Jack Chick is back, baby! (New anti-Evolution tract!)

Jack Chick’s newest effort shows him back and nuttier than ever, with all the usual motifs:
[li]Rational thinkers are presented as intolerant, deceitful, and physically hideous.[/li][li]Conversely, the brave little Christian is noble, pure, and cute as a basket of puppies[/li][li]The pattern of human evolution is distorted into a ludicrously inaccurate strawman[/li][li]Science is presented as rigid dogma, omitting the use of evidence or testing of hypotheses[/li][li]And, of course, Jack uses the Excluded Middle fallacy to force the reader into a false choice between evolution and religious faith[/li][/ul]

I find it so fascinating that Chick completely misunderstands the nature of science. He seems to regard science as a competing dogma–(“If I tell you we came from apes, I expect you to believe me, right?”)–rather than as a heuristic process. What’s sad is that Chick’s deliberate lies and distortions are able to deceive people who haven’t had the benefit of studying biology.

A parody of this tract is presented here.

I especially enjoyed the foreshadowing:

Duh duh duuuuuuh.

But that cute little girl has such big eyes! And the teacher is so ugly! Evolution must be false!!! :wink:

Does anyone else see see the drawings of the teacher has vague semetic caricatures?

I’m digging Ms. Henn’s hook nose.

Nice touch.

Jack Chick is so sad. All he understands is what he was taught and how he was taught, and thinks all the world is like that. He undoubtedly had “Biblical Truth” pounded into him at an early age and therefore assumes these “wrong-thinking scientists” must teach their “religion” in the same way.

I remember a conversation between my dad and a friend of his at an early age concerning semantics. He had remarked that a particular group of people were not just ignorant of the facts of a particular position, they were militantly so, rejecting out-of-hand any evidence to the contrary. Sometimes violently.

“You know,” he said, “you see that so much, we need a word for that – a word for ‘militantly ignorant’.”

“There’s a perfectly good English word for that. It’s called ‘stupid’.”

Jack Chick is stupid.

What’s with Suzy’s skunk hair? Doesn’t she know that people who dye their hair weird colors go to hell?

Someone needs to tell Chick that two people talking to each other just simply do not say each other’s name every three seconds. Timmy’s backpack is so retro. Jack is such in tune with young people these days.

Is it just me or is the draftsmanship different? Chick’s drawing skills used to be abominable, now they seem just plain bad.

Compare with Big Daddy from four years ago. It really looks like different people did those two tracts.


Chick’s just phoning it in lately.

This isn’t even much of an anti-evolution screed when you really look at it; it just uses that as a pretext for some pretty standard fundamentalist witnessing. There’s just not enough vitriol in this one to make it interesting.

I’m disappointed.

Haw Haw Haw!

My favorite bit was the line: “God would know, He was there!” (or something to that effect).

Lil’ Susy really is a sanctimonious little bitch, ain’t she?

“Most of the world will end up in hell?” God is one fucked up crazy ass son of a bitch isn’t he?

Hmmm… looks like the “Little Suzy” artist is going to be Jack’s new standard-bearer for youth-oriented material.

I just hope it doesn’t mean us grownups have seen the last of “Bob”. I’d miss him (yeah, right :rolleyes: , as if :smiley: )

And is it me, or doesn’t George Washington look damn scared in his picture in Frame #4?

I think her dad’s death was no “heart attack”. He probably hated her enough already her for killing his wife.

I just hope she is eaten first.

See you all at HellDope!

Color me disappointed:

Not a single “Haw Haw”

Bob the swarthy Christian is nowhere to be seen

No prancing demons in the background

No “falling to your knees and asking for forgiveness for your wicked thoughts” out of the nonbelieving character at the end
Jack really phoned this one in.

HellDope? Bitchin’, man! I’ll be there.

I expected there to be a final confrontation between Susy and Ms. Henn … but it never came! For all I know, Ms. Henn never saw the light and is still out there spreading her filthy lies!

“Are you calling me a liar?”

“No, you’re calling GOD a liar!” :rolleyes:

What a holier than thou little twat.

I have a feeling Ms Henn has a future date between her car and a tanker full of volatile chemicals.

One word for Ms. Henn: Botox.