Moving on up-- TO HELL! Mr. Sick (Chick) really skewers evilution AGAIN! CHECKMATE!

No Peggy, just A Linc:

A Very “Moving” Tract

Let me be the first to congratulate Hack for continuing to “outdo” himself. Yup, his apparent goal is to compete with the stupidity of previous tracts on evolution. And of course he succeeded. This makes his first attempt at making non-monkeys out of us (“Big Daddy”) look like a technical journal in comparison, even before the rewrites!

And, isn’t it ironic :wink: how “Big Daddy” went through two more editions to look less silly even to hard-core fundies? (And I’ll soon provide a link to that.)

There’s wayyy too much to comment on right away (again!) but let’s just look at the panel with Spike in it. That’s Page 8, Panel B. How SILLLLY that people actually believe stuff without a second thought just because it’s WRITTEN DOWN IN BOOKS!


Of course, JTC means books other than the Bible.

The monkey who was our father seemed happy to lose his tail. I wonder whether the first snake was as happy to lose his limbs. But, more seriously: How can anybody believe it would be godly-good or even make sense for all descendants to also be limbless, just because “Satan” (nowhere mentioned in Genesis) decided to possess one (according to JTC and others like him)?

And isn’t it a bit scary how young kids can be to be sent into fire-for-eternity just for the “wrong” choice of fairy-tales?

(Although Hack has hinted at this before in several tracts, including the Susie-starring ones, and a few much earlier ones.)


Your link is busted.

This one is a real return to form for Mr Chick. a lot of his recent offerings have been pretty lacklustre, but this one is really bubbly and stupid. Nearly a 1:1 ratio of lies, strawmen and other assorted fallacies per panel.

I didn’t know Jack was writing a bio on Richard Dawkins!

Hey, this one was pretty awesome. Some highlights -


The course of human evolution looks like this:

Goo -> dots -> tadpoles -> fish -> fish with human-looking legs -> hairy frogs -> monkeys -> monkeys without tails -> various early primates and cavemen -> modern fat guy.


I love, love, love the cover of Darwin’s “Evolution” with a spear-wielding caveman fighting a Tyrannosaurus.

Tyler also makes a pretty impressive leap toward Nazi ideology. I will say, however, that his initial reaction when Kathy comes skipping up to him to tell him about Jesus is hilarious and pretty much what my reaction would be if I were him.

I love that Tyler has never heard of Jesus, but as soon as someone tells him about Jesus, he knows exactly why we ban Jesus in schools.

I absolutely cracked up at that panel of Death claiming Tyler. “Hi there.”

Gotta say, this is definitely one of my all-time faves.

Wow. The part where he manages to imply that scientists are white supremacists is just…masterful. You can’t buy that kind of subtlety.

Cathy: “Jesus shed his blood to wash away our sins!”

Tyler: “Ouch!”

How can this not earn a Peabody?

To me, it proves evolution, since the devil appears to undergo evolutionary metamorphoses from panel to panel.


Wow, evolution leads to racism! I never knew that. Pretty handy how all the stuff Chick doesn’t like sorta flow into each other and then poof! You’re in hell.

In addition to the oh so subtle “master race” and “final solution” comments, love the implication that

evolution = OK to lie, cheat, and murder.

All in all, one the Jack’s best efforts.

A++++ would read again!!

I love Tyler’s crazy eyes when he has that epiphany.

For me, it’s the little details…the cat trying to get to the bowl in panel 4, and also the newspaper that says “truth”. The pollywog in panel 6 saying “Wheeeeee!”, the really pensive fish in panel 7, the confused hairy frog in panel 9, later, the bird about to eat the anxious worm, the cow, the angel pitching him into hell.

This actually is one of Chick’s better ones.

His drawing ability sure ain’t improving with age.

His latest ones were pretty boring, but this one is awesome.

The polywogs are so cute! I want one!

Awesome tract.

I love the omnipotently benevolent and loving god (faceless in a big chair) tossing Tyler into the lake of fire.

Apropos of nothing, my band’s forthcoming debut CD cover is going to be of some interest of Chick fans…

Meh. A Jack Chick tract without a “Ha! Ha! Ha!” just doesn’t feel right to me.

I did like the monkey evolving into a fat guy with a golf club, though.



Oh, I know, I so want that on a T-shirt.

Actually, I have a shirt kind of like that, but the most evolved guy is a guy hunched over a computer keyboard.

Oh, bravo! Despite the sad lack of HAW HAW HAWs, the enthusiasm, the joie de vive, the downright perkiness of this comic is simply stellar.

I especially like Tyler’s response to the Adam and Eve story: “What a bummer.” That’s worthy of John Milton, it is.

I give it two (opposable) thumbs up.

According to Chick tracts, the only other reliable books besides the Bible are those published by Chick Publications.
I must agree that Chick is back to his old self in this tract. The Grim Reaper saying “Hi there” is as amusing as any classic Chick moment. Plus, the title reminds me of The Jeffersons.

It’s interesting that this tract comes out around the same time as the film Expelled, as both of them (from what I’ve heard about the film, which I haven’t seen) have some of the same ideas- that “Darwinism” is a sort of religion (“Our religion is called evolution”) and that eugenics and Nazi racism is an offshoot of evolutionary theory (Tyler is referred to as believing himself to be part of a blue-eyed, blond-haired “master race,” obviously a reference to Nazi beliefs).

In fact, if you use Chick Logic™ (which is the opposite of real logic, of course), I’ve come up with an idea that could be used for a future tract. According to Chick Logic™ (also Ben Stein Logic™), the Nazis were inspired by Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest that they were better than anyone else. According to Chick Logic™, the Gestapo was run by the Jesuits, helping the Catholic Hitler to eradicate all non-Catholics in order to help the Church in their quest to destroy all non-Catholics and take over the world. And, as the most famous tenet of Chick Logic™ states, Satan invented the Catholic Church as a bastardization of Christianity as part of his quest to take over the world. In 1996, Pope John Paul II stated that the theory of evolution does not in any way contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church: a body may change, but the soul, created by God, remains the same. And what is not transubstantiation if not evolution- simple bread and wine transforms, or evolves, into the supposed body and blood of Jesus Christ! Thus, more evidence that the Catholic Church is not the true church and that Evolution is a Satanic plot! Gee, Chick Logic™ is so easy to come up with.