Chick for the show.

For those of you who’ve never seen TDS, first of all…What’s wrong with you!!! :wink: [The show just won a Peabody Award for its coverage of the 2000 election] and secondly, “The Daily Show” is a mock news program on Comedy Central and their interviews tend to take the piss out of whatever nutcake they’re talking to. Among those they’ve spoken with are a teacher who swears he’s being use to create “butt-babies” with aliens, a guy who says mucus is bad for us so he douches his mouth every day to spit out and save (in a dried form) his mucus, and most recently there was a two-part interview with a guy who firmly believes that an orange juice ad featuring Popeye is actually gay propaganda.

Wouldn’t Mr. Chick make a fine addition to this list of wackos?


I feel left out here . . . could you possibly take a moment and ream us Buddhists as well? I feel certain that someone (if not several someones) amongst us has, over the centuries, committed felony hypocrisy and therefore, of course, the entire religion deserves ridicule. Thanks in advance!

  • Ursa

Ursa, I’m not sure if I’m misinterpreting you, so if I am I apologize in advance, but I think you’re missing the point of the parody. Fenris isn’t slamming all atheists or all Christians here. Jack Chick is a very, um, unusual Christian who attacks others, such as atheists, in a manner similar to the above parody. Check out the link provided by jab1 to see Chick’s handiwork. massive is an atheist who attacked Christians in another thread here in a manner similar to the way Chick attacks non-Christians (ie., insane ramblings). Thus the above parody using massive’s and Brian Bunnyhurt’s own words in a Jack Chick-style parody tract for the purpose of mocking them.

I’m not old enough to drink, so I’ll buy a round of root beer in Fenris’s honor.

That was absolutely hilarious. I’m a Christian till the day I die, but laughing at the ludicrousness of my fellow Christians can be very uplifting.

Well Done.


Thanks Soup, but I guess I need to clarify something: the intent is not to mock Christians. The idea was to make fun of Jack Chick. My original thought was “How embarrassing it must be to be a ‘real’ Christian and have Jack Chick associate himself with them.”. Think of the great apologetic minds throughout history: Aquinas. C.S. Lewis. George MacDonald. Jack Chick?!

In a Jack Chick book, the “good guys” give long, dull speeches, the bad guys are inevitably stupid or evil unless they’re converted (if they are, they gain about 30 IQ points and the ability to talk in long dull speeches).

If you haven’t read his stuff, you should.

(And I’ll take ya up on that Root Beer!)



A good first attempt at sarcasm. Practice, however, makes perfect. For your next assignment, I’d like you to look up the word “subtlety” and try to apply it to your next post.

I’d also like you to try to decrease the “whiney” factor by about…oh, let’s say 15%.

But a very, VERY good first try. :slight_smile:


Ursa, you might check out the link in the OP. You will find that the people being mocked are a couple posters who made wild statements about all Chritians based on their experiences with a few individuals, and that the good folk of the SDMB jumped in to call them on it. What I found particularly heartening was that the non-christian contingent called the OP to task so quickly that the Christian contengent didn’t even need to defend themselves and risk charges of biass.

Looks like something awful is making its own parodies

I find this one much more believable than the jack chick one.:slight_smile:

But they do exist. Try the various Great Mobile Homes of (wherever). In fact this page has a fine example …